26 September 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100924]

It's 2NE1 again!! Congratulations girls for the 2nd winning for two different songs!!~ Last week Can't Nobody won and this week is Go Away! Wohoooo =D

Please help me who is the '??'... Alia: Complete!

1. 2NE1 - Go Away
2. Wheesung - I Even Thought Of Marriage
3. FT Island - Love Love Love
4. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody
5. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
6. JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) - 찾았다 (Found You) [Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST] [NEW]
7. HOMME - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
8. Sistar - Shady Girl
9. Gavy NJ - Let's Stop
10. Secret - Madonna
11. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
12. Rumble Fish – 기분 좋은 말 (Feel Good Day)
13. SHINee - Lucifer
14. Miss $ - 이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래 (What Have I Done Till Now) [Feat. 정슬기(Jung Seul Gi)] [NEW]
15. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - Mamma Mia
16. Supreme Team & Young Joon(Brown Eyed Soul) - 왜(Why)
17. Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
18. Lim Jeonghee & Jo Kwon (2AM) - The Road To Break Up [NEW]
19. Rainbow - A
20. Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]

Here are the list for performances on 24th September 2010:

25 September 2010

Miss A Reveals I Can't Breathe Teasers~

Miss A will be coming back to stage with their 2nd single album,Step Up..AQ Entertainment has released two video teasers for I Can't Breathe in this single slbum..

1st Teaser:-

Woww!! Min!! Love the background :)

Cred: kbskpoptv1

2nd Teaser (With English sub.):-

Colourful background and outfit~

Cred: missA

Haaa..BEAST also will be coming back with the title song Breathe..hahahaa..nevermind~ Miss A is already on their way to become famous..must support them also..hehehee..Hrmm..I like the concept of colourful!! The song will be awesome!! Miss A Hwaiting!! I don't know when the full MV will come out and their comeback stage..For now, I just waiting and waiting..Haihh :(

B2ST/BEAST Releases 숨/SOOM (Breathe) MV Teaser!~

Kyaaa!! Hyunseung and Kikwang! <3

OMO OMO..Do you believe it?? BEAST will be comeback very soon!! hahaha..BEAST is finally reveals their teaser for their song 'SOOM (Breath)' off his upcoming mini album, Mastermind..I'm very excited that BEAST's comeback is so close!! Waaaaaa! I can't wait any longer!! dah gila dah kat sini..hahahaha..Watch the teaser below =D

Cred: beastofficial

In the video, Junhyung is seen lying dead on the floor, when a girl in a red dress comes in and helps him breathe. As soon as he gains conscientiousness, the girl mysteriously disappears. Also, fans are able to catch a glimpse of of some eye candy as Kikwang and Hyunseung dance topless in the rain.

Woww!! This is an awesome concept!! Yeahh!! I <3 BEAST!!~ I have no idea how is the song about..Arghh, I have to Wait for their full MV to come out..palli palli~

Read more for the track list in the mini album:-

23 September 2010

SAN E Profile + Tasty San MV [Everybody Ready? EP + Photos]

San E is a 26 years old Korean rapper who debuted with JYP Entertainment in September 2010. Before his debut, he was an underground rapper renowned for his rapping skills. He even won the grand award for best rap and hip hop songs and was dubbed as a ‘rap prodigy’ earlier this year in March at the 7th Public Korean Music Awards..Wow! He is such a great rapper yah..

How did he join JYPE? Yeah, I read his interview with Star News in allkpop, he explained that just wanted to get his name out to the public as opposed to doing real hip hop music. ‘Tasty San’ is an album that was produced by both him and Park Jin Young (JYP). However, the production style of it was done in his own taste, making it the first debut album put out by JYPE where the artist created it himself.

He began to explain that his background also drew him to working with JYP. Park Jin Young has a lot of contacts with various singers in America, allowing for closer observation. “I emigrated to Atlanta in junior high. My parents still live there. While attending college at UGA (University of Georgia), I noticed that Park Jin Young worked on a lot of collaborations with American artists and realized that JYPE is a company that’s spreading out into the world, which is what brought me to send them a demo tape. Luckily, JYPE took me in last August and I’ve finally debuted now.”

San E had help from JYPE artists for his debut album such as miss A’s Min, 2PM’s Junsu, and the Wonder Girls’ YeEun.

Watch his Tasty San MV below :-

20 September 2010

C.N BLUE - I Don't Know Why [2nd Japanese Single]

Woww~ bsr gler poster!

