29 August 2010

Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover MV

TOP nmpk cam org tua je..wakakkaa =p

I'm sure all the V.I.P outside were terlompat-lompat excited on Big Bang's latest comeback with their 5th Japanese singles album in Japan..Big Bang is so much popular band these days..They are so popular in Korea and Japan..they has been garnering so much interest with their latest single! The MV has revealed on 24th August 2010..Well, as usually, Big Bang's MVs are always smart and pretty cool~ Check out the MV below :-

Cred: YGEntertainment

I already fall in love with the song! ahhh.. Big Bang's japanese songs are always the best! Ermm, about the MV, Why they featured a foreign 'mat saleh' lady?? hahaha..nasib baik G-Dragon and Taeyang didn't kiss that lady..Arghh, so jealous with her..heh..and G-Dragon looks handsome in the MV!! I like his haircut :) Daesung also looks HOT..his new hair fits him well and looks like he is working out..ada muscles!! XD

28 August 2010

Taeyang - I'll Be There MV [SOLAR International Album + Tracklist]

Waaahhhh!! Taeyang ahh!!

On 25th August 2010, Taeyang of Big Bang has just releases his SOLAR International Album! It is different from his 1st solo SOLAR album that released on July 2010 because there are some English tracks inside the album..that's why it is called International album!and also put an extra track which is Connection (ft.Bigtone). Then, you can listen to I'll Be there, Wedding Dress, and Connection in English version..and you know what, I love I'll Be There in English version!!

Taeyang - I'll Be There (Korean Version)

I'll Be There (English Version)

He is HOT right??!! Wahh.. my favourite member in Big Bang!! hahaha..His body??! Arghh..bulan puasa ni..adeyhh~ Really really love the MV!! Smart okayh!! Of course, I'm so proud of him on making it worldwide! All the Big Bang's members are excellent working in solo and as a group too!~ heeeee =D

27 August 2010

SISTAR - Shady Girl MV [2nd Single + Tracklist]

I like their concept!!~

After the promotion of their debut single, Push Push in early June 2010, now,Sistar is comeback with their new 2nd single album, titled Shady Girl..

The teaser photos have a concept of ‘Before & After’. In the top photo, the girls are seen with casual clothes, along with their messy hair. In the ‘after’ photo, below the ‘before’ photo, the girls have transformed, as their style is now from the 60s.

Shady Girl MV features Super Junior's Kim Heechul who goes on a date with each SISTAR member, and it also stars gagman, Kim Kyung Jin. Aww Heechul~ Check it out below!

Cred: starshiptv

For those who didn't know SISTAR's member yet, ermmm, the short blonde hair one is Hyorin and the long blonde hair is Dasom.. The one with long free hair is Bora (Rapper) and the other one is Soyou.. I like Hyorin and Soyou!! Hyorin's voice is awesome! and Soyou looks so pretty..hahahaa.. The song is still nice to listen eventhough you play it so many times..heeee :) Come on guys..Support SISTAR!! Aja aja~


Kim Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting To Be Postponed!

Take note to the fans that might come or go to Kim Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting that will be held on 28th August 2010 previously.

Actually, the fanmeeting has to be postponed by Geneses Dream Entertainment. They announced this earlier 25th August 2010. Do not be doubtful whether Maknae of SS501 will come again to Malaysia after these sudden announcement made by GDE. And please, for those that just prepared everything for the fanmeeting, don't bash GDE. They're currently doing their best to solve their problem and still bringing Kim Hyung Jun to Malaysia.

Thus, a new date has been chosen to replace the 28th August 2010. Take note for the new date, everyone!!

2.30 - 5.00 PM
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall

If you guys who bought the ticket and can't attend them plus wanted a refund, please send your email that includes your name, bank name and account number to GDE's email. Or you can sell it to people who wants to go to the FM. And make sure be considerate person when selling the ticket price. Do not sell higher from GDE or else people will tell you're a liar.

And people who wants to come, you still have a chance!!^^

By the way, here is the words from GDE. I hope you guys can think rationally before blurting out something inconvenient to read and may hurt other people's feelings.

