30 June 2010

Kan Mi Youn Crazy Teasers with MBLAQ!

Kang Mi Youn an ex-Baby Vox member is set for a solo comeback this July 1st after 3 years! Now I don't really know her since I didn't listen to 1st generation kpop idols. But her teasers have got me interested in loads of ways!

I'm sorry to be packed in a biased route but reason number one would be her 3, Crazy MV teasers featuring LeeJoon & Mir of MBLAQ. The song Crazy itself is featuring now what could be one of the hottest young rappers out now Mir! Its a Club Dance Song something Kang Mi Yeon is trying first hand at, but the song sounds pretty good to me. Check out all the teasers! I swear you DO NOT want to miss it!

Crazy Teaser #1 ft. LeeJoon:


Owh, Leejoon, doesn't everyone want to strap you in like that? He's becoming quite an actor. Well he is a "Hollywood actor" as his nickname serves him? haha. Kang Mi Yeon looks pretty crazy in this, so I suspect she's going for a psychotic concept huh.

The rest of the Teasers are under the cut!

29 June 2010

[FanAccount] 100626 BEAST Showcase In Malaysia

chibi here, to report you guys about beast showcase on saturday behalf abracadabras author.

because many peeps want to at least know was it bad or good or not the showcase was when I said I didn't want to write them as I might speak out my own opinion about the showcase that almost sounds rough and really unsatisfied. So, here it goes.

b2st in the house.. i mean kl..

To be honest, I didn't want to write something not good/enjoyable to read. You could notice I didn't write about Kelly Clarkson fanacc eventhough I went there. It's my own way of expression about Kelly Clarkson's concert. I didn't bad mouth anyone. It's enough for us (who attended) knew about the event.

So, for beast.. about their showcase, i'll restraint myself from writing bad words and harsh comments about Universal Music Malaysia organizing the showcase. At least, we should feel thankful that they brought Beast to here. The fan account this time will be half pinpoint and half written in paragraph way. Beast is awesome anyway. It's only the event gave worst impression of them.

Let's make summary like I did at Ukiss fanacc.

Dujun - He always smile and waved to our direction. I mean really A LOT. He even sneaked a wave when he danced to Mystery. Hahaha, maybe some fans want to be at our side. Owhh, he's the jjang!!

Hyunseung - He's pretty and handsome. His aura much more like Kevin?? hahaha. Right now, having a bias for him. I really love his random dancing. At showcase, he loves to go under my side.. But hardly enough looking upstairs. So sad.. Hyunseung-ah, did you feel not well that time?

Yoseob- He's going to other direction. And so I can't see him much. He's small and look like a little kid. That's only my summary about him.

Junhyung (Poppin' Dragon) - this guy is really tall, handsome, great rapping and I LIKE HIM!! Too bad he's too focus looking at crowded fans instead upstairs. Jokernim, next time look upstairs sometimes okay??

Ki Kwang (AJ) - He teased B2TY a lot!! I mean a lot!! There was time he teased us with lifting his shirt to show his chocolate abs. Lol.

Dong Woon - maknae is really HOT!! and I got his smile while recording vid. Gosh, he's really nice back then along Dujun. He's the 2nd one who looked at upstairs a lot!!

(credit pic:- goes to the pic as being watermark. fanacc;- written by chibi) 
Please take full credit when you taking out.
sorry for my English. Please mind that English is not my first language and I wrote this in hurry.

FT Island Coming in Brand-New Days!

Following up their 5 month official debut promotion in Japan, after their major debut release of single Flower Rock in May, FT Island is to release a 2nd single titled Brand-New Days which is set to drop on July 14th!

Here's the tracklist! And much surprise surprise the two guitarists have penned the songs and the guys produced their songs as well!

01.Brand-New Days
Lyrics: Song Seung-Hyun
Composer: Masanori Takumi
Arrangement: Masanori Takumi

02.Music Life
Lyrics: Choi Jong-Hoon
Composer: Choi Jong-Hoon
Arranged: FT Island

04.Brand-new days(Instrumental)

Brand-New Days single is less deepened with the Flower Rock powerful vibe and is said more to a Summer-Pop-Rock feel! So I guess this time is for awesome happy fun songs. FT Island will also release two music videos for this single for the songs Brand-New Days & Treasure!! Ahh can someone just shoot me. These vids will also be included in different versions of the single.

3 Versions will again be released & SEASON CALENDAR for ALL Editions to each applicant entitled to receive for free if you Pre-Order here on YesAsia.

To ease your J-Rock flow, you can hold your breath long enough to digest these pretty covers the boys posed for us! Haha check out Jaejin at version A, he's such a fun dude on a seal lol.

26 June 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 1st Half Year of 2010 [100625]

Hi people!! Last time I'm posting is about the fanacc. Now, I'm going to do Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 for 1st Half Year of 2010 that was broadcasted on 25th June 2010. Thanks awin for doing last week K-chart. You know how strong UKISS' effect on me. LOL

(NOTE:- Since I didn't take note and just do write whatever I can remember. Pardon me for the inaccuracy.awin, add link and yeah fill up the lala part. Lupa la. Dah malam2 ni sangat pelupa.)

