23 April 2010

2PM Comeback Stage@M!Countdown

Aww!! My Khun<3

After the Without U's teaser,then the MV revealed, finally..2PM is comeback on stage!!~

Hrmm..since Music Bank is not aired today..I spend my time today watching M!Countdown on Youtube..hahaha..So boring at home..huh..Luckily, 2PM's new song has giving me the energy to spazz about them!! hahaaha..lol.. Check it out their live comeback performance~ Enjoy ^_^

cred: thehekmo

Don't Stop Can't Stop so HOT and powerful!!~ with the fighting..Yessss!! 2pm is back and no one can stop them!! I just love this two songs!! 2PM is rockss!! Wait, I don't know what happen to Khun's hair when perform Without U..Oh,it looks like Kevin from U-Kiss's hair during ManManHani..hahaa..so weird lah Khun..not suite him at all!! I like his new hair but not like this meh..but his rapping..Oh Yeah!!~ always in my mind <3

Ouh,Wooyoung's part in Without U I like!! Junsu's vocal!! Thumbs up!! Yeahh!! 2PM always make a great performance!! Win!! 2PM jjang!!!<3

You also can download all the songs in Don't Stop Can'T Stop's mini album HERE.


  1. craving for music bank! arghh! hahaha

    oh yeah 2pm oh yeah!

    wtheck gmbr show abs kat atas tuh hahahahahah

    (on the way nak tgk gak :P)

  2. OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA dont stop cant stop is awesome! I was smiling the whole time im watching this HAHAHAHHAHA crazy lol dont stop cant stop feel like 1990 hiphop boyband lol I love chansung part XD woo didnt sing? I mean, live? and aaa part taec and nickhun gaduh awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Junsu is so thin! baby eat something =.= khun hair is okay in here

    without you, now i can see the whole dance... im starting to love it! HAHAH khun hair LOL I love the chorus now! junsu!! HAHA junho pun kurus -.-

    now I can feel my 2pm! yeay! no 1 again and again and again~ I'm so glad some hottest are still there to support them in korea hahah

  3. ermm,the latest picca kot..=p

    hahaaa..dont stop cant stop maybe not live kot..without U live en..I like khun hair in here but Without U..nahhh..

    hehh,sume kurus semacam je tgk..pnt sgt kot nk comeback ni..isk3..

    2PM gonna be ok alia!!no worries.. huhhu :)

  4. woo ade some prob with his tekak baru taw... no wonder..poor baby, get well soon!

  5. Owhh..yeke.poor Junsu~ get well soon!! hahaa..


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