24 February 2012

[Profile] A Pink 에이핑크

*Request by anon

Label: A Cube Entertainment
Debut: April 21, 2011, on M! Countdown

The group has released two Korean mini-albums, check out our previous post:
1. Seven Springs of A Pink
2. Snow Pink

Most promising rookies. With cute and fresh concept, they manage to win several awards. Yeay to them!


13th Mnet Asian Music Awards - Best New Female Artist [Won]
19th Republic of Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards - Idol Music Rookie Award [Won]
MTV Best Of the Best - Hot Debut Star [Nominated]
Bugs Music Awards - Best Rookie [Nominated]
26th Golden Disk Awards - Best Newcomer Artist [Won]

7th Asia Model Festival Awards - New Star Award [Won]
21th Seoul Music Awards - Newcomer Award [Won]

*On January 5, 2012 A Pink won their very first music show award on M! Countdown for "My My"

Television show:
A Pink News
Birth of a Family (with Infinite)
A Pink News Season 2

Official Website: http://apink.a-cube.co.kr/
Daum Cafe: http://cafe.daum.net/apink
Fansite: http://a-pink.net/forums/

Members' profile are under the cut :)

14 February 2012

B2ST/BEAST Releases "Mystery" Special MV!

Kyaaa~ I'm so happy tonight! BEAST has just released a special MV for "Mystery"!! A special gift for Valentine's Day, I'm so loving you guys! Hahaha. You know that they had made a comic version of Mystery MV during MTV B2ST ALMIGHTY last year, haha, it was so funny, it was all about the "Curry" actually haha XD you probably wanna watch that MV once again, click THIS.

ahhh, BEAST! why are you guys so handsome??!

Cred: beastofficial

Omoo, this MV is so unique! I love the finger skateboarding! LOL I wonder whose hand is that, ermm Junhyung maybe? haha, btw, they all look so cool here, I'm so missing them right now! Waaaa, can't stop smiling and keep replaying this MV :p Waaa, can't wait for their next album!^^
For your information, BEAST premiered this special MV during their "Beautiful Show" world tour concert in Seoul.

13 February 2012

Block B - Nanrina/Go Crazy + Welcome to the Block [Tracklist]

On Feb 1, Block B is back with their 2nd mini album "Welcome to the Block"!The mini album contains six tracks in all and five of the tracks were composed by Block B's Zico himself. They also made 'Nanrina' as their title track and at the same time released the MV for Nanrina.

Cred: BrandnewStardom

What an interesting MV! hehe, this is the 2nd time I'm listening to Nanrina, it's quite addictive, "goo goo gaa gaa (2x)~~" haha. Jaehyo omoo you are so handsome! my bias in Block B ^^ Their choreography are funny but fun to watch XD lol U-kwon's line "idk idk idk but im hot hot" haha he is so cute :pp

01 LOL
02 난리나 (Nanrina/ Go Crazy)
03 했어 안했어 (Did You or Did You Not)
04 Synchronization 100%
05 Action
06 난리나 (Nanrina/Go Crazy)(Inst.)

LOL?! HAHAHA, Block B is totally the best korean hip-hop idol group! I see that Block B has many fans since their debuted, well I'm not a big fan of Block B but I still sometimes listen to their songs :D

Lovey Dovey Plus from SPEED [Co-Ed's Male Sub-unit]

As I wrote it earlier in Co-Ed Profile's post, SPEED is the male sub-unit of Co-Ed School. They has just released their debut song which is "Lovey Dovey Plus". This is actually the remake of T-ara's Lovey Dovey. I just wish they would have debuted with their own song like 5dolls last year :( but this is no bad since Lovey Dovey has been popular these days and yeah T-ara are their sunbaes :D

SPEED released two versions of Love Dovey Plus MV and twins Hyoyoung (from Co-Ed) and Hwayoung (from T-ara) are working together for the first time in both music videos!