Their email to refund is:- onbook.gde@gmail.com

26 August 2010

FT Island - Love Love Love MV [Beautiful Journey 2nd Mini Album + Tracklist]

Awww Aoxora!! I mesti terigt kat u klo post pasal FTi ni..hhahahaa..xpe lah..you must be in your flight right now..So,have a beautiful journey!! :)

Nice car <3

After releases their 'Love Love Love' teaser yesterday, now its turn to watch their full version of 'Love Love Love' MV!!!~ Let's watch the boys <3

Cred: ftisland

Omg..what happened to our hongki's haircut??? sorry to say Aox, I don't like his new haircut..hahaha..Seunghyun's hair is the best!! handsome gila kot!! I like his rap!! Weee~
About the song, hrmm..I like it!! kindda addictive too.. Sarang sarang sarang....

24 August 2010

2PM - Fly To Seoul 'Boom Boom Boom' MV

Nichkhun is not there..sob sob sob :(

Cred: 2pm

Earlier this year, Lee Byung Hun, Wonder Girls, and 2PM had been recruited to film a series of CFs for the Seoul Dream promotional campaign, which is geared towards promoting tourism in Seoul.

The CFs for Lee Byung Hun and Wonder Girls have already been released last month, and now 2PM’s CF for the South-East Asia region has finally been released.

Wahh..I like their MV..2PM is so cool..hahaha..unfortunately, Nichkhun is not there because of his busy schedule..This MV will be more cooler and best if he is there..hahah..well, I'm a big fan of Nichkhun..what can I say..heeee:) I feel like want to fly to Seoul NOW just because of 2PM!! Aigoooo~~

Cred: allkpop

23 August 2010

FT Island Releases Teaser for 'Love Love Love'

Since our lovely primadonna that will always update about her lovely FT ISLAND is not here due she has to to further study in some far away; might be currently packing her stuffs right now while I'm writing, I shall do this update.

Today, FT ISLAND has released a teaser for their comeback on this 25th August 2010, which happened on Wednesday = Aox's departure day.

Do you love the music already?? I already feel excited for their comeback. ^^


lol.. I hope the girl knows I use her vid. XD

22 August 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100820]

Hi people!!~~^^ For the 3rd week of august, let me, chibi be your reporter for MuBank K-chart this time. Let's go to the K-chart for this week first . ^^

[please edit them the one that italic as well as bold and put link too, guys.. Komawo...]
awin says : DONE!

1. BoA - Hurricane Venus (congrats, BoA!!)
2. Homme - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
3 DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
4 SHiNee - Lucifer
5 Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
6 Lee Seung Chul - That Person
7 Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me To You)
8 G.na - I'll back off for you to live
9 Son Dam Bi - Queen
10 Zia - Laughter
11 Se7en - Better Together
12 Gil Me (ft. K.Will)- 미안해 사랑해서... (I'm Sorry, I Loved You)
13 Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]
14 Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
15 Hwanhee - While Doing (하다가)
16 IU & 2AM (Im Seul Ong) - Nagging
17 Seo In Guk - 애기야 (My Baby U)
18 MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
19 Brave Brothers ft Jay Park - 울고싶단 말야 (I Want To Cry)
20 Jo Sungmo - I’m Going to Cheat / 바람 필래

And The Mubank for 20th August 2010 performance consists of:-

20 August 2010

ZE:A Exclusive Private Gathering in Malaysia!

Hey guys its about time to bring over the hot kids on the block, ZE:A (Children of Empire) to the heat in Malaysia! ZE:A will be coming to our shores for a very EXCLUSIVE, PRIVATE, GATHERING in Kuala Lumpur this September 12th 2010! Now confirmed by organizers Geneses Dream.

Date: 12 September 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Theatre
Official Poster: Coming Soon

You can interact with ZE:A, see them perform to you in a very close distance, take picture with them, get ALL 9 of their signatures, or be one of the lucky fans to win prizes from their hand!

Here's more info!

JQT Profile + No Need To Know MV [Fourfume EP]

Cutie =D

Have you ever heard about JQT before?? Nahh..I tell you what..they actually debuted last year.. The JQT teaser was released and it has been viewed over 200,000 times in Korea! They have been getting lots of attention before their debut on 16th October through their first single, 'I Fell For You'..

Haaa..one more thing..Do you guys remember the girl group from few years ago called i-13? Well, they were supposed to be a large girl group, like Super Junior but it didn't really work out.. They didn't succeed and disbanded..Hrmm..Now 3 of those 13 girls are coming back as JQT with one other member! Their names are :-
Park Min Jung- from i-13
Lee Ji Eun- from i-13
Park Ga Jin- from i-13
Joo Min Sun- made the group through an audition/was picked out from 200 people who auditioned

You're probably wondering what JQT mean? Well the J is the letter that is in all four girls' names, the Q and T stand for QUALITY and QUARTET..