Hhahaa..Sorry for the late post about CN BLUE, Aoxora! heee~

As we all know, CN BLUE made their debut in Japan last year and they would make their comeback in Japan with a new single titled 'I Don't Know Why'. The song is singing by Yonghwa and Jonghyun full in english! Very sweet melody ;)

The single was released on 16th September (Hari Malaysia! hahaa~) in Japan and contains a bonus track titled ‘Lie’.

CNBLUE will be having a live tour all over Japan, and the concert tickets were sold out within minutes. The three locations for the concerts include ‘Namba Patch’ in Osaka on the 16th (7PM), ‘Bottom Line’ in Nagoya on the 18th (6PM), and ‘Shibuya-AX’ in Tokyo on the 20th (6PM).

The preview of I Don't Know Why and Lie..

Cred: jmi0305

18 September 2010

2NE1 comeback + To Anyone Album

2NE1 comeback! XD How you liking it? I'm so happy! They're my no 1 in kpop girl group hehehe

They're comeback with 3 mvs and 3 comeback stage performances! Woh 8O I don't really like the song until I watch the mvs, the english lyrics and the performances! I like how each of mv and perf different from each other. Lots of variety and creativity. Just get rid of the autotune please lol. Check it out~

Clap Your Hands (박수쳐)

*Group dance. I like it, gangsta feel XD Catchy chorus, Bom voice is the bomb! They still stick to eh eh eh at the end of the song haha K O R E A A A A

Go Away

*Story line mv. CL is baddast XD My fav song! The best performance out of three for me! Love the club concept. Very cool choreography.

Can't Nobody

*Really surprise this song win lol The best MV out of three for me. Cause Minji just so WOH haha I like how this MV shows individual shot for everyone part then power rangers concept for group shot at the end haha

Miss A Good Girl Bad Girl MVs + Bad but Good album

Sorry for not posting this earlier XD

New girl group that making big name fast, Miss A! They will comeback soon.Yeay! But let's take a look at their previous mvs and songs. Dyou know, they are my favourite new debuties! I love the fact that they're so awesome in dancing! I dont think they're going with cute concept next, they're just like 2PM. They have their own genre of music instead of like others k-pop idol.

They're known as Chinese wonder girls so I thot they're going to debut in China lol Thankfully they're debut in Korea! And I don't think they're like wonder girls at all. They have their own music and style. I like~

Miss A - Good Girl Bad Girl MV

The first time I watch the mv, I fall in love at the first sight. JYP~ lol makes me smilee and claim they're my fav (without even see the full mv yet haha) They're so hot, love the dance~

17 September 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100917]

Congratulations 2NE1! They won during comeback XD

We're back.
1. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
2. Wheesung - I Even Thought Of Marriage
3. FT Island – Love Love Love
4. SISTAR – Shady Girl
5. Homme - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
6. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
7. Secret - Madonna
8. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
9. Seo In Guk - 애기야 (My Baby U)
10. Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]
11. Supreme Team & Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) - Why (NEW)
12. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
13. Eru -White Tears
14. Rainbow - A
15. 4Men & E-TRIBE - U
16 . Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me To You)
17. SHINee - Lucifer
18. Taeyang – I’ll Be There
19. Park Hyo Shin – I Love You (Athena-Goddess Of War OST)
20. KCM – Three Years Later

Here are the list for performances on 17th September 2010:

Geneses :- Refund, Cancellation And Closed Down Temporarily.

Sorry guys and I have to tell this sad news that I read from Geneses Site today.

I guess I only need to do copy and paste about the announcement. Please read this thoroughly. Or at least twice without leaving any important things.

Geneses Dream Entertainment is very sorry to announce that we have decided to cancel Kim Hyung Jun Private Fan Meeting in Malaysia. Our company are currently lack of capabilities to handle this project and we are really sorry and regret to Kim Hyung Jun, HnB Company staffs, and to all the fans. It was our company mistake and Kim Hyung Jun is upset with this situation as well. We are very sorry for everything that happened.
To all the fans, Kim Hyung Jun might be coming to Malaysia under other company management so you guys can still meet him. Just have to wait for that company announcement.
Full refund will be made on 9th and 10th October 2010 OR 16th and 17th October 2010 with our refund booth opening at Berjaya Times Square, LG Floor, Hankuk Ramyun.
Please remember to bring your ticket and receipt to get your full refund.
For those who cannot come to the refund session, please send in an e-mail to onbook.gde@gmail.com with the title [REFUND] and fill in the form below.

