09 August 2011

SISTAR - So Cool (쏘쿨) MV + 1st Album's Tracklist

SISTAR is back! Weee~~

We're mighty SISTAR!

SISTAR is finally released their own 1st full-length album titled "So Cool". They has just released the full MV for their comeback track, "So Cool". Whenever I hear about SISTAR, that song "Ma Boy" by SISTAR19 (Hyorin+Bora) is keep playing in my head. Oh ma boyyy~~

Cred: starshipTV

Haaa, the song is good! Some part of the dances will probably get banned. Hahaha. They are too sexy XD hahahaha. Eh? @1:22; that guy is the director of 'Dark Blood' in Secret Garden, isn't?

The album is "So Cool"! [Tracklist]

01 Let's Get The Party Started [NEW]
02 So Cool (쏘쿨) [NEW]
03 Girls Do It [NEW]
04 Follow Me [NEW]
05 New World [NEW]
06 약한 남자 싫어 (No Weak Man)
07 니까짓게 (How Dare You)
08 Over
09 Oh Baby
10 가식걸 (Shady Girl)
11 Push Push
12 Ma Boy (Special Ver.)

5 new songs! ^^ Go SISTAR!

Some of their concept pictures for the album :-

Hyorin [Leader]





  1. cool! but haha not a fan of the dance man sistar aigoo it looks like they are passing wind~ lol.

    i like the pics! soyou is my fave but whyy did she have to go on a diet?? she's wayy too skinny now i thk lol.

    awin i didnt get this album, are the new songs worth listening to?

  2. DJ DOC ahjusshii....???? LOL......

  3. @aox- hahaha..dances diorang xyah tgk laa..dgr lagu je laa..eh, i like soyou too!! :)

    ermm..the new songs mmg style sistar laa..sama je..

    @anon- hahah..lol yeah..he's funny..


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