TOP 20
  1. SNSD - Oh! (Yeah.. Yeah.. SNSD Pawns the others with OH!)
  2. 2AM - I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die
  3. KARA - Lupin
  4. Super Junior - Miina (Beauty) [BONAMANA]
  5. SNSD - Run Devil Run
  6. CNBLUE - I'm a Loner
  7. T-ARA - Bo Peep Bo Peep
  8. Rain - Love Song
  9. T-ARA - I'm Crazy Because of You
  10. Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  11. Hot Potato - Confession
  12. Super Junior (Yesung) - It Has To be You
  13. 2PM - Heartbeat
  14. Yim Jaebum - Stigma
  15. 2PM - Without U
  16. Gain & JoKwon - We Fell in Love
  17. 4Men - I Can't
  18. B2ST - Shock
  19. 4Minute (Hyuna) - Change
  20. Secret - Magic

Artistes that performed:-
슈퍼주니어, 2PM, 소녀시대, 카라, 티아라, 2AM, 4minute, 서인영,
CNBLUE, 애프터스쿨, f(x), 시크릿(SECRET), 화요비, 거미, 린, IU&임슬옹(2AM)

Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, Kara, T-ara, 2AM, 4MINUTE, Seo In Young, CNBLUE, After School, f(x), SECRET, Hwayobi, Gummy, Lyn , IU & Seulong (2AM)

Chibi's review for Mubank this week:-
To be blunt, I'm not very satisfied how leader of SNSD, Taeyeon performed today. (check other sites comments to know what's going on Music Bank this week. In here, you can't give ur opinion that sounds negative.) She shown unprofessional attitude when dancing to 'Oh!' and sang to the song. One sentence, you're not the only one having such problem.

And this week Music Bank is completely messed up from the beginning. They should do the regular recording.

25 June 2010

B2Y Profile + Be Crazy MV

Huishh..Both boys are former members of the group R-eal..So Hot lah :).

B2Y is a mixed-gender band which debuted on August 21, 2009 under Loen Entertainment. Their names started out as a shortening of the English word, "binary" (a play on how they have two sides, boys and girls) but was changed to BabyBoys To YearningGirls to be more accessible to the public.

B2Y (Babyboys To Yearninggirls) is said to bring up the retro craze with songs with the same feeling of ABBA’s “Mama Mia” and Grease’s “Saturday Night Fever”. Their debuted song, Jeez! was like disco song in the era of 70s..They danced just like John Travolta's dancing..I don't know how to explain this..hahaa..

Recently in June 2010, They have comeback with a new genre song not a retro concept anymore. They are becoming more sexy in Be Crazy! semua jadi gila..hahaa..the song is quite addictive too..The Be Crazy MV has two versions! But I'm not really sure what is the different between the two versions..it seems like the same je..hahaa..So, I put one MV only lah..hehehe =p


Omo..the guys are cute! the blonde guy?? Hanyeon!! aihh..cair~ the girls are also pretty and so skinny..I like this song..They already made a comeback at M!Countdown on 24th June and since this was Mnet, they decided to maintain the level of sexiness..Ouh, at Music Bank?? I'm gonna watch Music Bank today.. hehe =D



Han Yeon

Name: 안순용 - Ahn Soon Yong
Stage Name: 한연 Han Yeon
Birthdate: 1983.11.07
Height/Weight: 182cm/61kg
Bloodtype: B
Family: dad, mom, younger sister, and a cat named 'kuma'
Favorite Color: black
Favorite outfit style: casual and what looks good on me
Favorite food: pizza, hamburger

2004 - I's 1st single < Dreams Come True > Title song 'Loving you'
2005 - T.H.E. Story 1st Album < TRUTH HEART EMOTION STORY > Title song 'Rain Song'
2007 - <宫S> ost - 나무 (tree)
2008 - Former member of 5-boy group R-eaL, as a leader-non debut

Jin Woong

Name:박진웅 - Park Jin Woong
Nicknames: 짜붕
Height/Weight: 183cm/63kg
Bloodtype: B
Favorite musicians: fly to the sky , Park Hyo Shin, WheeSung, John Legend, etc.
Hobbies: writing lyrics, composing songs, singing, acting.guitar
University: Yonsei University, architectural engineering
2006 - National University Rock Band (as vocal)
2006 - play -texi driver- (main role)
2008 - Former member of 5-boy group R-eaL - non debut


Name: Lika (리카)
Born: April 11, 1988
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: A
Position: main vocals


Name: Nara (나라)
Born: April 19, 1988
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: B
Position: main vocals

Cred: Soompi, Crunchyroll

24 June 2010

CN Blue The Way - 1st JP Single [Tracklist]

who can guess which of these pretty toes these belong to whom..?

Hehe mian for the one day delay, I was busy but I still wanted to do this lol. Amidst CN Blue's Bluelove promotions, they decided to release a japanese single as well! Why do you ask? Was it planned this way? Well the answer is.. I forgot. Maybe. huh. haha.

This single was supposedly to be promoted in Japan after Bluelove, but since the boys just started winning loads of awards for LOVE only an idiot would stop now right? lol.

This Japanese single The Way is appropriately named after the lyrics in one of their tracks "One Time" yeah that's right move aside Bliebers, its time for Boice to take over. Its so funny how most of the tracks go back to their first sound in Now or Never 1st Mini Album. Yup! I think its super pretty sweet how these guys still love the kind of music they first started out with.

CN Blue is quickly catching up to their sunbaenim's activities which include already releasing a full japanese album earlier this year, and now CN Blue is going to have their own episodes on Music On! How cool! I can't wait to hear these kids hurry up & speak japanese weee~~

Here's the album!

22 June 2010

Super Junior and Wonder Girls are Coming To Play

Since I haven't spazz or being such a great elf lately *ehem*u-kiss*ehem* ..... OMG How come I just knew about this???? MY favourite boy and girl group in one show! Heaven~ Unfortunately, not all Super Junior were present on this show. Only five of them... But the good news is, both my husband and boyfriend are in the show! Donghae and Kyu baby~ HAAHAHAHA

Watch it!

