11 February 2012

SPICA – Russian Roulette MV + Debut Mini Album

So.. Who is SPICA? Not your run-of-the-mill idol newbies of 2012! Now doesn’t that spark your interest?

Based in B2M entertainment, (the same company as superstar Lee Hyori), SPICA is made up of 5 members who are mostly already well known in some aspects. Yang Ji Won is famously known as ex-Five Girls member (with Wonder Girl’s Yoobin, After School’s UEE, Secret’s Hyosung and G.NA), Kim Boa is known as the vocal trainer of INFINITE, Park Narae was top 10 from 2009’s Super Star K, Park Joohyun who I think was in the “Let It Go” MV with SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng and got to rap for him in live performances, and Kim Bohyung who was a previous trainee with 2NE1 under YG Entertainment. SPICA is to mean “the brightest star”.

Their vocal ability is no joke! The SPICA girls debuted through a single called “Intensely (독하게) ingeniously not showing themselves but instead Lee Hyori. Great promoting method right? We all won’t turn off the MV cause Lee Hyori is so enticing but what sticks is the great song that shows their amazing vocal ability although they are new!

Their official title song will be “Russian Roulette” it’s a fairly good promotion song, Bang bang bang bang bang! The Russian Roulette looks fun haha shooting and seeing who dies yay.. Check both MVs out..

Russian Roulette MV

cr: loenent

Intensely MV

cr: loenent


01 – 화 (火) (Blaze)
02 – Up N Down
03 – 러시안룰렛 (Russian Roulette)
04 – No More
05 –일기장 (Diary)
06 – 독하게 (Intensely)

Panda: I thought this album would be techno free but unfortunately I was wrong. Heed yourselves if you’re not into or if you are into then Up N Down is for you.

However! On a side note the English provided in their songs are great with a variety! Admirable, now this is how newbies should be. Great vocals in Russian Roulette, No More and Diary. For Blaze I really think it’s more suited to be the last track, on the second or third spin it’s going to sound awesome!

For ME, I much prefer Intensely over Russian Roulette, it’s an honestly great track to have a listen to many times. Overall, a good album that I think will grow on you the more you listen.

1 comment:

  1. i loveeee em! awesome debut! seriously.

    suara dorang semua strong and powerful. first tym dgr dah woh.

    russian roulette first tym dgr tros suka! spica spica~


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