Bank Name:
Account Holder Name:
Account Number:
Seat Package purchased & quantity:
Seat Number (if applicable):
Proof of purchase (scan or picture of receipt + ticket received)
Contact Number:
(*For overseas refund, please include your bank full details, address, etc.)
Full refund on the amount of the ticket purchased will be bank in fully on 18th October 2010.
Those that have sent in your refund e-mail before, you don’t have to resend it again.


Geneses Dream Entertainment would like to apologize for any loss that have caused to ZE:A fans for the sudden cancellation. Due to our company management problem and our mistakes, all activities on 13 September 2010 were forced to cancel. Star Empire Entertainment and Mays Entertainment already try to tolerate with us but still after our discussion, we have no choice but to cancel it. We would like to sincerely apologize to ZE:A, Star Empire Entertainment, and Mays Entertainment for all the inconvenient and troubled caused. ZE:A are disappointed for the cancellation as well. ZE:A love and miss all of their fans and they are really eager to come back to see all of you here in Malaysia again. Please continue to support all the great boys, ZE:A.

Geneses Dream Entertainment will make the refund for ‘Dinner Date with ZE:A’ to the 20 Fans and also ‘Let’s High Five with ZE:A’ to the fans who bought SOLELY for High Five Session Only. No refund will be given to those that bought ZE:A Exclusive Private Gathering as the ticket price was originally for the Gathering only and High Five chance was given as Free of Charge after that.
Full refund will be made on 16th and 17th October 2010 with our refund booth opening at Berjaya Times Square, LG Floor, Hankuk Ramyun.
Please remember to bring your ticket (Dinner Date) and receipt/ your High Five poster and receipt to get your full refund.
For those who cannot come to the refund session, please send in an e-mail to onbook.gde@gmail.com with the title [ZE:A REFUND] and fill in the form below.

Bank Name:
Account Holder Name:
Account Number:
Event (Dinner Date OR High Five) & quantity:
Seat Number (Dinner Date)/ Number behind poster (High Five):
Proof of purchase (scan or picture of receipt + ticket/poster received)
Contact Number:
(*For overseas refund, please include your bank full details, address, etc.)
Full refund on the amount of the ticket purchased will be bank in fully on 18th October 2010.



As the title said, our company will be closed down. We will take this time to rebuild our capabilities and get ourselves prepare well for the future. Thanks to all those that have been supporting us since U-Kiss event. We are deeply sorry for the bad memories that we have given for the past two events and we have tried our best to minimize the damage. Please continue to support K-pop and show your love to U-Kiss, Kim Hyung Jun and ZE:A. They are awesome K-pop artistes and they deserve all the love from you guys and they will definitely come back again.
We are glad that we manage to realize certain people dreams by successfully bringing U-Kiss and ZE:A. We hope that if we are given the chance to come back in the future, we promise to be the best event organizer that you will ever experience with. We believe that failure is the key to success. Pray for the best. Thank God.

Instead bombarding them, why don't we at least be thankful for their efforts in bringing kpop group into Malaysia and introducing us to a great venue in KLCC. I hope they will comeback with great mind, attitude, and hardworking with bringing more kpop artistes in malaysia. I'll support you guys even in the future.

14 September 2010

SNSD/Girls' Generation - Genie (Japanese Ver.) PV + MV 3D Ver.

Hyoyeon the sexiest..Aww~

In the middle of August 2010, SNSD or Girls' Generations has already debuted in Japan with the song Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) in Japanese Version..They held a successful Premium Showcase Live at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo..and of course they gained so much popularity in Japan! Let's watch the PV of Genie..See the different between the korean and japanese version..

Cred : Rikochan23

Ermm yeahh!! I saw some differences!! They are wearing a different uniforms from the korean version and also the location or set for the PV are slightly different..hahaha..

And SNSD recently reveals Genie MV in 3D version at SM Town Live 10..Fans who were attending the currently ongoing SMTown Live 10 were delighted to find a Samsung 3D televison booth, which apparently showed a new 3D version of SNSD’s Genie MV..Thanks for the great fancam!! Ahh, no need to wear 3D glasses to watch this version under the cut below :-

13 September 2010

2PM - Nori For You [CF/MV]

Woww..lame gler x update..hahaa..btw, HAPPY EID MUBARAK to all of you!!~


It't time for 2PM!! Another CF from our beasty-idol 2PM! and actually the CF released last week and I don't have a time to post it..hahaha =p So, about the Samsung Anycall CF..our comedian, Jung Juri is also features with the boys.hahaa..it's funny whenever there is Juri there..Watch watch!