AAAAA I don't know weather I should be happy or jealous. Both of my no 1 in K-POP! aaaaaa Donghae why did you hug her? AAA But but, I always imagine both of you together. Sunye is the only one I'll approve aaa Donghae why dyou have to be so sweet???????? And why am I blushing anyway DHJFBJSBA Marry me now sdjfbjsbjsdf I swear I'll be loyal for the rest of my life XD I'm screaming and squealing, you can imagine that right effpoo? XD Btw, how sweet he's using Yesung's song as ringtone XD And I love Donghae's Nobody, can someone upload for me? =D

Part 1- Eeteuk mentioned Malaysia =)

cred : bofrox@YT

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
cred : xxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzxx@YT

Haven't finish watching yet. Tons of hw to do! See ya

21 June 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Ryeowook Of Super Junior!! ♥

Ohh~ last year birthday cake! 22 years old! He looks so young en! Cute <3

Well, I'm still in mood of U-Kiss..hahaa..yeah, but I can't forget one of the my favourite! Yeyy!! Today is Kim Ryeowook's Birthday 21st June!! He turns 23 years old today! Saengil Chulka Hamnida!! Saranghaneun Wookie oppa! Happy Birthday!! you're still forever magnae to me in Suju~ hahaha..

Ahh..This year, Super Junior and F(x) get together for the surprise party for Ryeowook!
Victoria and Sungmin doing HEART!!

After Super Junior and f(x) took part in the One Heart Big Concert recently, they showed some SM family love and opened a surprise birthday party for Ryeowook who turns 23 on June 21st while on their way back to Seoul!
The location of the surprise party was not at a typical or fancy location; instead, it was held at a freeway resting spot. Nonetheless, everyone’s mood was in high spirits, making the location brim with love and celebration.

Shindong uploaded a picture of this heart-felt birthday celebration onto his Twitter along with the caption, “Celebration of Ryeowook’s birthday at a freeway resting spot on our way back from the concert. Thank you so much f(x).”

As a plus, Shindong also uploaded before and after clips of Ryeowook being caked.

[FanAccount] 100619 UKiss Fanmeeting In Malaysia

Hi people!! 2 days ago, I just got back home from UKISS fanmeeting in Malaysia at 10 PM, 5 hours after the event ended. My comment:- SUPERB!! NOTHING LESS THAT WHAT YOU COULD EXPECT FROM THE FRIENDLIEST IDOL BOY BAND. =)

happy birthday maknae Dongho-ya!!~~

A bit review before I started my long spazzing. Don’t be surprised kay!!!

Soohyun – I nominated him as the king of fanservice!! From the way he pleases KISS ME! By sweet talking all the chance he could and the time he got so many shots by my camera. Yeah, w/o uncle security butting inside his picture.

Kiseop – He’s surely an ulzzang. Not because his really pretty face. But the way he pleases us.. you know, ulzzang’s way!! Pretty, cute, Angle for his take his beautiful pic.

Kibum- Well, I don’t stalk him much. But yup, he’s one of the guy who needs translator beside them. Almost everytime he turned his head away from stage just to heard the nuuna translator’s words. And one more thing, the security guard always stood in front of him= blocking him. Did the security uncle have a crush on him? LOL.

Xander- Oh ehmm.. He’s friendly. His eyes are big. Bigger than mine, that’s it. He laughed much. And yeah. I love his dance to Hyori unnie’s with his fan.

Kevin- note:- he’s my fav with Dongho before I’m going to fanmeeting. He’s so thin but pretty!! Neomu yeppeo!! Can someone give him much food!! OMG he’s thinner than me. That’s the fact. I’ll story about him more.

Eli- Hahaha.. He’s shining brightly when he raps. I slightly took time to spot him amongst the members. Maybe because I’m not a fan of him much?

Dongho- The youngest guy among UKISS members. He’s smiling a lot and losing his excited mood a lot too. He’s B type so I understand that. The same like me. He’s having and lost interest as quick as possible. Another fact. He’s so cute that I want to hug him though he’s taller than me. Hahaha.

Kay.. time to story telling. Maybe this will be shorter than the fan acc I did for SUJU’s concert because I’m lazy to type. Forgive me. (WARNING:- This fanaccount is totally mine. i shared my pic @rocketboxx's too with jay unnie the one who handles there.Grammar, spelling, and sentence structures in English that terribly used in this post.. Please forgive me. English is my second language after Malay. I'm lazy to edit more since this is too long. and intentionally want to spazz only..)


credit pic:- chibi + jaymie501@rocketboxx.net + awin + monROCKETBOXX.NET
written by:- chibi
(most pics are really big in here. 3000+x3000+ pixels. see more in my fb. =))

20 June 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100618]

Sorry for the late post of Kchart since jkpureaddiction is now busy writing the fan account for the U-Kiss's Fanmeeting yesterday and I was very tired yesterday after met U-Kiss!! hahaha.....I want to help her by posting Music Bank Kchart last friday..hehe :)

1. SS501 - Love Ya
2. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
3. CN Blue - Love
4. IU Feat. Seulong (2AM) - Nagging
5. Super Junior - BONAMANA
6. Hot Potato - Confession
8. Davichi - Time Has Stopped
9. Seo In Young - Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling
10. Rain - Love Song
11. F(x) - NU ABO
12. MBLAQ - Y
13. December - Tears In Heaven
14. Hwayobi - Bye Bye Bye
15. Lyn - Honeys Baby Love
16. SISTAR - Push Push
17. Yesung - It Has To Be You
18. Secret - Magic
19. Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
20. WAX - ?

Yeyy!! SS501 won for the second time!! But SS501 was not performed !! According to DSP website... they ended their LOVE YA promotions last week june 13... Kejap gila promotion diorang..sedih tak dapat tengok SS501 selalu..uwaaa~ :(

Ermm,can SOMEONE tell me what the name of song by WAX?? hahaha =p

@Aoxora- can you please list all the performance today?? I don't know where to find the list..hehhe..tau D-NA and Orange Caramel je comeback..hehhee..

This is the Kchart video..

