15 April 2010

B2ST/BEAST is coming to Malaysia?

UPDATE: This event has been moved to official organizer Universal Music Malaysia. Refer to this post regarding BEAST's Showcase in Malaysia in June 26th.


Ermm...I'm not very sure about it..but..ermm..will wait for official statement from Cube Entertainment on 8th May 2010!!

Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST

OMG!!I wanna see them!! aaa...

Date: 5 June 2010
Time: 2 p.m. - 6p.m.
Venue: Prince Hotel, KL
Pax : Limited to 150 pax

VIP Seats Package (RM280) [Numbered Seat] non-forumer- RM320
*Limited to 48 persons.

1. Beast @B2ST Fans Meet and Greet
2. Hi-Tea with Beast
3. 8 person per table with one Beast members.
4. Beast album.
5. Beast’s Signature Poster (Hand-Signed by all 6 members)
6. Group photo with Beast members
7. The First 48 to go on stage for Album Signing
8. SPECIAL SURPRISE Chance to win a teddy bear from Beast [Randomly Pick from all VIP Seats]
9. SPECIAL SURPRISE Personal Photo with Beast for two person.
10. Lucky fans will get to play games and interact with Beast members.

* get ur ticket (buy the vip package) today or by friday 16th April 2010 to choose the best seat unless you will put randomly

Normal Package (RM180) non-forumer (rm200)

1. Beast @B2ST Fans Meet and Greet
2. Hi-Tea with Beast
3. Beast’s Signature Poster
4. Group photo with Beast members.
5. 10 person per table.
6. SPECIAL CD with Signature to win.
7. 10% discount when purchasing Beast album on the day of the event.

*All fans will stand a change to win VIP passes to music festival.
*This offer open until 23rd April 2010.
*Limited to one forumer per-ticket
*All package include food and beverage worth RM98

Click B2ST Form for forumer @ B2ST form for non-forumer

send receipt and form @ isyan@poprainbow.net or isyan.poprainbow@live.com


Beast Fans Meeting round neck shirt
Price : RM35
Size : S, M, L

* official statement from cube entertainment will be announce on 8th May 2010~

I think VIP tickets are already full..hahaa..Normal Package still have a chance..hrmm..Check out this for further information :-

PopRaInBoWdotNEt @ Facebook

p/s: I think I wouldn't be able to go to this Beast fanmeeting!! aaa...so frustrating!! Need more money lahh~ da abes kt Ukiss plak..hahaaa...Mianhae KiKwang!!! Sob3 :(


  1. ....speechless...neway thanx 4 informing (!!) *hugs* hahaha=p

  2. ahaha.. awin gi ukiss gak?? ehehehhe.. bli seat mane awin~~

  3. O_o wtheck check tgh pagi nmpk nih hahahhaha beast hahahhaha xleh bla :P

  4. @xiraburkhan:
    hahaa..hugs too! haha..k..ur welcme2!

    laa..chibi x tau ke..ktorang 3 org da bli tcket laa..ace seat je..hrmmm..kmu vip seat en??hahaha

    hahahaa..pttnye kelmarin kne wat post ni..chibi laa ni x gtau...hehe..xp02..=p

  5. aaaaaah!!!!! *takesaknife&stabs..someone* i wanna gooooooo!!!!!!! so i hav to be a forum-er ey? the b2uty malaysian forum?

    btoll i wanna meet my new one doojoon. haha.

    T^T, jom kumpul duit again lol. i dont care i wanna go! msok college cpt la korg! so dpt allowance lol

  6. owh bru igt this is the same company poprainbow yg cancelled param's & ukiss show 2 yrs ago.

  7. hahaha..azra..b2uty malaysian forum un leh gk..hehe

    hehe..aaaa..cam x cye je..gi rr azra,xde duet laa skang..xpe,nnti klo cancel,dpt refund blk..huhuu

  8. im so broke. tu lah i want a job sooo bad now. y do they cum whn im broke?? bru2 lpas spm kaye gile haha. all ur fault ss501! y didnt u cum!! T.T

  9. hahaa..next2 year je laa azra..hrmmm

  10. hai~ randomly found this blog ^^ want to ask did poprainbow really started to sell the tickets for this fanmeeting already? coz we have asked Beast's company in Malaysia---> Universal Music Malaysia, they said that there isn't any planning for Beast to come to Malaysia. would be glad if u can answer my question~hehe~ Thanks!

  11. @veron- yeah..poprainbow already started to sell the tix..the vip seats are fully booked..haha..k..I'm not very sure about this news and the poprainbow site..

    Now,the thread in the forum has closed..I dunno if it's true or not..not confirmed yet..luckily,I didn't buy the tix..huh..coz mula2 je dah rasa pelik pasal ni..I hope this is just a rumor..

    But!I will inform u later about this ok! after 8th May!! :)

  12. ok~ thanks ya ^^ will owez come and check ur blog! hehe~

  13. betul ke ni dah confirm ke?

  14. refer to this recent post.
    how poprainbow had postponed the showcase

  15. hi.. i'm new here..
    erm, i want to asked about B2ST tix..
    how to get/buy the tix? is it i hav to buy their cd or just pre-oder frm here or how...
    hope aniwan can ans me.
    Thanks n Nite.. (^^)v

  16. omg the hi-tea is conning money..i wld rather go the showcase


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