30 November 2011

Star Empire (ZE:A, Jewelry & Nine Muses) Releases "Shooting Star" MV

I love when idol groups of the same company do their family song and releases one family MV! :))

Not enough members of ZE:A and Nine Muses :(

Since this is Christmas month, usually every company releases their Christmas song to show off their joy and happiness to celebrate Christmas. Just a few days ago, Starship Planet has released their single, "Pink Romance" and now Star Empire also released one Christmas song titled "Shooting Star" :D

Star Empire consist of ZE:A, Jewelry, Nine Muses and solo artists like Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah. Let's enjoy watching their sweet MV below :-

Cred: AsianDream2016

I only know ZE:A, Jewelry's members, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah. Aaa, I still can't remember Nine Muses's names hahaha.

Waaa, I haven't seen ZE:A for so long! I miss them! Hehe Minwoo's rap :) Dongjun's voice is like heaven! hahah. Lol Kwanghee in the end!! He's so funny..

IU's You & I (너랑 나) MV + Last Fantasy 2nd Album (Tracklist + Concept Pics)

IU, Korea's little miss is back with a brand new 2nd album "Last Fantasy" to leave listeners lost in a fantastical-like dream.

IU has been gone for a year? But fans who loved "Good Day" can look forward to another great track written by the same producers for "You and I". The music video stars IU and Hyunwoo yes from Master of Study! Haven't seen this boy in a while I missed him.. he's so cute!

The story starts off in a Gipetto-like workshop, as Loen Ent. explains, IU works in her father's clock shop and made the boy, so that he was designed to wake up when the girl turns into an adult. Haha I wish my dad made me one of those..

너랑 나 (You and I) MV:


LOEN Ent explaination, IU gets tired waiting for the boy, she becomes too eager and built a time machine so she can grow up faster. Unbeknownst, the boy wakes up while she was in the machine (with her duck) I love that duck, I want it.. Anyways, then IU sadly disappears, to another time I reckon. Aww look at how sad he is. Flash to the future the two don't recognize each other but smile sweetly from momentary de ja vu.

Below, tracklist & HD concept pics...

26 November 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111125]

Congratulations again to SNSD for getting #1 in K-Chart! I think this is their 5th winning. Kyaaa~ I want Wonder Girls to win next week! Huhu =D

1. SNSD - The Boys
2. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
3. Lee Seung Gi - 연애시대 (Alone In Love)
4. T-Ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I Miss You
6. Lee Seung Gi - 친구잖아 (You're My Friend)
7. Secret - Love Is Move
8. Huh Gak - All I Can Say is That I Want to Die
9. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay [NEW]
10. J-Cera - 그댄 정말 모를거예요 (You May Not Really Know)
11. 4Men & Mi - That Man, That Woman
12. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
13. Kara - Step
14. Electroboyz - Ma Boy 2 [NEW]
15. Huh Gak - Hello
16. Davichi - Don't Say Good-bye
17. Tablo - Tomorrow (Feat. Taeyang of BigBang)
18. T-Ara - Roly-Poly
19. Son Ho Young - 예쁘고 미웠다 (Pretty/Ugly) (Feat. BIZZY)
20. Wonder Girls - G.N.O (Girls Night Out) [NEW]

List of performers on 25th November 2011 :-

.:Debut Stage:.
New.F.O - Bounce

~Comeback performance~
A Pink - My My

Other performers : SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Son Ho Young, Kim Jo Han, Noel, Norazo, Seo In Young, Tim, B1A4, TRAX, MYNAME, J-Cera, Lee Ji Hae, A-ble, Beige, LEDApple, Wink, M.I.B, AA, Crispi Crunch, Park Soo Bin, and Electroboyz.

**Next Week Teaser - Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)'s Debut! Waaa, I can't wait to see them perform as a duo! 0.o

* A Pink! kyeoptaaaa~~~

25 November 2011

Starship Planet (K.Will, SISTAR & Boyfriend) Reveals "Pink Romance" MV!

SM Town, JYP Nation, YG Family, United Cube, Happy Pledis, Star Empire and now here comes Starship Planet!

Coming together as 'Starship Planet', SISTAR, Boyfriend, and K.Will collaborated on a festive MV, "Pink Romance".

Cred: starshipTV

They seem close together and so loving :) Hahha, Hyorin is such a playful girl, she and K.Will can make a good couple! They look good together. Omooo, I see Malaysian flag there @1:00, I'm so proud to be a Malaysian ^^ hahahha

K.Will - Yes! I love his voice so much~~

SISTAR - Hyorin! I love your powerful vocal! Soyou and Donghyun together are so sweet :)

Boyfriend - Jeongmin sings the 1st verse! He's so cute waaa~~ Minwoo and Kwangmin rap together! :D

24 November 2011

A Pink - My My MV + Snow Pink 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Next girl group from Cube Entertainment have already released their "My My" MV and also a mini album, "Snow Pink" for their comeback! :) A Pink which consist of 7 members is one of my favourite girl group. Hehe they are cute and able to sing very well yeah most of them are younger than me. lol XD

Cred: acubeent

I love them singing cute songs like this. I want them to stay with this cute concept, don't change to sexy and hot concept! Let 4minute be. Hahaha :p Haaa, I'am very impress with Eunji's vocal! Her vocal is the best! ^^ For those who haven't recognize them yet, check the below list okayh..

