05 April 2010

KARA LesMore 2010 CF~

Nopi Oh lala..Gyuri's one who're suppose should said shh~ hahaha..

Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo..Kara is in da house!! yeah..This their MV shooting version for the latest campaign..I dont know what should I spazz about..So,I know about this MV while watching
8tv Nite Live just now..thanks to Mike and Jules!! Hhahaa..check it check it..it's kindda cute..


Omo Omo..this background song is 'Baby Boy' from their 1st mini album 'Rock U' ..like the song! (bese rr,cam lagu knk2 je.haha.)..By the way,they are soo cute with this kind of outfit!! Everybody kawaii!! The shoes and the snickers are cool!! But Gyuri always the gorgeous,I think..hahhaa..Oh,Hara is extremely pretty here..Go Hara!!

Their photo shooting is very exciting one!! nice~ ^_^

p/s:gonna spazz about idols introduction next..forgot already my assignment before..hahaa..lyn kara dlu ok..chill~


  1. whoa they're endorsing NIKE?? waa thats a huge brand. tiger woods! hahaha.

    kang ji young is sooo pretty!. i want the pretty colored shoes & the rain boots ahah. but nobody wears rain boots here rite? lol

  2. hahaaha..Yeah..NIKE! cool2..

    Yuppz..the rain boots lawa en..comel je..hahaa..kat cni xde org pkai..azra pkai rr..the only one in Mlaysia!! wohoo..

  3. yay i will! tp nme nike bahaya sbb tiger haha.

  4. uh?? I don't understand...asl plak?? hahaa

  5. tiger kan buat prgi skrg lol hahahaha

    kara~ lol awin layan 8tv nitelive pulak skrg, da lame kte xlyn aaaa mane aci! nak tgk balek la :p


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