15 July 2010

Jay Park - Nothin' On You EP

Yahhh..after I read Aox's post about Jay Park will probably come to Malaysia this September..Woww..I got excited to post about his special album covered B.o.B's Nothin' On You.. =D

Back in March, Jay Park (Jaebeom) uploaded a video on Youtube where he covered B.o.B’s Nothin’ On You. The video went viral and now has over 5.1 million views.As July 13th has just hit Korea, Jay has released a special video on Youtube with the comment:

“hey guys just a little thing i did for the song~ hope you guys enjoy =)
sorry i can’t type Korea on this computer =( mi ahn.”

Cred: stryker411

Yes Jay!! I enjoyed watching your video!! My housemate who is crazy about you watching your video everyday before she going to sleep..hahahaha! me also watched your video many times okayh..so cool :)

Aww man..just in 3 days, over 1 millions has viewed this video!! this is what I called jay effect!! by the way guys,I really love this song!! The MV is so short but awesome right?? jay looks skinny now..his muscle macam dah kecil je?? hahahhaa.. But, I still love you Jay!! hahahaa..Jay HWAITING!!~

1 - 믿어줄래 (Nothin' On You) (Korean Ver.)
2 - Count On Me (Nothin' on You) (English Ver.)
3 - 믿어줄래 (Nothin' on You) (ubman & KYU Remix)

Love the full korean version~~~he sounds better in korean!! huuuu..


  1. yea totally, i love this single wayyy better than his english version. that ver. didnt sound like anything to me. so im glad he made korean versions they're wayy better! and they fit his voice & style better. i wonder if he wrote some lyrics for that.

    jay hwaiting!! i LOL-ed when the rainbow colors came out on his vid haha i dno why, but it was funny lol

  2. i smile everytime i heard this song since the first tym he sang this song =D

    awin kte tgk video nih kat 8tv nite life smlm, hahaha xsempat nk tgk kat blog, mian... muscle da kecik? tuh je tgk isk2 hahaha

    i miss his korean like urghh a lot!


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