On 13th August 2010, they made their cameback and released their second single, 'No Need To Know'.. No Need to Know has an electronic rhythm with an acoustic guitar in the background, adding more intensity and rhythm to the song’s beat.

The music video for this song was released through GomTV, and an internet site (http://www.gpjqt.com) for this album’s promotions has been created. It contains the JQT member profiles, pictures, videos, and a guestbook.

Cred: xxdevxx

I like the song!! The song is very catchy right..and they are very cute with the outfits and weirdo sunglasses! hahahaa..They have nice voice and rapper..I hope JQT will shine and become popular one day :)

Click 'Read more' for members profile and their songs :-

19 August 2010

[Video] Kim HyungJun's Fanmeeting Teaser

GDE has released the teaser video for Kim Hyung Jun's fanmeeting that will be held on 28/08/2010 today.
The teaser are featuring Kim Hyung Jun and his dog, Choco. :D

Eventhough there is no subtitle for the vid, I think you might probably understand his words.
Do you love his ending words?? LOL.. I just laughed too much with the words.

credvit vid: genesesdreament@ yt

for those who can't understand his words, here's a rough translation of his words.
(okay.. this is only my rough understanding about his words. So sorry if the translation of mine is so misleading from his words.)

Hi, I'm Kim Hyung Jun. Malaysian fans watching this, right?
This (referring to his dog) on my side, is my friend, Lovely Choco.
on 28/08/2010, Saturday at KLCC, Plenary Hall with Malaysian fans, there will be a cool fanmeeting will be held.
Please anticipate it. 
Eventhough it's nerve-wrecking and exciting, let's have a good time together, Malaysia.
Saya Cinta Malaysia (I love Malaysia), 
See You in There
 Terima Kasih (Thank you!) 

2PM Singing Thank You for Hottest! [MV]

Hhahaa..semangat nak wat 2pm tgh2 pg bute!! hahaha..alia..get ready for 2PM!!!

Our Beast Idols,2PM has recently released a very special digital single entitled, Thank You, created especially for Hottest =D Wahhh..I'm so hype!! I'm crazy about 2PM now because of my housemate!! hahaha..The song was first revealed through their first solo concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium on 31st July 2010..

Yeahh.Sweet Surprise from JYP!!! hahaha..JYP Entertainment has just released the official music video for this special track, an unexpected gift for everyone. The music video contained a compilation of various snippets from their previous concerts, expressing their true love for their beloved fans. Play it now~

Cred: 2pm

The song was meant for 2PM to express their true feelings to fans by thanking them for supporting the group for so long, even through the hard times. The lyrics are truly deep and 2PM’s way of saying ‘Thank You’.

Wooyoung's voice!! Arghhh.. So I thank you (3x) and I love you (3x)~Omo..I'm melting right now..I'm so in love with the song!! Arghh..2PM!! Hottest for ever!! and Jay Park!! hahahaa...Thank You 2PM!!

18 August 2010

Supernova has Time to Shine [MV]

Get ready yall, its now Time to Shine! Supernova is back in korea after a long hiatus perfecting their japanese. I'm way excited! Although Time to Shine is just an EP I fully appreciate that these guys are going back to their old sound back in 2007 with a hot new tune! When I say hot, phew! Nothing can get over my biases of Sungmo & Kwangsu of course, but check out the MV below the guys transform into wayy hott spicy chicken mcdeluxes hahaha.

Supernova aja aja hwaiting~~!

On Days That I Missed You MV:

There are 2 new songs in this EP, with 2 versions of the title song "On Days That I Missed You".Choshinsung or Supernova has also teamed up with magicians the Brave Brothers on one of the tracks, and brace yourself for a reminiscence of Time To Listen 2 also included in this album! Hey, if it fits, it goes, and I still really love it.

Click for the tracks & super hot MV stills!

Navi's wants you to Listen to the End [MV]

Time to welcome back Korea's R&B-soul princess Navi! She's overall in my opinion's the best singer to hit the mainstream line since the 1st generation solo-ers. Navi's my absolute #1 favorite korean singer and this time she's back with Listen to the End Single!