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

[FANCAM] Dongho UKISS danced to Gee @ Fanmeeting in Malaysia


18 June 2010

Dae Guk Nam Ah (The BOSS) Awake MV + [Tracklist]

football concept rocks..people who play it then go to jail, that rocks..

Hehe sorry for making yall wait for this. I really was busy and tired, 17th June was a very long day. But I'm back to reveal full on Dae Guk Nam Ah's beasty comeback! These kids just debuted not too long ago early this year, and they've already started on a grown up american-football-rebel concept! Their 1st Mini Album released is called Awake. It has 5 new tracks plus the two songs from their 1st single Admiring Boy.

If you still haven't caught on who is who, shame on you! I've done a profile on them already lol. In the top pic, from left is husky Hyunmin, vocalizer Injoon, revolver Jay, dandy boy Karam and japanesey Mika haha. I love these boys! And freaked forever till they came back.

In the video Karam is apparently the main character who loses(?) his gf, and cried, at that particular time I couldn't help but shout "Uljimaa Karam!!" I was the MOST surprised at how sooo frickin adorable he was in the MV and also for Baby Jay who shocked me with his explosive charisma. Awin likes him now?? haha.

Stumble Stumble MV (비틀비틀):
cr: loenent

Concept Photos under the cut!

U-Kiss Tweets for Malaysia ♥♥♥

Xander Caption: HERE COMES U-KISS!! (Eli is sleeping at the back~) See y'all in a while MALAYSIA!! (/^o^)/

Since Awin posted of the boys' arrival in Malaysia! I suddenly got hyped up to put up what they've written about our country! So far Kevin has written in since being in Malaysia, while Xander and Soohyun wrote about leaving to Malaysia. So I just felt like sharing this.

Here's Kevin's Twitter trying out the Malay Language.
  • GOOD MORNING~ SELEMAT PAGI! ^^ Going to Malaysia for the first time today~ EXCITED! What are your favorite foods that U-Kiss should try? ^^
  • via web
  • My bad~ SELAMAT PAGI ! Thanks for correcting me! LETS HAVE FUN WHILE WE ARE THERE~ All the foods you describe sound delicious~ TERIMA KASIH~
Kevin has given us a pic to pinpoint their location! hahaha. Am I talking like a stalker or what?? But I think I know where this place is, I've rounded KL almost too many times looking for Suju's hotel the other day. But now I think I'll know where these boys are staying bwuahahha XP.

U-Kiss Arrival @ KLIA Malaysia!![FANCAM]

Okayh..Kiseop is blonde now..soohyun curi colour rmbut eli dlu..hahaa..Eh,kurus nye Kevin..

Sorijulleoohh!! U-Kiss in Malaysia now!!! Maybe this time they are doing the rehearsal for us tomorrow..Wohooo..They have arrived at KLIA yesterday in the evening..Wahhh, I wish I can go there..kalau lah ada kereta!! I think this is the best fancam I found in Youtube..I saw U-Kiss's members so clearly in this fancam but vibrate a lot yeah..I feel dizzy watching this but I'm so happy that U-Kiss is now in Malaysia!! Thank you so much KissMeMy for uploading this video! hahaa..

Cred: KissMeMy

U-Kiss U-Kiss! hahaa..beg jatuh!! Kibum right who pick up the bag?? huuuu..

Wahh..I don't know lah if I was there, I also yelling macam orang gila gak kot..I totally couldn't record a video because I'm too high!hahaha..Ah, I'll control myself tomorrow when watching their performance..haha..yeke?? confirm macam orang gila gak nanti..hahahaa.. Awww girls, we didn't get the lucky seat for ACE lohh..so sad..So, we only watch their performance right?? Arghh,tak dapat Special Surprise!! ;(

Okayh!! See you guys tomorrow!! Poster sign for U-Kiss was done yesterday! Semangat je!!~ hahaa..Ermm, what I'm gonna wear tomorrow ah?? Binguel Binguel Binguel Binguel~

17 June 2010

S.E.S., The Most Popular K-Pop Girl Group in 90s!

*Requsted by jkpureaddiction

Eugene was the face of the group! waahhh~

As you can see, S.E.S. is a popular K-Pop group!S.E.S. stands for Sea,Eugene and Shoo. Along with H.O.T, it was popular in the 90s, and S.E.S. was considered the female version of H.O.T. Both groups were created by Lee Soo Man, head of SM Entertainment. The group consists of Bada, Eugene and Shoo. They debuted in 1997 with a very cool song called "I'm Your Girl" and "Oh, My Love!" became huge hits for S.E.S., and they quickly became one of the top-selling groups in K-Pop.

Through the years, the members have gone through various style and image changes, from cute to sexy to mature okayh. S.E.S. broke up at the end of 2002, and its members have gone to solo careers. Currently, Bada and Shoo have pursued their solo music careers but under the different company while Eugene is moving on to acting..Waahh, I like her acting..I watched her dramas such as Wonderful Life, Three Daddies With One Mummy (On aired now at 8tv from 2.00-3.00pm,Monday to Friday) and more dramas that I can't remembered now..too many lohh..

Let's watch I'm Your Girl MV yeorobun!!~

Cred: towhitecastle

Yeah, Eric and Andy from Shinhwa who rapping in the introduction..hehe..Eugene is so pretty right?? semua kurus je..hahaha..S.E.S reminds me of a girl group from Malaysia, Elite which also famous in 90s..their songs and melodies are so much alike with Elite..betul tak??hahaa..By the way, I still support Bada, Eugene and Shoo in their individual careers now!!=D

Read more for their infos :-

Orange Caramel Magic Girl MV + [TRACKLIST]

After School's first sub-group Orange Caramel has released their candy culture! Yeah I remember their concept name now lol. The youngests of the after school block Lizzy, Nana and Raina has released their self titled debut 1st Single.

