20 August 2011

Nine Muses - Figaro MV + Comeback Performances

What do you do think of when you first hear the word figaro? Well, I think of Mozart and Beethoven, all that random classical music but "Figaro" from Nine Muses is far from it. The girls are back this time as a 7-member sub-unit though because the two oldest members Rana & Bini have left the team to pursue individual stuff. The group will add new members after their promotions.

Nevertheless the group is carrying on with now the high-end retro concept and the song is like a completely retro song. Why is this the concept for most groups this year?? At first I did think they resembled Rainbow a bit, maybe because of the seven-ness and their tall-ness. But hey not many girl groups get to be called "model idols".

Figaro MV:


For Comeback performances & concept pics..

M!Countdown - 18/08/11

cr: foreverkpopgirlscx

Music Bank Comeback -19/08/11

cr: 9bokshd

Music Core - 20/08/11

cr: mbckpop



  1. ahhh nine muses!! gmba yg 1st ats skali tuh mmg style rainbow laa :p

    aigooo, mmg x pnh hafal pun their names n faces! but mcm familiar je muka2 diorang ni..hahah..

    i like the playboy n ladies songs..yg figaro ni x ske sgt laa..huh

  2. haha aah awin agk susah nk stick sket lagu ni. tp i like the concept pics a lot haha i didnt even know there was a person name hyuna in here xp

  3. hehe..yeah, i like the concept pics too! sume cantik :) hahaha..tau xpe!! ade 2 hyuna dah..lol~

  4. haha i really want to like them because they're same company as ZE:A kan? but haha i want them to have catchier songs lol.

  5. yupp! nine muses x femes sgt kan..ze:a pun same :(
    yeahh! catchy and gempak! hahaha


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