03 June 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

Finally someone had focused on the real problem at issue with flight services! What is it that airplanes don't get about the necessities of flyers? No it isn't the security of a possible bomber on the plane, its not always the snoring fatter guy on the next aisle seat. This is infact one of the 3 necessities of life itself.. Yes Chicken Minari has spoken, it is FOOD.

You can't believe how many times I've ridden on an airplane and felt that huge quesy unexplainable flutter in my stomach. I admit it IS the change of gravitational movement as you descend from air, but as my parents would always tell me, eat your food and you won't get dizzy. WRONG. Eating? Even MOVING makes me dizzy. What tops the cake is that the food no matter how many times before I go on the flying machine people tell me how they've changed the menu and it tastes so much better now. Frankly it just tastes awful!

I understand its freeze dried stuff they heat afterwards to serve on the plane, but heck! At my elementary school they serve freeze dried stuff and they tasted stinkin awesome! I encourage Airplane Companies to focus more on the flyer's needs in this way. I don't recommend shrimp as they tend to get bad easily. I prefer them to not be liquidy but I'm just a sucker for italian food.. and Dunkin Donut sandwiches, but that's getting off the point.

Like this or this or this:
Lunch.. I can't tell what time it is on the plane anyways



One thing I do love about MAS food is the dessert heheheheh. Loving the frozen yogurt and the branded Magnum PI and Haagen Daz. (This was my parents who got it, I wasn't so lucky to get 1st Class pehh!!)

Here's Ep 43 of Project Alpha Show Season 2
Why does the intro song remind me of Roda Roda Kuala, Lumpur?

Ep 44

Ep 45

Ep 46

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!


  1. I'm seriously hungry when u posted those food pictures.. woo..
    Plus, I'm actually fasting.
    NVM, an hour to go.
    I Still don't get it about alpha project.
    But whateva..hahahaha..XDD You guys do and get the money to spend yourselves.

  2. haha sorry! i dint mean to, i just posted any pics yg smpat haha.

    which reminds me i should be fasting nowaday haha, totally forgot this week! i totally missd it too.

    lol chibi i'll teach you soo then u can do it too? lol

    ru using any for the ukiss concert? oo did u get ur fave ukisses a present?? lol

  3. gamba baru lagi melaparkan.. Wuu..
    naseb baek da malam.

    Hahaha.. I'll pass. No need. I give you guys to do that. Not interested with alpha project actually. =P

    Nah.. I'm not using any for UKISS concert. Well, I'm more interested for making free things. (something they could throw it easily. LOL.) Still undecided what to give them actually.

  4. haha okay.

    hmm i kno rite! i still havent decided wat to give kiseopy and i found funny keychains for kevin. but dint buy it yet cuz me and awin were broke then hahaha.

    jom! shopping for ukiss ^^

  5. hahaha..fuyoohh..azra wat project alpha!! haaa..x penah dpt makan pizza and spagethi pun!! hhahaa..
    wahhh!! the desert looks delicious..yummy~

    @azra- hahaa..ouh, keychain yg kt klcc before rite?? haha..funny2..

    Jom rr shopping!!

  6. roda roda kuala lumpur? say what? hahaha

    azra, have I said this before? you should become a journalist. seriously girl, you're so awesome in writing hahaha

    ee first pic, lawa gila~

  7. @awin haha, i kno rite, they dont want the plane to add on more weight from feeding them pizza?

    we should go shopping. u can drive an, i cant yet still haha, tgu check mate sbb dh jd rabun gle lol.

    @alia haha thankyou, rushing kot bwat, ni i saw it was already 30 mins after it came out. i started reading again yay! i had to, i couldnt keep reading kpop junk and eroding my comments with "Omg!" "so cute!" all the time.. lol

    as for the food, i thk i took it from sumone's yahoo =S, oh well somebody's trash is my treasure now lol

  8. @azra- hahaha..tau x pe..I want that pizza!! cam sdp jek..haihhh..

    hahaa..xleh kot drive..parents still x bg lg..x confident lg..hrrmmmm...

  9. @awin oo otay, haha i really should go take the practice hours, wat times do you usually go to practice ur driving at the driving school?

    haha awin, klw dh pass P, un xde confidence nk drive?


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