Orange Caramel has a fresh cute concept, eh sometimes creepy to me but that's because of the dolls. They have also released the Magic Girl MV! The awesome surprise in the MV is that CNBLUE's Minhyuk cameos as the dandy boy nextdoor! How can you resist his smile?

Magic Girl MV:

Click more for the tracklist:

16 June 2010

MTV World Stage welcomes Wonder Girls!

It's time for Malaysians to get aroused again with the hugely promoted concert, the MTV World Stage, Live in Malaysia 2010.

Date: 31 July 2010
Venue: Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Time: 6pm

I've been checking out the World Stage page everyday since I first heard the news of it, but apparently got lazy the last couple of days haha. Why?? Because I just knew a korean act was coming down to Malaysia to wave the Hallyu flag!

You can recall 2AM was present at last year's MTV World Stage Malaysia for the Backstage Party, and spent a glorius day afterwards shopping at KLCC right under everyone's noses lol. I thought it would be 2PM to be penciled in but its the Wonder Girls!

TOP "Turn it Up" MV Teaser Revealed!

Yup. You're not reading this post wrongly. TOP OF BIG BANG will debut as SOLO SINGER. He will be the last member of BIG BANG who will do solo activities. This 'Turn It Up' MV actually has been released in Big Show 2010 Concert. However, due Big Bang's activities in Japan, he choose to work as Big Bang as his 1st priority.

The full MV will be released on 21st June. Here's the teaser.

credit:- YGEntertainment

I love his WRONG NUMBER song than any other solo songs that were released by BIG BANG members. :) the beat is sick and the lyrics is full emotion.

D-NA released '비틀비틀 (Stumble Stumble)' MV Teaser

Ever imagine our D-NA in rugby uniform?? And ever imagine seeing Karam's tears?? Yeah!! D-NA has released their teaser for upcoming comeback. With song Stumble Stumble, I hope they will come back as strong as their debut song. And please no autotune. Their voice is great enough that there's no need for autotune. =)

I hope they will not think to wear rugby suit when performing. LOL. Am I requesting too much?? = |

credit:- openworldent@ youtube

Their minialbum will be released on 17th!! OMO!! MINI ALBUM!! Did I read correctly?? Finally!! More than 2 songs that enough to fill my thirst for D-NA!!

And full MV please out fast!!~~

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is a Hotsun Chicken Model!

I want Hyunjoong's drumstick!! Yummy~

Ahh..not again..I spazz about chicken CF! hahhaa..I like to spazz about chicken CF right?? Please don't get bored okayh with me..hahaa..There are only 3 posts including this about chicken CF..I love chicken! plus almost all the chicken CFs were commercialised by my favourite idols such as U-Kiss and ZE:A..hehee..Cool!

But, this latest HyunJoong's Hotsun Chicken CF is a bit different and a little bit weird from the other CFs..This time it seems the concept is phantom of the opera and he’s surrounded by three beautiful ladies..You must watch this 20's CF =D

Cred: conightime

Hhahaa..pelik en?? I don't know how this concept relates with chicken..haha..I thought it is something like eye shadow's commercial or fashion show since HyunJoong's eyes are very pretty with the eye shadows puts on and he is wearing a formal suit okayh!! hahaha..The way he said "Hotsun Chicken" at the end makes me drooling and wanna buy that chicken! awww! Comel gila suara dia ;P

Behind The Scene of this CF is very funny you know..you better watch that below :-

15 June 2010

T.O.A (Top Of Asia) Profile

Byk tol trio skang ni..heh

Yeah, as far as I know many hew groups have already debuted nowadays such as SISTAR, X-Cross, Code V, Infinite, Orange Caramel and upcoming debuting is Teen Top.My head keeps spinning while doing this profile..hahaa..it's so hard to find information about new group..sabar je lah ;)

In 2009, two members, Shi Woo and Sinnan debuted as a duo named Honey Boys under Excellent Entertainment..but they are not well known..eventhough their debuted song called 4th Hitter was a good and catchy song actually..I also never heard about them last year..hahaa..I'm trying to get to know them this year ok?? =D

But in 2010, they comeback and debuted at the same time with a new group name called T.O.A aka Top Of Asia..plus they welcomed a new member, Joon Hyuk..They released a first single album titled TOA..Yeah, they have a very good voices and talented too~

For those who didn't watched Honey Boys - 4th Hitter yet, just click play ok!

Cred: sagaun2

It's okayh right?? yeah! Tetapi rasa macam MV lama je, padahal tahun lepas punya..hahaha..=p

Click 'Read more' for TOA MP3 DL and their profile~

Orange Caramel MV Teaser

Do I hear more Mazic coming? Secret's done it, SISTAR's done it, now After School? Okay so the title is actually Mabeop Sonyeo (마법소녀) that translates to Magic Girl. Please no more Mazic lol.

Confused? After School has created a sub group Orange Caramel (오렌지캬라멜)! First female subgroup to say, I've only seen Super Junior, FT Island and SS501 done it so far. Yes! This trio is studded with the young-ins of the group. And more known as the new ones who have joined After School, Raina, Nana and Lizzy.

Why does After School, who have 8 members now, keep adding more and more members you say? Kahi explains that it'll make their average age lower hahaha. Kahi is after all the oldest member and el capitano. Their age ranges from 1980-1992, you do the math.

Magic Girl (마법소녀) MV (featuring Minhyuk of CNBLUE)
cr: hdhankok

I forgot what their concept is called candy culture.. something lol. Oh well, you can tell that its just a cutesy image, but fresh like citrus orange. I like the concept, but they're like 18, 19, and 21. Its a bit on borderline creepy. Can't wait for their song though! Here's a mini profile for you. I don't think Awin did a profile on After School yet..