Cred: MsOnlybobo2

2PM's MV always make me keep smiling..hahaha..Nichkhun ah~ Junho and Wooyoung are the cutest!! hhehehe..

Look at the handphone guys!! So Cool right??!! We can only touch the cover or what?? terbaik laa wey!!! hahahaa..and also the colours are attractive!! Omo..menggoda gila..I wish I can have one..haishh..The song is very sweet and nice melody..

08 September 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100903]

Congratulations Homme (Changmin of 2AM and Leehyun of 8eight) for winning K-Cart 1st week of September.

Sorry for late update, tho I was at home watching this hehe Plus, I don't know the ?? part, miann....
awin : DONE! :)

1. Homme - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
2. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
3. Supernova - 그리운 날에 (On Days That I Missed You)
4. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
5. BOA - Hurricane Venus
6. Secret - Madonna
7. SHINee - Lucifer
8. Taeyang – I’ll Be There (NEW)
9. Eru -White Tears
10. FT Island – Love Love Love (NEW)
11. Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]
12. Qualifications Of Men - 사랑해서 사랑해서(I Love You I Love You)
13. Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me To You)
14. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
15. Rainbow - A
16. Jo Sungmo - I’m Going to Cheat (바람 필래)
17. Seo In Guk - 애기야 (My Baby U)
18. ZiA - Laughter
19. Park Hyo Shin – I Love You [Athena-Goddess Of War OST] (NEW)
20. SISTAR – Shady Girl (NEW)

07 September 2010

[fancam] Hottest's Response Song For 2PM's Thank You

This maybe sound tone deaf (lol) but this is most touching scene ever. Like elf singing marry u to Super Junior... All of 2PM break down... Can't find Junsu. Khun, Taec, Chan bear, Junho and Woo are all crying. I was crying along with them sobs. Auww I see Nickhun-Wooyoung interaction hehe or is that Nickhun-Junho? 2PM hwaiting! Hottest are jangg!

cred: Kor to Eng trans by michhkim http://www.tumblr.com/michhkim
Fancam by Huayful
Vid subbed by KimBoPeepOppa

06 September 2010

Nine Muses Profile~

I don't wanna playboy! No~ No~

Nine Muses is a new girl group consist of 9 pretty ladies..They are from Star Empire Entertainment which is the same company of ZE:A..ZE:A also consist of 9 boys..aigoo..so many to remember..Nine Muses debuted on 12 August 2010 performed at Music Bank..Their debut track No Playboy is composed by the most influential producer and composer of the decade Park Jin Young (Rain, Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM, g.o.d) with the help of talented composer Rainstone (Nobody Rainstone Remix)..They also released a mini album, 'Let's Have A Party' which consist of two songs, No Playboy and Ladies..

You can watch their MV for No Playboy and mp3 DL for the mini album HERE ;)

This time I wanna share their performance stage with you guys..

Cred: rinol114

Their performance showcased their impressive choreography and catchy tunes of the song..I like them in black outfit..so elegant and sexy..


After a few months debuted, one of the famous member of Nine Muses, Jaekyung have decided to left the group to pursue her modelling career. Her place is replaced by Hyuna.



For 2011's comeback single, "Figaro", Nine Muses perform with only 7 members because the two oldest members, Bini and Rana have quit the group to continue their solo activities.

Read more for Nine Muses Profile :-

Seeya - 미쳤나봐 (I Guess I'm Crazy) MV

hahahaa..rase cam x best lak klo x post something mggu ni..lol XP

Yeahhh!! Finally, Seeya is coming back this year!! I really like them singing the song, His Voice last year..But this year, they are returning as a duo not as a trio anymore..This is because of SeeYa’s maknae Soomi will transfer from Seeya to the upcoming co-ed group that includes members like Jin Hye Won. The group is called 남녀공학. This group will be debuting this Sepetember..She has a very strong vocal and I'm so sad that she left Seeya..Hopefully,she would shine in the new co-ed group!! Good Luck! =D

Yesterday, Seeya released their new MV for theirs title single, 'I Guess I'm Crazy'..Let's watch it!

