05 August 2011

Sunny Hill (써니힐) Profile

Five-member group Sunny Hill (써니힐) is picking up their momentum in the year 2011! After their hot comeback with Midnight Circus this year Sunny Hill is ready to continue with more tracks to come! With the recent release of their newest single track 기도 (Pray) let's get to know what talent these guys have to offer!

Sunny Hill debuted as a 3-member group on September 21, 2007 under Nega Network, one guy Jang Hyun and two girls Jubi and Seung Ah. This is where they met the Brown Eyed Girls. When the group added another girl member Kota, Sunny Hill featured in Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha's Mamma Mia, song and music video. Misung later joined the group, when they switched to LOEN Entertainment and transformed a little for Midnight Circus mini album!


2007.09 ~ Love Letter -1st Single Album
2007.11 ~ 너니까 (Because of You) - Digital Single
2008.07 ~ 내가 여름이다 (I Am Summer) - 2nd Single Album
2009.04 ~ 너는 모르지 (You Don't Know) - Digital Single
2011.06 ~ Midnight Circus - 1st Mini Album

Good Merit Award (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
2007 Cyworld Rookie of the Month


Midnight Circus
The Grasshoppers
Is The White Horse Coming?

Jang Hyun (장현)
Real Name: Kim Jang Hyun
Position: Leader, Composer
DOB: July 16, 1985
Height: 176cm
Weight: 64kg
Siblings: Older sister
Specialty: MIDI, Magic
Education: Ahn Yang University
Debut: [2007]Love Letter - 1st Single
[2005] Finalist in Battle Shinhwa, supposed to debut with boy band Battle, but dropped out to continue studies.
[2008.03] Last Scandal OST
[2008.06] 리틀맘 스캔들 OST

  Ju Bi (주비)
Real Name: Kim Eun Young
DOB: August 4, 1986
Height: 162cm
Weight: 42kg
Siblings: Older brother
Specialty: Dance
Favorite Music: R&B, Club
Education: Han Sung University (Public Administration)
Debut: [2007] Love Letter - 1st Single
[2007.01] Dalja's Spring OST - "Heart"
[2008.03] Last Scandal OST
[2008.05] EZ-Life 2nd album - “꼭!꼭!꼭!”
[2008.06] 리틀맘 스캔들 OST
[2010.08] Narsha Digital Repackaged Album- "Mamma Mia"
[2011.05] MBC Greatest Love - "두근두근 (Pit-A-Pat)"

Seung Ah (승아)
Real Name: Lee Seung Ah
Position: Vocals, Lyricist
DOB: March 29, 1987
Height: 163cm
Weight: 43kg
Specialty: Rap, Voice Immitation
Favorite Music: R&B, Electronica Hip-hop
Education: Kyung Won University (Clothing and Textile)
Debut: [2007] Love Letter - 1st Single
[2007.01] Dalja's Spring OST - "Heart"
[2008.03] Last Scandal OST
[2008.06] 리틀맘 스캔들 OST
[2010.08] Narsha Digital Repackaged Album- "Mamma Mia"

Kota (코타)
Real Name: Ahn Jin Ah
Nickname: Korean Tiger (Kota)
DOB: October 14, 1987 (magnae)
Height: 159cm
Weight: 41kg
Siblings: Older brother
Specialty: On-stage charisma
Favorite Music: Waltz, Tango
Education: Seoul Arts College (Music)
Debut: [2010] Narsha Digital Repackaged Album- "Mamma Mia"
[2011.04] Romantic Couch - "Like A Virgin"
[2010.08] Narsha Digital Repackaged Album- "Mamma Mia"

Mi Sung (미성)

Real Name: Lee Mi Sung
Position: Rap, Lyricist
DOB: April 13, 1986
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Siblings: Two younger sisters
Education: (Aviation Tourism)
Debut: [2011] Midnight Circus - 1st Mini Album

I hope you guys enjoyed these little bits of information. Keep supporting Sunny Hill!

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