14 June 2010

ZE:A Mom's Touch Chicken CF

ZE:A' STYLE!! <3

They just got their official name for their fan club which is ZE:A' STYLE! hahaa..cool right..I'm one of the ZE:A' STYLE of course!! hehehe..

So,more more Chicken CF coming from our idols!! Before this,I spazzed about U-Kiss's Vons Chicken CF right..Now, it's time for ZE:A to do a chicken CF  for Mom's Touch Chicken..Aigoo..Chicken CF always make me so hungry and wanna eat that chicken!! Yum yum~

Wahh..Dongjun is first to come out with a drumstick!! Why magnae??! hahaa..Well,he is soo cute though!! and then Siwan is eating nuggets eh?? hahaa..don't know lah..Then,Kevin with the burger!! and lastly is Junyoung the leader with chicken salad! and after that didn't catch their faces..so fast..heh..But I like Kwanghee's wink at the end!! hahaha.. ;)

They promoting their latest song, All Day as the background song for this CF unlike U-Kiss who sang a original Vons Chicken song! Arghhh, Nak cari lagu U-Kiss uh tetapi tak pernah jumpa pun! hahahaa =p

13 June 2010

[UPDATE] Summary for K-Pop Fan Club Activities in Malaysia.

For the full list of Malaysian K-Pop fansite go HERE.

New Forum / Fan club in Malaysia.
-Go and register now. Apply for Staff Recruitment if you got what it takes.

1. 2NE1 - http://myblackjackers.ipbfree.com/
2. After School - http://myafterschool.ipbfree.com/
3. F.CUZ - http://myfocuz.b1.jcink.com/
4. FTISLAND - http://my-ftisland.forumotion.com/forum.htm
5. F(X) - http://myfx.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx
7. MBLAQ - http://myblaq.ipbfree.com/
8. Rainbow - http://my7ainbow.ipbfree.com/
9. T-ARA - http://diademalaysia.ipbfree.com/

Fan club/ Forum Activities In Malaysia, keep reading...

BEAST Exclusive Showcase & Fansigning in MALAYSIA

Get excited everyone! First of all, we would like to apologize about Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST and Postpone News which turn out to be a scam. Can't trust Poprainbow boo. Anyway, as awin said HERE, Beast will be going to Singapore on the 24-25th June for a showcase and signing event. It has been announced that they will be coming to Malaysia right after! Yes she's right. You can also read it on chibi post, HERE. *wow, so many post about them haha*

KL Live

* * * * * *

One Utama

As you can see, the venue changed to KL LIVE http://www.kl-live.com.my/
  • The new repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album also includes a Black or White BEAST t-shirt, worth RM120.00.
  • Pre-order your copy now at any Speedy Video outlets nationwide to get your admission pass for the showcase. The repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album will be officially released on 18th June 2010 in Malaysia.
  • Those who wear the BEAST t-shirt will be given priority admittance.
Cred and for more info, please go HERE!

Wanna go effpoo? XD

11 June 2010

2PM - I Will Give You My Life MV

I don't know why I love posting about 2PM more than Super Junior :/

We're ain't just any PM, we're 2PM.
Since no one update about this yet... so, 2PM recently (yesterday?) release MV for their song ‘I Will Give You My Life’ from their mini-album ‘Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop.’ Honestly, this is one of my favourite song in the mini-album =D Very sweet, slow melody but still has 2PM's charm in it. I don't know they were going to make an MV out of this song... ?

Anyway, this in not a plot story like 2AM-I Did Wrong... Which remind me, 2PM doesn't have any plot MV? Oh yeah, they do have one, Tik Tok! This in not like their usual MV like 10 Out Of 10 or Again and Again or Heartbeat or Without You or even Follow Your Soul. Or movie OST mv like Tired of Waiting. Or dance/old school version of 10 Out Of 10. But more like I Hate You MV.... A video montage of all the bittersweet moments of 2PM.... The only different is, no Jay this time. *Why am I listing all of 2PM's mv anyway?*

Watch It!

Yeah, I cried... Well, almost pfft Junho's fall, auw baby! *Keep repeating that part for some reason*

They smile, they cry, they laugh, they mad... They're still a normal homo sapiens in cased anyone forget. Glad to see hottest everywhere *smile proudly*

BEAST for Showcase in Malaysia on June!

Before Balik Kampung.. Last Update. How to go to B2ST Showcase.

And I guess muslim will have trouble to attend this. because the venue at Dance Club. :| Nothing can make me to argue whether i can go or not again. **sigh**
why do u guys bwat kat dance club??O__O



BEAST is invading KL in June!! Have you gotten your Shock of the New Era showcase passes yet?

6 hunky and talented boys who call themselves BEAST will be in Malaysia from 26th June 2010 to 28th June 2010 for the Shock of the New Era album promotion. BEAST will perform and showcase their talent on 26th June at the one and only 'Shock of the New Era Showcase' at Dragonfly, Kuala Lumpur.

Starting from 08-06-10, pre-order the repackaged version of BEAST's
'SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA' album and you will get 1 (ONE) admission pass to BEAST's showcase in KL!

The new repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album also includes a Black or White BEAST t-shirt, worth RM120.00. Pre-order your copy now at all Speedy Video outlets nationwide. The repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album will be officially released on 16th June 2010 in Malaysia.


* Those who wear the BEAST t-shirt from the repackaged album pack to the venue on the day of the showcase, will be given priority admittance.

Venue for the showcase:-

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100611]

I'm currently sleepy while writing this. so, pardon me.. Ahaha. Clap your hands for SS501 for 1st victory after their comeback last week. And uhmm.. I actually feel a bit distracted with their outfits that exposed their back. Thank you. =D

this week x der mask oxygen!!XD LOL.