[Version 1]

Okayh, this mv make me feel really dizzy, lol XD the boys shuffling are the best! Love to see their dancing but why not focusing on their faces?! Arghh, and is that Hwayoung or Hyoyoung in the middle? hahah

[Version 2]

LMFAO! Now I only can see Hwoyoung and one boy?! Where is Hwayoung and the other boys?! This version is totally OUT! the 1st version is better than this. I love Lovey Dovey so much! ^^ The boys version is not that bad but I still prefer the original version from T-ara <3

I heard that this is not SPEED official debut, they just love this song and want to make a remake. They are probably debut in March, is that true?? All right then, we will wait and see..

[UPDATED] Co-Ed School Profile + Too Late MV

I like their concept pictures <3

Co-Ed School (or 남녀공학 - Nam Nyeo Gong Hak), is a 10-membered group from South Korea under Core Contents Media same like T-ara, Davichi, SeeYa and Black Pearl..Oh, no wonder lah Eunjong appeared in their latest MV-Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom..heee~

They’re composed of 6 boys and 4 girls, with former Seeya member Lee Soomi (Smile Soomi) as the leader. They made their official debut stage on September 30, 2010 on M! Countdown with their debut title track ‘Too Late’ which was released on the same date (including a part 1, 2 and a remix) in addition to their 7-minute 3D Music Video which was premiered at Samsung Megabox last September 27, 2010..

Too Late MV
Cred: coremidas

Bbiribom Bberibom (Dance Ver.) MV
cr: coremidas

Too Late is sounds catchy to me and i like it (with the mighty help of autotunes,of course)..Haaa, i think everybody is singing except for Kwanghaeng..hahahaa..

Click read more for their profile :)

12 February 2012

SPICA Profile!


Company: B2M Entertainment
Debut: February 8, 2012

Meaning: "Spica (α Vir, α Virginis, Alpha Virginis) is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky."

11 February 2012

SPICA – Russian Roulette MV + Debut Mini Album

So.. Who is SPICA? Not your run-of-the-mill idol newbies of 2012! Now doesn’t that spark your interest?

Based in B2M entertainment, (the same company as superstar Lee Hyori), SPICA is made up of 5 members who are mostly already well known in some aspects. Yang Ji Won is famously known as ex-Five Girls member (with Wonder Girl’s Yoobin, After School’s UEE, Secret’s Hyosung and G.NA), Kim Boa is known as the vocal trainer of INFINITE, Park Narae was top 10 from 2009’s Super Star K, Park Joohyun who I think was in the “Let It Go” MV with SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng and got to rap for him in live performances, and Kim Bohyung who was a previous trainee with 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. SPICA is to mean “the brightest star”.

Their vocal ability is no joke! The SPICA girls debuted through a single called “Intensely (독하게) ingeniously not showing themselves but instead Lee Hyori. Great promoting method right? We all won’t turn off the MV cause Lee Hyori is so enticing but what sticks is the great song that shows their amazing vocal ability although they are new!

Their official title song will be “Russian Roulette” it’s a fairly good promotion song, Bang bang bang bang bang! The Russian Roulette looks fun haha shooting and seeing who dies yay.. Check both MVs out..

Russian Roulette MV

cr: loenent

Miryo aka Johoney Solo Debut!

you're dirty hey!

Miryo can be said as the fiercest adult idol rapper in the k-scene. To me she is second only to the great Yoon Mi Rae sunbaenim among the Korean female rappers I listen to. What a debut it is! Nega Network has done great work on their girls focusing well on each of their solos, from Gain’s Irreversible to Narsha’s Bbi Ri Bba Ba do you still remember? And now its Miryo’s turn to shine with “Dirty”!

Dirty is a song about everything that happens to be wrong with a guy during that moment that makes you feel like breaking up with them. I swear I love this song! After watching the MV & listening to the lyrics Miryo has done a great job at describing everything perfectly! “I’m so sick of you! I’m so sick of you!” The MV isn’t scary like I thought it would be, but extremely funny XD.

