10 June 2010

The Handsome Duo,X-Cross Profile! + CFs

Comel gler~

Yeah!! More newbies in 2010!! Now there is a new duo not a group of five or more..hehehe..I think X-Cross is the most handsome duo these days..hahaha..The duo, consisting of model turned singer Sung Hyo Ram and Jay Gun, belong to GF Entertainment. They are more to dancing song and rapping unlike the other duo such as December or I The Tritops who focus more to ballad genre..Duo??Who else eh? I don't know much about duo members..hah..Prior to their debut, the duo has made appearances in CFs alongside fellow entertainment company member and actress Han Chae Ah. Let's watch the CFs..

Hahaha..Tik Tok!!~this CF focus more to Han Chae Ah loh..X-Cross's part is so short..less than 5 seconds..First time I didn't noticed where Hyo Ram and Jay Gun was and then I watched many times to recognise them..Jay Gun who comes first with his friend in the car..isn't that Hyo Ram who is sitting next to him?? No right..confused di situ sebab sekejap sangat time diorang..hahaa..and then Hyo Ram on the escalator with his girlfriend..Wooo~

The next is a Hyo Ram's CF..yeah, well,he was a model before :)

Hyo Ram at the end!! Drinking the fresh water!! Wahh..good looking guy from a side look!! but less than 5 seconds also..tak puas hati betul =p

Wanna see X-Cross more?!! View the other post about their first MV called My Luv HERE..

Read more to know the X-Cross's profile~


성효람 (Sung Hyo Ram)

Born: July 28, 1987
Physique: 185 cm, 69kg
Debut: 2008 “Asia Fashion Model”
Career: 2008 Fashion show “FW Seoul Collection” Model
Magazine “Men’s Health”
2010 WeddingIn Magazine Model
2010 Lotte Chilsung 60th Anniversary Main Model

제이건 (Jay Gun)

Real name: 권혁 (Kwon Hyuk)
Born: 1989
Physique: 186 cm, 71kg

Wohh!! 185 and 186cm?? bapak tinggi!! No wonder lah they seems so macho! hahahaa..Okayh~ I choose Hyo Ram!! =D

Cred: MardiLuminosity1@youtube and @wordpress


  1. HAHAHAHA i watched both cfs lol. i cant believe how short of time they came out lol.

    i wanna be that gf xP.

    aah awin an ske pretty boys slalu lol.

    i laughed as heck tgk hyoram's cf, he came out for like 3 secs how sad lol.

    whoa both so modelly so talll. half my size yo lol

  2. handsome duo? haha hyoram je handsome XP model eh? nice haha

    aaaa byk nye new group. lost jap haha

    hahahha pedek gle iklan! bape la eh dorg dpt XD

  3. @azra- haha..tau xpe! kejap gler dorang kuar..sengal je..

    pretty and cute boys <3..yeah!!..

    tggi en..klo kte dua berdiri ngan dorang, sme ngan pinggang dorang je kot..hahaha..

    @alia- yg sorang lg hot laa gak..tggi en..alaa, ni 2 org je..sng nak igt..yg new group laen ramai!! lost gak..hhahaha

    hahaa..aslkan iklan, mhl gak dowh..hehehe


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