She's probably one of the most underrated artists for now, but has one of the most powerful voices. Trust me once you've listened to her you'll be enchanted! Listen to the End is quite an upbeat, I'm-at-a-party song, the only exception is that the singer is way awesome that it doesn't sound like a club song. It reminds me of Chris Brown's Forever, good huh?

Listen To The End MV:

For the tracks & MV stills..

17 August 2010

KARA - Mister (Japanese Version) PV

Hey Mister~

KARA recently released 'Mister' in japanese version along with the PV..but in original version, the korean version Mister doesn't have MV right..but it still the same like their performance before.. CHECK IT OUT :)

Cred: dspkara

Lalalalala~ I used to love this song..so addicted right..hahaha..So, good luck to KARA in Japan!!! <3
They also recording Umbrella in japanese..I like it!! Just click play button :)

16 August 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100813]

Congratulations BoA for a Hurricane Venus Win!

Here's the 2nd week of August's K-Chart!

Comeback Stages ~ JQT, Rainbow, Secret.

Debut Stage ~ Nine Muses

Other Performances ~ The Boss (No One...Anyone), Seo In Kook (My Baby U), Teen Top (Clap), G.NA ft. Mario (I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better), Infinite (She's Back), Hwanhee (While Doing), miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl), Se7en (Better Together), Son Dambi (Queen), DJ DOC (I'm This Kind of Person) and SHINee (Lucifer).

1. BoA - Hurricane Venus
2. DJ DOC - I'm A Guy Like This
3. SHINee - Lucifer
4. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
5. Homme (Changmin of 2AM & Lee Hyun of 8eight) - I Was Able To Eat Well
6. Lee Seungcheol - 그 사람 (The Person)(Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST)
7. SE7EN - Better Together
8. Cho Young Soo All Star: Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me to You)
9. Gil Me (ft. K.Will) - 미안해 사랑해서…
10. G.NA - I'll Be Back Off So You Can Live Better
11. Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
12. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
13. Son Dambi - Queen
14. Chae Yeon - Look Look Look
15. Park Myung Soo ft. Nicole (KARA) - Whale
16. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
17. Taeyang - I Need A Girl
18. BoA - Game
19. f(x) - NU ABO
20. DJ DOC - 부치지 못한 편지

*Guys my 4shared is down so I can't upload the new songs, anyone feel free to help me out =)*

15 August 2010

Nine Muses - No Playboy MV [Let's Have A Party EP]

9 goddesses...

Nine Muses consist of 9 beautiful ladies who debuted last week with their 1st single 'No Playboy'. Because they are in 9 members, people usually keep comparing them with SNSD (Girl's Generation)..It is not fair right..Nine Muses have their own X-Factor and capability in singing and dancing eventhough they are averagely older than SNSD members..hhahaaha..

Yeahh..the song actually is composed by JYP and Rainstone..Woahhh~

Cred: AsianPopMV

What do you all think about them?? I like the song..hahaha..For me, I think they are okayh for newbies..Ermm,I just have to seat here and wait what would they do for their next comeback song..hahaa..maybe next year with their new songs..I think I will love them..heh =p

01 Ladies.mp3
02 No PlayBoy.mp3
03 No PlayBoy (Inst.).mp3

Nine Muses - Let's Have A Party (Single).rar

Stay tuned for Nine Muses's profile! heeee :)

14 August 2010

Rainbow releases A MV! [1st Digital Single]

Rainbow is back with their 1st digital single titled 'A' after debuted last year with a mini album 'Gossip Girl'..They look charming and matured in this new single..The full MV for A is revealed on 12th August..They already made their cameback at Music Bank yesterday! Weee~


Hhahaa..Eventhough I didn't recognised each of their names, hahha..but I like their new single!! It is better than theirs Gossip Girl last year.. Yeahh, I know..they are pretty right plus sexy in black outfit! Pergghh~

01 A
02 A (Inst.)

View Rainbow's profile HERE :)

13 August 2010

Secret - Madonna MV [2nd Mini Album]

Having released all the photo teasers for each member including an MV teaser for the song ‘Empty Space’, Secret recently released Madonna MV on 11th August and returns to M!Countdown yesterday!! Let's watch their MV below :-

Cred: tsent2008

Wahh..Secret becoming more prettier, skinnier and sexier!!! The song is about living with confidence by becoming an icon in this generation, like the American star Madonna..Wohhh..with the addictive catchy tones too!! but when I first listened to the song, I feel like it is kind of similar like Magic song before..hahaa..maybe after listening to the song again and again, I would love it~ hhehee..