[Eng Sub] Miryo – Dirty MV

cr: kpopsubs2

Sorry I’m using and eng sub version, but you won’t get it until you read the subtitles for us like me who don’t understand Korean that well. Ughh I wish I could sing this out to all the ex-es it would be a great reliever..

Miryo says Johoney derives from Jo her real last name and Honey from Honey Family the company she records her solo debut with as a fresh start to reuniting with her previous relationship with Honey Family. Check out concept pics below I am in love with Miryo’s hair in the candy concept pictures, she looks so un-Miryo like at first seeing her sexy more feminine side, but the guns bring out the badass in Miryo hehe.

09 February 2012

FT Island Severely MV + Grown Up 4th Mini Album

the secret codes lined on the album cover are the members' precious bdays ^^

YEEEE~ FTISLAND is all grown up! The boys have been working out lately and gained some awesome muscles. *gasp* Muscles + guitars/drums/bass/mic *dies*

The Grown Up album shows a less playful side to FT Island and endorses their long lost beautiful rock ballad side we haven’t seen since their debut. More than anything this album reminded me of their first album hits ballads, mixed along with their new type of ballads. It is not at all boring! Not like a lot of groups that throw in a ballad song just for the sake of providing balance. It’s not blow up in your face kind of awesome, it’s like these 5 songs actually say something with a familiarity that greets you like coming back home..

Severely showcases Lee Hongki as the main actor again because he is an awesome actor! Haha, and a female lead from an up and coming girl group from FNC! What?? FNC with a dancing girl group debut? Ok more on that later. This Severely music video made me cry! It really did! Even though I’m not the type to like drama mvs where people die or get hurt, I just couldn’t help myself with this one because the song really touches you.

FT Island - 지독하게 (Severely) MV

cr: ftisland

How did you react? Hmm yes the concept is played out but it refreshing to see this side from ma boys. Next MV I really hope Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun or Choi Minhwan become the lead character I want to see them acting too hehe. Choi Jonghun has already acted in “You’re My Pet” movie so I’m already good with that.

Speaking of which Jonghun wrote “We Hope To Be Lovers”. Yay! Finally they get to write their own Korean song, being already pros with their Japanese songs, I can’t wait for more productions from these super sweet rascals!

B.A.P Warrior (워리어) MV + First Single Album!


Bring on the hottest new boy group debut from TS Entertainment! Yes the same company as Secret & Untouchable. This group also comprises of the best super young rappers Bang Yong Guk & Zelo who already had their debut run as a duo with "Never Give Up" and Bang Yong Guk with solo debut "I Remember" with B2ST's Yoseob. I really love their rapping..

However, I haven’t gotten to know the vocalists, the other members are Dae Hyun, Jong Up, Him Chan and Young Jae. The fact that all of them are now blonde doesn't help either =.=. Overall there are 6 members and I hope we can make a profile about them soon.

B.A.P stands for Best.Absolute.Perfect I guess its their aim to be the said, also Bap is like rice in Korean so I guess they want to be as important as rice too ^^ hehe. A lot of people are comparing them as the “boy 2NE1” which is a pretty complimenting comparison but I guess it seems that way because the MV is like “Ugly” MV at some parts where the B.A.P boys wreak havoc in their hip hop swag.

B.A.P - Warrior MV

cr: tsent2008

Thanks to the kind fans on youtube whom have pointed out who is who let’s follow!

0:12 – Bang Yong Guk (rapper)
0:19 & 0:56 – Dae Hyun
0:50 - Jongup
0:59 – Him Chan
1:14 – Young Jae
1:39 – Zelo (rapper)

Wonder Girls – The DJ is Mine MV & Single

he is mine! jk..

And the Wonder Girls… are back! Back in the USA that is. The girls have recently premiered their “Wonder Girls – The Movie” on Nickelodeon on February 2nd and the ending song the girls sang was “The DJ is Mine” featuring co-stars the American, Nick Cannon produced, group School Gyrls.

