17 April 2010

[CLOSED] Win B2ST's Shock of the New Era Autographed!

Aren't KPOP fans lucky this month! Especially BEAST's B2uties, with the new MV just released, Beast Almighty their MTV show has aired, MY-B2uty's CD Contest, -to the possible rumored visit of the 6 boys to the shores of Malaysia!


I have to say its so unsettling to have to go to B2ST's High Tea Party, because:
1. Sorry boys U-KISS sucked out my money before you guys did.
2. I'm so sorry but I love you, but I'm more sorry maybe I'll have to go to school at that time.
3. Segan loohrr. This is a HIGH-TEA! Chit-chat of the B2uties haha get it! xP
It's not like meet U-KISS & scram! This is more like meet B2ST & let them see how I haven't been exercising for this year hahaha.

Anyhoo, for this contest you don't have to worry about B2ST seeing your B2utiful faces. Having been crowned Asian Takeaway's Artist of the Month of April, MTV ASIA is giving away 5 SETS of BEAST's Shock of the New Era (2nd Mini Album) Autographed CDs!

Closing Date: April 29, 2010 (Thursday)

All you have to do is answer the Question: In 50 words or less, tell us who's your favorite BEAST member and why, HERE. Isn't it simple?

But hold your horses! You need a SWAG codeword. You can get this by watching MTV Asia, preferably during the commercials & probably around the time they show BEAST Music Videos at around 6PM.

I would spoil it for you if I could, but I haven't the slightest clue what it is yet! Good luck to you!


  1. hahaha..I know this!! hahaha..but slalu missed mtv uh..haaaaaaaaa...

  2. i'm stealing him away from you!!! bwuahahhaaha..

    spe2 yg taw codeword feel free to share! XD

  3. eh,doojoon is mine too!! All BEAST!! hahahaa...

    yeah!! come on!! share with us guys :)

  4. Junhyung is mine LOL XD

  5. @ azra -we suppose to have different taste!! hahaha

    @ming - popping dragon right? he's mine too :P okay fine, we all share some beast hahahah

  6. haha mine are doojoon & so-1. haha he just got really smexy with that tan! spending all that time in haiti, a girl loves the humanitarian types, afterall i am a hippie! XP

  7. wat's the codeword feel free to let me noe>?

  8. lol sorry guys i found this out too late lol. the codeword was... beast.


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