Click 'Read more' for tracks and comeback photos~

06 August 2010


Following Chibi's post regarding Fanmeeting of Kim Hyungjun, 막내 of SS501 in Malaysia to be decided!, the actual details has been decided!

Date: 28 August 2010, Saturday
Time: 2.30pm - 5.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall (Same place as U-Kiss's fanmeet)
Official Poster: Coming Soon

VIP Plus Package (Numbered Seating) – RM400
Entrance Ticket
Poster Signing Session (Hand sign on stage)
Group photo with Hyung Jun (20 people per group)
Chance to interact with Hyung Jun on stage (Pick by seat number)

VIP Package (Numbered Seating) – RM350
Entrance Ticket
Poster Signing Session (Hand sign on stage)
Chance to interact with Hyung Jun on stage (Pick by seat number)

ACE Package (Free Seating) – RM220
Entrance Ticket
Get poster on stage from Hyung Jun [Printed Signature] (Handshake allowed)
Special Gifts for 2 lucky fans
Lucky Gifts for 10 lucky fans

TOP Package (Free Seating) – RM130
Entrance Ticket
Event Poster [Printed Signature]

Online Purchase (Oversea & Outstation fans)
Online Purchase period: 6 August 2010 - 16 August 2010
Payment must be made within 3 days after booking.

Purchase Form
Tel. No:
Seat Package:

Please e-mail to onbook.gde@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for Online Purchase
Seat will be given according to payment sequence made on first-come first-serve basis.
Please e-mail your receipt to onbook.gde@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will e-mail you your E-Ticket.

Face to Face Sales
Date: 7 August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 11am - 9pm
Venue: Hankuk Ramyun, LG Floor, Berjaya Times Square

Date: 14 August 2010 & 21 August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 11am - 9pm
Venue: [to be confirmed]


05 August 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100730]

Congratulation to SHINee!! Weee!!

1. SHINee - Lucifer
2. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
3. Son Dambi - Queen
4. Lee Seungcheol - 그 사람 (The Person)(Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST)
5. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
6. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
7. G.NA - I'll Be Back Off So You Can Live Better
8. Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
9. Taeyang - I Need A Girl
10. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (Over Time)
11. Super Junior - No Other
12. Kang Mi Youn - Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ)
13. 4Minute - I My Me Mine
14. SE7EN - Better Together
16. IU - 여자라서 (Because I'm A Woman) (Road Number One OST)
17. Jang Yoon Jung - 올래 (Ollae)
18. Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
19. SISTAR - Push Push
20. Park Myung Soo ft. Nicole (KARA) - Whale

03 August 2010

[UPDATE] K-Pop Acts Invading Malaysia 2010

Has everyone been feeling the K-POP love this year lately? 2010 is finally making Malaysian korean-pop worshipers' dreams come true. We're slowly garnering the interest of Korean artists to acknowledge Malaysia as a k-pop supporting country. No doubt we're enjoying the free-flow of idols as we have many fanclubs in support of these K-artists in Malaysia.

~Past Events~

March 2010
brought Super Junior who had a full fledged concert in Bukit Jalil, KL by Redstar & Marctensia.

June 2010 had U-Kiss Showcase (Geneses Dream), B2ST Showcase (Universal Music) & Brian Joo (Rhythmland).

July 2010 saw the Wonder Girls the first whole girl group to tread waters into Malaysia at the MTV World Stage on the 31st at Sunway Lagoon.

Here are ~ FUTURE SOME NOT YET CONFIRMED/ SOME CONFIRMED ~ dates for more k-artists who might be heading our way!

★ Geneses Dream Entertainment, organized U-KISS's June event, is planning on bringing more K-Artists over to Malaysia. They're quite active on their Facebook Page & often asks feedback from fans if they'd like to attend a certain show.

- U-Kiss Concert - a full concert if you'd like U-Kiss to come for a full on concert, needs 8,000 "likes" on their FB status to all those who will attend!

- ZE:A (Children of Empire) Exclusive Private Gathering (-confirmed!-)
Date: 12 Sept 2010
Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Theatre

With numbered seating, fansign, all are VVIP package.

- SHINee Fan Meeting ~ needs about 3,000 people who will definitely attend to "like" their status, planned to be later on this year.