Wonder Girls - The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls) MV

cr: wondergirls

As for the movie yes I thought it was a pretty good movie! Not lame at all like I though it would be admittingly. But overall the Wonder Girls spoke in some really good English, especially Ye Eun (aka Yenny) and Sunye who surprised me. I’d watch it again cause I love happy movies like that with no worries haha.

The only thing I didn’t like is that they never performed a whole song, not even once. At the beginning there is a new English song the Wonder Girls sings called "Like Money", then they sang English versions of Nobody, Be My Baby and lastly The DJ is Mine which I think got cut off to commercial. Haa…

01 – The DJ is Mine
02 – The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls)
03 – The DJ is Mine [inst.]

Panda: Like the song yeah! I wish they had put Like Money in the album, the song is a standard US type of good song. I guess we have to wait for their full album later huh? The DJ is Mine has a good beat to dance too but for me it’s the kind of song that gets stuck in my head such as the line “he is mine!” Its like Brandy and Monica fighting for the boy again hihi..

Check out the movie it's good!

Sunny Hill & The Grasshoppers Single Deluxe

Ring a ring a ring, ring a ring a ring..

My second most anticipated comeback all year the beginning of the year has already made me so so happy in the first month! Sunny Hill who came into popularity with Midnight Circus last year is back with a new concept in The Grasshoppers.

The Grasshopper Song is based on Aesop’s Fables about ants who work too hard and grasshoppers who know how to live life. The lyrics are great to enjoy this song further so look for the subtitled mv too!

Their dance is quite normal but the girls are much fiercer & Jang Hyun cuter ^^. I love when Seung Ah does that “ring ring ringa ring a” sliding leg thing haha I do it all the time. Oh also, Jang Hyun sings a part in this! Finally. He has such a soothing voice. But he is now serving in the military so Sunny Hill has had Thunder and IU cover for Jang Hyun’s part on occasion.

Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song MV

cr: loenent

The way I would describe this song is exciting and soothing at the same time, really impressive, which is the main message in the song, work when you need to, but don’t forget to take time for yourself to loosen up!

01 – 나쁜 남자 (Bad Boys)
02 – 술래잡기 (Tig)
03 –베짱이 찬가 (The Grasshopper Song)

Panda: I love Tig & The Grasshopper Song I had to download this mv too its so creative and funny at the same time. “Love Sunny Hill”~

MBLAQ 100% Ver. 4th Mini Album Comeback!

MBLAQ is giving us 100% now yall, behold! Everyone looks really intimidating lol. If you didn’t notice it you would miss that with every comeback MBLAQ seems to bring on a bit more black a bit more avant garde. With powerful dance moves they give us “This is War”!

Lee Joon main cast with Thunder (Cheondong) and a girl in which the two fight over. Now let’s see.. how many times has Joon tried to fight one of MBLAQ’s members for their girlfriends? Aigoo. You guys can tell me lol. But I have to say he is a good actor in the realm of “dramatic scenes” I didn’t mind him in Bubble Pop mv either kekeke..

MBLAQ - This is War MV

cr: jtunecamp

BTW they should give more acting parts to Mir I love him haha. Lee Joon said he’s currently the “IT” member now being the most sought out by the group recently, and I don’t blame him!

These kids have won 2 M!Countdown trophies now which makes all A+ so so very happy. Hwaiting MBLAQ! I have hope you guys can make a name for yourselves in this k-industry =D.


01 – Run
02 – 전쟁이야 (This is War)
03 – 낙서 (Scribble)
04 – 아찔한 그녀 (She's Breathtaking)
05 – Hello My EX

Nine Muses brings good News! MV + Single

News by Nine Muses is a great comeback! Finally Nine Muses are given a chance to showcase their talent with a great song. It is one of my favourites this year so far and it was only released in the second week of January.

New member Kyungri joins Nine Muses with this comeback I’m not too familiar with who is who so I put down the guideline below. I sure do love their vocals! Check out their MV below.


cr: loenent

@0:13 Sam
@0:27 Hyemi
@0:38 Sera
@0:45 Kyungri
@0:51 Hyuna
@1:01 Eunji
@1:14 Erin
@2:18 Minha (maknae)

01 – News
02 – News [inst.]