*Chibi says:- Lalao refers that she forgot what song and singer. Hahaha. Tolong isi ehh..and if kalo tersalah position,please correct me.. Ni Main ingat jer. =) Plus, link yer. Ehehehe..

*Awin says:- No Lalao dah..apa kata biar Awin buat link jer, Chibi wat kchart..hahaa..ok! the Number 16, I seriously have no idea who they are..I found the kchart video..maybe this would help you guys to find out who in Number 16..hehe :)

  1. SS501 - Love Ya
  2. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
  4. Super Junior - Miina (BONAMANA)
  5. Davichi - Time Has Stopped
  6. 4MINUTE - HUH
  7. Hot Potato - Confession
  8. MBLAQ - Y
  9. Lyn - 자기야 여보야 사랑아 (Honeys Baby Love)
  10. Super Junior (Yesung) - It Has to be You
  11. December - 별이 될게 (Tears In Heaven)
  12. F(x) - NU ABO
  13. Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  14. 2PM - Without U
  15. Hwayobi - Bye Bye Bye
  16. 바이브(VIBE) - 다시 와주라 (Come Back Again)
  17. Seo In Guk - Love U
  18. Seo In Young - Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling
  19. Rain - Love Song
  20. 길미(Gilme) - 사랑은 전쟁이다 (Love Is War) Feat. Outsider

Performers for today..

아리, NS윤지, DECEMBER, 알리(특별출연 홍수아), 인피니티,플라워, 시크릿(SECRET), 이석훈, 화요비, Sistar, MBLAQ, 8eight, Soya N Sun(소야앤썬), 코요태, 더블 K(Feat. 길학미),다비치, CNBLUE, 4minute, 슈퍼주니어, SS501, 서영은(Feat.M to M 정진우)

Tetibe baik hati nak translate kan..

ARI, NS YoonJi, DECEMBER, ALI (ft. Hong Sua), Infinite, Flower, SECRET, Lee Sook Hoon, Hwayobi, SISTAR, MBLAQ, 8eight, Soya N Sun, Koyote, Double K (ft. Gil Hakmi), Davichi, CNBLUE, 4MINUTE, Super Junior, SS501, Seo Yong Eun (ft. M to M Jung Jin Woo)

You can watch Music Bank K-Chart video if you missed it below :-

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

10 June 2010

CNBLUE wins M! Countdown with LOVE!

Jungshin: Hazar!! Yonghwa: OMONA
Jonghyun: Hurray! Minjyuk: Weee!!

Joyous day!! My happy boys of Code Name Blue (the 2nd group of dorks to come out of FNC). Has won an award for their deserving brilliant song LOVE! Everybody clap clap clap!

CN Blue was serving head to head with last week's miraculous winners MBLAQ's Y. No sign of Super Junior although the Wonder Girls performed.

Here's the performance, you can see haha these guys started out lazy, can you believe it slambe je dorg ni and menang pulak! Haha. It becomes a smile/laughing fest as the boys neared the end of the song, Yonghwa with his high cheek bones, which infected Jonghyun to smiling so brightly for no reason. Maybe they were having too much fun up there?? XD

The Nitty Gritty of Infinite [Profile]

Now wouldn't the title be better if their name was Infinity?

New 7 membered boyband Infinite ∞ (with Infinity sign) has debuted under Woollim Entertainment. Which already have Epik high and Nell under their belt. The boys however have already debuted to the public through their own tv reality show on MNET "You are My Oppa/Elder Brother" in April. All 7 guys were stuck in a dorm and Tablo sent in a girl, dum dum duuum. But its not what you think. Tablo says to them the person who becomes the best older brother to the girl will be the Nation's Older Brother. Lol Mithra Jin also cameos in the show..

Here's the pic if you'd like to see what she looks like:
cool, I think its like good daddy, but with younger daddies and an older daughter lol.

For their profiles and junk under the cut!

Someone Kidnapped D-NA!


Honestly I think someone has replaced Dae Guk Nam Ah with imposters!! Or another thought would be that.. that.. D-NA has changed their comeback look..?

How drastic is that!! I can't recognize anyone! uhh From left, Hyunmin?? Injoon?? (Someone kidnapped magnae Jay!), Karam?, Mika? Okay Mika doesn't looks so different. But I got straight up heart-attacked by these kids!

Looks like Chibi was right to warn us early on, after promoting for months and signing a Japanese record deal. Dae Guk Nam Ah or D-NA or The Boss is back and gearing up for a comeback this June! More specifically their new 1st Mini Album Awake is set to drop on June 16th/17th. Following a showcase and an improved concept..

Infinite set for the First Invasion! MV + [Tracklist]

(left) L, Dongwoo, Sungjong, Woohyun
(right) L, [again], Sungkyu, Sungyul, Hoya
haha I think I'm right.
Been waiting on the coolest rookies of the latter half of the year. Infinite, under anxious speculation after being previewed on Epik High's Run MV. The new 7-membered kpop group by Woollim Entertainment held their 1st showcase on June 9th. Moreover, Infinite's 1st Mini Album First Invasion was not produced by Epik High, Mithra Jin says they were just good hyungs to the kids and they assisted them.

I would think its super weird if Epik High did produce for them, the music sound is completely different. I always thought Tablo hated boybands and constructed talent haha. Oh well, I don't mind cuz all 7 of these newbies look goood. I'm counting on a lot of Woollim's swaggah to come out from you guys!

The MV is also directed by Hwang SooAh, the same who brilliantly did Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra! No wonder I thought the MV was so cool & hillarious.

(Come Back Again) 다시돌아와 MV:

1st - Sunggyu (Black shirt/Black Plaid Pants) what's up with leader having the only super power??
2nd - L (Green Hat)
3rd - Woohyun (Red Plaid Shirt)
4th - Hoya (White Leather Jacket)
5th - Dongwoo (Blue Chair)
6th - Sunjung (Red Chair, Magnae)
7th - Sunggyul (dunno where..)

