04 July 2010

Taeyang Solar Album [MV + Tracklist]

Taeyang of Big Bang, nickname Sol, real name Young Bae has branched out into a full album as a soloist! Of course he's not leaving the band or anything, if I'm right this is the 2nd member to get a full solo album under their belt after G-Dragon.

Taeyang's album is called Solar, maybe its a play of words? Well the title track is "I Need A Girl" featuring Big Bang rapper G-Dragon to up the hype, but to push the limit even more Sandara of 2NE1 is featured in the same music video! Preferably as the "girl he needs" and G-D as the "guy I need" haha.

I Need A Girl (ft. G-Dragon) MV (ft. Sandara of 2NE1):

The MV! Many might be super uncomfortable at how Dara & Taeyang get so close in this mv, but its very PG! And in my opinion really hillarious! Taeyang is so so goofy haha. That part where Dara shows a shirt of Taeyang's face to the other guys, then he winked was absolutely crack-up!

Was it really necessary for him to go shirtless with his rock solid abs like crystal? I don't understand how Dara could stand standing there! Well towards the end she did fall to laughing really hard haha, shoot I would too! lol. I think I need a doctor to explain to me how I turn into melted Jell-O pudding the second G-D pops out of the screen. Haha I wanna watch again!

MP3 & Photos:

1 - Solar (intro)
2 - Superstar
3 - I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)
4 - Just A Feeling
5 - You're My
6 - More (feat. Teddy)
7 - Break Down
8 - 니가 잠든 후에 [After You Fall Asleep] (feat. Swings)
9 - Where U At
10 - Wedding Dress
11 - [Prayer] (feat. Teddy)
12 - Only Look At Me
13 - Take It Slow

Taeyang - Solar 1st Solo Album.rar

*I dunno where tracks 11 or 12 is, its nowhere to be found for me*

Panda says: With Taeyang being the main vocals of Big Bang I was looking forward to this album to see what side of hip hop he's on, but sadly the hype didn't deliver for me. I think its more to Pop than R&B or Hip Hop. The album is very cheery, happy and up-beat. I had no idea it would be like that, but the part that disappointed me was that none of the tracks were memorable enough. Aside from my favorites now Where U At & Wedding Dress, it was an obvious choice I Need A Girl would be the title track.

If you feel like you would enjoy this more than I do, then go ahead & take a listen! =D

Here are some pretty concept pics:

I Need A Girl MV Still:


  1. eh, i download kat jenpoo, track 11 n 12 mmg xde lahh..pelik2..

    haa..taeyang HOT gler dlm mv ni!! da lme x tgk die..rindu!! but his song x lah segempak where U at...not bad lahh lagu ni..lyrics die sweet je..mmg sejibik cam dara lahh..haha..still like the album okayh!!

    Dara sgt comelll!! but bpk takut+geli time taeyang x pakai baju time he's in front of dara uh...malu je dara..keh3..

  2. yeahh i wna hear the missing songs!

    haha xleh bla gle why does taeyang have to take off his shirt?? and do that wave dance on dara i was like wtf!! n dara is like owh pls dont touch me, ur so young homie haha. aku un rse awkward kot haha xP.

  3. haha super random girls, taeyang buat muka xleh bla siap jelir lidah hahah

    hahahah lol wtheckkk dara wears taeyang face hahah ok that part crack me up too!

    hahah dance taeyang da cm rain je aku tgk hahaha

    bpk xleh bla taeyang xpakai bj pape, then dara pakai xde lengan hahah hot gle part tuh hahaha

    lol a girl that looks young even she old lolll

    haha gd so cutee

    taeyang so hotttt! love this song!

  4. That was so cute. I love how he looks like he's having so much fun. He so HOT!


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