- Hyungjun (SS501) Individual/Private Fan Meeting & Showcase (-CANCELLED-)

NEW DATE: October 2010, Saturday
TIME: 2.30PM – 5.00PM
VENUE: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall
+ Special Guest Kim Kibum of U-Kiss.

Redstar Presents & Marctensia Entertainment, had held Super Junior's Super Show 2 in March 2010. Check out http://www.facebook.com/#%21/RedstarPresents?ref=ts & Marctensia @ Facebook for more info & feedbacks!

- CN Blue ~ (to be confirmed) Date: Oct 24 (Sun) - 6pm-7:30pm. Still needs more feedback.

- Super Junior: Super Show 3 ~ Date: March 26 (Fri) 2011. More details out after Korean tour.

Warner Music, has plans to bring in,

- FT Island ~ the end of 2010. Possibly in conjunction with the new Baviphat launch (which FT Island endorses) at new Malaysian outlets such as in Sungei Wang & Pavillion.

(pic cr: nadiaslayman @ twitter)

Jay Park (former 2PM leader) ~ -ON AGAIN!- He has listed KL as one of his Asian tour stops. Check out Jaywalkers Malaysia.

Han Geng ~ (former Super Junior member) might make his way to Malaysia for a fansign event to promote his Mandarin solo album.

Universal Music, has hinted at a double-bill event combining BEAST and 4minute as cited in their FB Note.

Sony Music, has been scouting for alternative concert venues for a 2PM (six-member boyband) show since Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, is not available till next year.

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) office, is also looking towards a mega year-end bash featuring multiple Korean acts to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Korea-Asean Dialogue Partnership, and boost cultural exchange between South Korea and Malaysia.

Hope this will get more Malaysians hyped up in their fanclubs to support these guys when they cross over! We'll try our best in welcoming everybody won't we! If you have any more information regarding any other K-Pop artists coming to Malaysia go ahead and comment here!

Who else is way excited~~

Cr: The Star online, Malaysian organizers, Aox@effpoo4our

MBLAQ says Apa Khabar to Malaysia!

Whaddya know? J.Tune boy band MBLAQ seems to be heading towards Malaysian shores as well! First-time organizers Inspire.ME Malaysia has been working on the project of bringing the boys over & has recently teamed up with sponsor Krazee Duck apparel.

For further research they went to Seoul to meet the boys themselves at Cafe Si, Kangnam-Gu to have MBLAQ acknowledge Malaysia as seen in the video below! G.O: Apa khabar Malaysia~~

THANKS TO : J.Tune Entertainment

sub-cr: kul82014

MBLAQ's Interview...

01 August 2010

Fanmeeting of Kim Hyungjun, 막내 of SS501 in Malaysia to be decided!

So, this is urgent and I don't know what should i do except posting it on The Abracadabras.

ATTENTION TO ALL HYUNGJUN's fans or SS501's fans.

 Geneses Dream Entertainment, the one who brought UKISS' fanmeeting and fansigning last June is making a post at their FB.

he's coming if every fans of him 'like' geneses' status.

The post is about SS501' maknae, Kim Hyungjun or also known as UKISS' Kim Kibum's brother to probably have a fanmeeting and fansigning in Malaysia on 29th August 2010, Sunday.

Geneses need people who will attend the event to click 'like' on the status. so, if you are willing and absolutely will attend the event, click 'like' on status the same shown in picture on this site.

click to zoom in
If the 'like' hits the targe before 3pm on tomorrow based on MST (Malaysia Standard Time) , Geneses will bring Hyungjun for the event. Or else they won't bring him. So, it's up to you.

And the ticket price would be RM150 per person. It's cheap, I believe?? No?? You decide.

I just want to say I will go if nothing interfere. How about you guys???^^

4minute - I My Me Mine Japanese Version MV

Recently, 4minute just releases I My Me Mine Japanese version! Before this, they already released Muzik in Japanese version..i like them singing in japanese even though I don't understand what they're singing..hahaha..Let's watch their MV~

Cred: 4minuteVids2

I think Gayoon's japanese is good..hahhaa..I like this song!! I keep singing this song lately when I'm bored and tension..My My My My I My Me Mine!!!~

01 I My Me Mine (Japanese ver.).mp3
02 グッバイ (Goodbye).mp3

The 2nd song, Goodbye is a very sweet balada song..must listen to it!! hahaha..Watch I My Me Mine in Korean version HERE :)
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