0:29 Bomi - Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist
0:39 Naeun - Vocalist & Visual
0:49 EunJi - Main Vocalist
1:41 Chorong - Leader , Vocalist & Rapper
1:52 Hayoung - Maknae (youngest member) & vocalist
2:01 Namjoo - Vocalist & Rapper
2:56 Yookyung- Vocalist & Lead Dancer

If you want to know more about the girls visit APINK.NET
Thanks to 05amymay@youtube for the tips!

[2nd mini album]

01 He's My Baby
02 MY MY
03 Yeah
04 꿈결처럼 (Like A Dream)
05 Prince

A CUTE album from A Pink! <3

17 November 2011

FT Island Distance PV 6th JP Single + Concept Pics!

aitakute~ tada aitakute~!

The boys are back to their Japanese promos... again haha. I really am so so so worried about FT Island, if its not Japanese promos, they have to promote in Korea, and back & forth, back & forth, WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO REST?!

Anyways, their songs will keep soothing me, because FT Island will always have that je ne sais quoi that makes me love everything they do..

Charmingly set in a winter wonderland landscape, Distance shows a sweet, airy miss of a love that one feels when it snows. The rock ballad includes a brilliant arrangement & leader Choi Jonghun puts down his guitar to showcase his lovely pianist side. Lee Hongki's voice is harmonized with bassist Lee Jaejin and Jaejin's solos compliment the song beautifully. This song can send me to sleep every night~

Distance PV:

DISTANCE - 6th Japanese Single
RELEASE: 30 Nov 2011

01 - Distance - Opening theme song for "Happy Music" (November)
LYRICS: Kenn Kato, Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun

02 - LIFE
LYRICS: Lee Jaejin, Kenn Kato

03 - Venus
LYRICS: Lee Jaejin, Kenn Kato
ARRANGEMENT: 鈴木daichi秀行

04 - Distance (instrumental)

Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream MV + Performance

na eotteokhajyo eonni?!

Brown Eyed Girls amaze with a follow-up comeback of a brilliant new ballad. Its a sweet serenade where you can feel the poignant expression of heart-break and having your friends to help pick you up from sadness.

Cleansing Cream is one of my songs on repeat, currently I have to play it at least once a day or else I'd go mad I cannot listen to this beautifully sung song. I HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to this song, artistically Narsha, Jea, Gain & Miryo have grown exponentially, they should definitely NOT go unappreciated!

Cleansing Cream (클렌징크림) MV:


11 November 2011

T-ara Releases "Cry Cry" MV + Black Eyes Mini Album [Tracklist]

Roly poly, roly roly poly~ T-ara is back yeahh!! =D

T-ara just releases their new mini album, "Black Eyes"! and the title track "Cry Cry" is a great ballad song ever singing by T-ara! They also releases a 15min music drama featured Jiyeon as the main character and actor Cha Seung Won (He's hot! lol XD).


Aww~ I love Jiyeon! She is so gorgeous with that short hair! She is an awesome actress! She sings very well too :) Ahh, I almost cried when Jiyeon pointed the gun towards her "ahjusshi" :'( Luckily she didn't shoot him. This music drama gonna have its part 2. Waa, can't wait to see Hyomin and Eunjong in actions!! 0.0


01 Cry Cry
02 Goodbye, OK
03 0 My God
04 I'm So Bad
05 Cry Cry (Ballas Ver.)
06 Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Ver.)

*"Cry Cry" and "Goodbye,OK" are my current fav from the album! Nice album from T-ara <3

08 November 2011

Wonder Girls - Be My Baby MV + Wonder World Album [Tracklist]

I think we are lack of Wonder Girls's post here. Hehe this is the first time I spazz about WG. I'm not a big fan of WG but their new album are pretty awesome! Esp their title track "Be My Baby" and the MV is quite good for me. Yeah, I'm so happy and proud for WG's comeback this year plus they had gained popularity in worldwide ^^

Sohee aww~

Cred: wondergirls

It is beautiful, isn't? I love their outfits and dancing! Yubin is the prettiest :) Sohee is very cute. Her voice is getting good lately. This song, "Be My Baby" has achieved an all-kill on various music charts okayh and the view count of this official MV currently reads over 2 million views after just 2 days. I'm so proud of them and also JYP. Hehe.

They released their 2nd full-length album titled, "Wonder World" on November 6th. The album compiled of 12 new songs.

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