Panda: Two thumbs up from me!

TEENTOP Goes Crazy! MV + It's album

The next group that spread their amazing comeback was our noona lovers TEENTOP! “I’m Going Crazy” is a song that caused me to love the club trend in K-Pop currently, it isn’t too much and it’s very addictive to the ears. The entire album is produced by the geniuses of that the Brave Brothers and they said Teen Top is the best group they would like to work again with!

The MV is of course very sweet with L.Joe as the main star as well as Sohyun from 4Minute. We all know L.Joe is an old friend of Hyuna’s before TEENTOP debuted but hey magnae loves him too, who doesn’t?

Sohyun is asked to be L.Joe’s girlfriend and so she says no! He then goes and chases her as if that would change her mind. She then said “dummy, next time don’t ask in front of your friends… dummy.” Well if it was an ordinary guy I would say that to him, but this is L.Joe I don’t think anyone would make him ask you again! lol.

TEENTOP - I'm Going Crazy

cr: loenent

~I need you babe, babe, babe~, when my family heard this they thought of Justin Bieber what da heck!! Sounds nothing like bieber cept for the Baby part I guess. Other than that sounds way different right girls! XD. I like the wall moving dance they do in there looks like fun!

T-ARA Lovey Dovey MV + Welcome to Funkytown album!

Sorry we turned this page into a ghost town for the past couple months! We were busy throughout Christmas and Chinese New Year Breaks so well I’m still really swamped now but I feel like I have to post before more comebacks appear and more new groups debut, so here we go!

First of all I’d like to wish everyone on behalf of Effpoo4our Happy New Year for 2012! May we don’t have to get ourselves too busy to neglect K-Pop XD haha..

T-ARA was the first main group to comeback this year with the explosive hit Lovey Dovey! Now I’m sure loads of you have listened to this song a million times, well its still stuck in my head actually and I still love it.

Core Contents Media stated there would be 5 all in all different types of Lovey Dovey music videos, which I think is a bit overbearing, but so far we have seen 3 versions, perhaps they thought it was overbearing too. Lovey Dovey promotions are almost finished for T-ARA. BUT for the upcoming “SPEED” aka CO-ED boys debut, the boys are going to come out with “Lovey Dovey Plus” this February! If this is anything like TTL and TT Listen 2 promotions I’m surely looking forward to this!

Enjoy the Lovey Dovey MVs and We Were In Love MV from Davichi & T-ARA.

1) Drama Version (continued from Cry Cry)

cr: Loenent

2) Tokyo Version

cr: Loenent

3) Zombie (좀비) Version (my fave!)

cr: Loenent

[Eng Sub] We Were in Love (T-ARA & Davichi)

cr: thekpopsubber3

01 – Lovey Dovey
02 – We Were In Love (Davichi & T-ARA)
03 – Lovey Dovey (Club Remix Ver.)

04 February 2012

BEAST/B2ST - "I Knew It" Short MV :))

Wahh, our/my 1st post for 2012! haha of course, Beast is the first one 

I think all the B2uties already knew about Beast's latest single, "I Knew It", right??! yay,after 8 months since Fiction's comeback, they finally released new short MV for their upcoming world tour, "Beautiful Show". Our handsome magnae, Dongwoon was acting in the MV! He is sooo :00

Cred: beastofficial

Totally fell in love with the song after i've heard it for the 1st time :) Yoseob's voice! *melted* Though it was a short MV but Dongwoon's strong acting make me proud of him :D He would be a great actor one day! haha, I hope Beast will release a longer version soon..

Haa,one more important thing! Our rapper, Junhyung has already released his first solo song few days ago! haha, check it out below~

Living Without You:

I'm so proud of him! So loving his rap :) [sound like GD XD] haha, lol it's okay, I still love him! He always produced awesome songs for BEAST!  ◕‿◕
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