Cred: brandons238

Boram and Yeonji are so pretty!! I love this song so much..they have a very strong vocal..just like Davichi..Fuhhh~ They are so greaaattt!!! Can't wait for their comeback stage! Weee :)

Congratulation F.T Island for Winning Inkigayo Mutizen!

After coming back with Love Love Love, FT Island has finally won their first Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo yesterday!

We won! HEHEHE Thank you Primadonna~
Congratulations FT Island! Gosh I’m so proud, group hug!

HAHA They look so clueless XD ‘Us? Us? We won?’ Adorable~ Jonghoon almost break down auww

05 September 2010

[UPDATE] Ze:a's Teaser Video For Fanmeeting in Malaysia

Thanks to awin for doing the last week Music Bank!^^ I can't do it due that I was asleep halfway the program which concluded, I did not watch FT ISLAND's comeback. (aww!!!)

Anyway, today is a bit update for Ze:a Fanmeeting and Their Other Events While They're in Malaysia.
For those who only thinks that they are only here for fanmeeting by reading Aoxora's earlier post, you're wrong!! They are going to have dinner with their fans as well 'Let's High Five with ZE:A' event too, after the fanmeeting on Sunday.

Note, more important news about the fanmeeting on Sunday, 12th September 2010 is that GDE are now open for VIP seat. All the important update for ZE:A will be put under the 'Read More' cut. Do check it out and please do not miss it.

The teaser for the fanmeeting that will be held on 12th September 2010:-
credit to empiremalaysia@youtube

I'm attending the Hi-5 Event with a risk. Are you going?? :D

Face to Face Sales
Date: 1 September 2010 - 10 September 2010
Time: 12pm - 9pm
Venue: Sungei Wang, Concourse Level

04 September 2010

Jay Park & Brave Brothers - I Want To Cry

I know it's a little late... But better late than never aite?

cred: aznsammantv

Uhh please don't cry? This just going to make me cry even more :/

Check out Johnnyphlo remix version too. Really cool, seriously.

I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but its been 2 years since Jay debut too right? Happy 2nd anniversary Park Jaebum, Kim Junsu, Nickhun, Ok Taecyeon, Jung Wooyoung, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung and 2PM. Miss you guys a lot :/

Also, Redstar Presents need 3000+ people to click 'I'm Attending' for JayPark to be able to come to Malaysia. CLICK HERE! Do support, lets do this Malaysian Jaywalkers! Thanks roslyna for emailing us about this. Sorry for late tho.

02 September 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100827]

Sorry guys for the late update for this week k-chart..maybe Chibi is busy with her studying..So, since I have a leisure time these days..wahahahaa...banyak tol update minggu ni..hahaha =D

Congratulation to BOA once again!!She won for the straight 3 weeks on Music Bank!! Actually that day was her last performance on Music Bank and sadly said goodbye with her winning crown~

Halo guys, if you know the ?? one, please tell me okayh..The video of k-chart is under the cut below..thanks~

1. BOA - Hurricane Venus
2. Homme - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
3. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
4. Secret - Madonna
5. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
6. SHINee - Lucifer
7. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
8. Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me To You)
9. ZiA - Laughter
10. Jo Sungmo - I’m Going to Cheat (바람 필래)
11. Seo In Guk - 애기야 (My Baby U)
12. Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]
13. Se7en - Better Together
14. Rainbow - A
15. Qualifications Of Men - 사랑해서 사랑해서(I Love You I Love You)
16. JQT - No Need To Know
17. Son Dam Bi - Queen
18. G.NA - I'll back off so you can live better
19. Brave Brothers ft Jay Park - 울고싶단 말야 (I Want To Cry)
20. Gil Me (ft. K.Will)- 미안해 사랑해서... (I'm Sorry, I Loved You)

And The Mubank for 28th August 2010 performance consists of:-

01 September 2010

Dalmatian Unleashes Round 1 MV

Dalmatian's here!~

The 6 new members rookie group, Dalmatian has just released their debuted single MV for Round 1..They actually is signed with MC Mong’s company, Monkey Punch Entertainment..Their teaser before revealed full of mystery, shoes, and abs! but their MV features some varieties of cute and funny scenes~

Cred: dmtnofficial

I like it..It's not bad right..I'll keep my eyes onto them..hope they will make a great imapact in the next song and have a very successful future in singing and dancing!! hahaha..Keep the good work guys!! Weee ;)

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