For teasers and mp3s

X-Cross - My Luv MV + 1st Single Storm

After I posted about X-Cross's profile before, I want to show you guys their 1st MV called My Luv!! Let's take a look at this MV..you can judge by yourself~! hahaa..

Cred: sushilicious27

Okayh!! I love this song!! their voices sound very cool..Wahh!! Hyo Ram who is the vocal and rapper.. like it like it!! I think I love guys with blonde hair lahh..Aoxora too right??haha..but I never like Nichkhun's blonde hair when he performed Without U..heh,sorry,mengungkit pulak =p

One more thing..Hyo Ram's ABS!! hahhaahaha!! Well, model right..must have a great body! hhahaa..lol..


My Luv

This is a single, so only have two songs..I love My Luv!! Catchy song~ Storm?? ermmm..I don't like Storm so much but I still like it..hahaha..Hyo Ram's rap!! <3

The Handsome Duo,X-Cross Profile! + CFs

Comel gler~

Yeah!! More newbies in 2010!! Now there is a new duo not a group of five or more..hehehe..I think X-Cross is the most handsome duo these days..hahaha..The duo, consisting of model turned singer Sung Hyo Ram and Jay Gun, belong to GF Entertainment. They are more to dancing song and rapping unlike the other duo such as December or I The Tritops who focus more to ballad genre..Duo??Who else eh? I don't know much about duo members..hah..Prior to their debut, the duo has made appearances in CFs alongside fellow entertainment company member and actress Han Chae Ah. Let's watch the CFs..

Hahaha..Tik Tok!!~this CF focus more to Han Chae Ah loh..X-Cross's part is so short..less than 5 seconds..First time I didn't noticed where Hyo Ram and Jay Gun was and then I watched many times to recognise them..Jay Gun who comes first with his friend in the car..isn't that Hyo Ram who is sitting next to him?? No right..confused di situ sebab sekejap sangat time diorang..hahaa..and then Hyo Ram on the escalator with his girlfriend..Wooo~

The next is a Hyo Ram's CF..yeah, well,he was a model before :)

Hyo Ram at the end!! Drinking the fresh water!! Wahh..good looking guy from a side look!! but less than 5 seconds also..tak puas hati betul =p

Wanna see X-Cross more?!! View the other post about their first MV called My Luv HERE..

Read more to know the X-Cross's profile~

08 June 2010

Brian Joo Fanmeeting in Malaysia!!

I wonder if awin,flyfonix, and aox didn't know this news. Anyway, since I've know about this let me post it.
sorry brian that i can't attend.woooo.

Our lovable Brian Joo (or known infamously as Brian 'Fly to The Sky') will be having his first fanmeeting showcase in Malaysia on 10th July! (kay, that's really bad because I'm already entering university. ARgh!!) Malaysia!! fanmeeting!! Brian!! WUUUUU...

Organised by Rythmland, here is the video teaser for the fanmeeting specially from Brian.

chibi says:- she loves his accent!! and Apa Khabar and Jumpa di sana are epic for fangirling. Brian used a bit advance Malay which impress me much. Aaaa

More info about the fanmeeting ticket price, place, time and the package, click 'Read More'!!

T-Max- Don't Be Rude MV + Born To The Max Album [Tracklist]

2 new members ok..heeee

T-Max is back with their 1st full length album 'Born To The Max'..Yeah,after member Park YoonHwa left T-Max, the group received 2 new members Park HanBi and Joo ChanYang, and reorganised themselves as a pretty boy quartet..I was surprised when I watched them in 4 members on Music Bank..I thought there is only 3 members including the new member Park Hanbi..hahaa..I didn't know T-Max welcoming 1 more new member..hehehe..but oh yeah, T-Max becoming more awesome now! their songs are totally powerful!! Wohooo... Check it out T-Max profile HERE along with the 2 new members profile :)

Their album title song is 'Don't Be Rude'..I like this song!!but in dark concept again..2010 is more towards dark concept eh?? hahaa..I don't care lah about the MV concept as long as they have a great song!!

Cred: TMaxForum

Wahhh..Kim Joon in blonde hair!! Serious HOT gler at the starting!! teringat Nichkhun rambut camtuh gak time Without U...hhaahaa..Minchul's hair?? hahaa..no comment..but his voice tone??!! the best lah! Hanbi is soo handsome!! and the other new member, ChanYang the baby face like! he lose 15kg right for this debuting..hahaa..congrats!!~

Yunho for Prince Role for Musical "Goong"

This the second time I'm spazzing about this. Yup. Believe me!! Yunho will be the main lead for musical "GOONG". Tetibe nak mencarut. But behave, chibi!!

aphal hensem sgt mamat ni??

Yunho..suddenly i thought you punye perut buncit. Forgive me.

This upcoming September, UKnow YunHo will be starring in the musical ‘Goong’ as the male lead. Last year, he debuted as actor in drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ . And now I believe he has ready to be debut as a musical actor.

A production official for ‘Goong’ said, “We have chosen UKnow YunHo as UKnow is a very suitable casting for the crown prince role given his great dancing and vocal capabilities as well as his outstanding appearance.”

Other stars casted for the musical include Lee ChangHee, Jung DongHwa, Min HyoRin and So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung’s sister Choi SooJin.


Don't mistake the last part. NOT SNSD's SOOYOUNG. BUT SOOYOUNG'S SISTER, CHOI SOOJIN. Anyway, I'm glad to hear every members doing great job. I've been wondering what's Changmin up to. Dah lame x dgr pasal dyer after Paradise Ranch shooting. Changmin, where are you??
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