03 June 2010

SISTAR releases Push Push MV + Album [Tracklist]

I can't really tell who is who here,
I think its pink - Bora, blondepink - Hyorin, purple - Dasom,
and blue (i love that blue hair!) - Soyou

I've done their profile and I've shown you them in Magic Drag CF, now newbie group SISTAR from Starship Entertainment has released their debut single Push Push. I have to confess, I was hoping that they and their songs wouldn't be annoying, but I'm not sure if that's quite the word.

Their sound is produced by loads of bigshot writers in the korean industry. Push Push is produced by the Brave Brothers themselves! You know, the "Brave sound, brave sound" in most of U-Kiss recent songs.

Here's Push Push MV:
Cred: starshiptv

I think the mv's pretty cool. Very bright, it makes SISTAR look fresh and they won't stop smiling... I think the dance is good enough to be parodied too. Though, work on your english guys! Dasom "keep pusing me". There's too much english words in your songs to have pronounce konglish guys lol.

1 - Here We Come
2 - Push Push
3 - Oh Baby
4 - Push Push (inst.)

Panda says: Their sound and concept reminds me of Wonder Girls' Tell Me time. Their voices too, but they don't have the strength and depth in their voices to sound as pro. Mostly all of their songs are high pitched, which makes me want to tilt my head so it won't hurt me. I guess you can say most of their voices don't have that umpf to think them other than generic production of an entertainment company. Hey they're still young, so who knows if they can improve right?

Here We Come is an intro. I like the last part of the song actually, they shoulda just stuck with that part and kept going I reckon.

Whereas Push Push is very catchy and something I can dance to. Like I said very Tell Me-ish. I like the chorus, but I can't say for the rest because they recycle loads of phrases so I'm like hm, it's been done before.

Plus the autotune oohhh man the autotune, I'm so done with autotune, they shoulda gotten rid of it completely it masks too much of the artists' voices. I can't tell who is singing what. I do like one of their voices cuz its a bit raspy. Is it Hyorin? I dunno.

...I still like the magic drag song more haha.

I think SISTAR's voices haven't matured enough yet, which brings up the question, is 2 years enough to train to compete against monster artists like 2NE1 who by the way trained for at least 4 years to just become ready? Hopefully SISTAR can grow to become better in voices and a different sound so they don't get piled with a heap of mainstream K-Pop. Have an edge!

Concept Photos
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  1. firstly, i do not want any sister. Hahaha Lol.
    They are from Brave Ent??? Like UKISS?? I didn't know that.
    Do Ballad song or something different from this song, I'll evaluate you guys again later.
    From now, I just acknowledge you as new group girl.
    The Song is not good enough for me, imo.

  2. Oh Baby is the ballad song, i dont thk i wrote any comment on the song. it wasnt really special to me lol. soyou myb the main vocal but her voice isnt particularly special..

    No, ukiss is from a differnt ent company.

    Brave Brothers is just a producing team, they produce songs for different artists like Son Dambi, Ukiss, After School, loads more and now i guess Sistar.

  3. asal dorg smua cm kurus gila, da la tggi =.=

    sorg nmpk cam sulli/dara clon lol

    xde rambut pendek ke? bosan btol smua rmbt pjg~

    mv, tooooo bling bling, saket mate O-o

    pendek gila seluar =.=

    baju lebih kurang, xde identiti hahaha

    byk komplen lak haha

  4. oh gmbr yg dr bilik tuh lawaaaaa, jom amek gmbr mcm tuh hahahaha

  5. haaa..baru pas tgk their MV.. tau x pe alia!! pendek gle short!! hahaha..fuhh, sexy2~

    I think I like the girl in skirt one..whats her name eh azra?? die nynyi part len sket..comel n xde laa sexy sgt..hahahaa...

    Well, the song is quite catchy..yeahh..accepted!! tp perlukan lot of training lg..they are still young..hahaa..cewaahhh, pandai2 je critic org..hehe

  6. @alia - haha agree wit ur 1st comment! haha budk kecik un dh lg sexy drpd aku hahahaha. wtf. im like a hobo. xP

    @awin - ehh.. yg mne? yg rap eh ke dara clone tu? lol

  7. eh azra, i dah changed push push video to a new one..td xleh bkk lak..

    dara clone yg mne lak??yg sure bkn yg rap lah.. ni yg die sorang je pakai black skirt dlm MV uh..yg len pakai shorts n pants..

    you know what..this song keep playing in my head nowadays..hahaha..push push baby!!xthn tol!! huahuahua..

  8. ooh otay. ah, thats soyou. yeah i like her too, but i dont like her voice that much kekeke.

    haha the song is ok if i listen the first part, but until the end its like aaaaa banging in my head lol

  9. ohh..same age with us right?? patut rr ske..hahah..comel laa die~ her voice ok lah..

    hahaa..push push is like gossip girl form rainbow lahh..first2 dgr addicted gler..lme2 bosan kot..keh3..

  10. actually i love gossip girl! still not bosan with it =D. push push im starting to dance in the shower with that song haha.


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