05 July 2010

FT Island unleashes Brand-New Days PV!

i'm lovin these brand new days..

Five Treasure Island a.k.a FT Island, like yall don't know that already, has released Brand-New Days PV early! Just like what they did for Flower Rock PV in May.. Perhaps its the favoritism talking but they are my #1 Korean band!

Brand-New Days is the newest single set to fall from the heavens on July 14th. The boys have been promoting non-stop in Japan since early this year to August till they return back to Korea. This PV seriously caught me off guard! And I dunno if I was too psyched again or it was just the absolute brilliance these guys showed. What could you expect less from a song penned by our own Song Seunghyun! Their skills have improved tremendously with their instruments and Jaejin & Seunghyun's singing is ah...

Don't take my word for it check it out below!

Brand-New Days PV:

cr: warnermusicjapan

AH!! First of all this is unavoidable..



Song Seunghyun
is overflowing with hotness!! Can you stand watching him? It's like a day ago, I was sorta over him, but now I think I've fallen in love with him again! How is that possible??
1) He looks frickin amazing!
2) His perfect timing of winks!

3) I'm amazed how japanese Seunghyun just sounded!
At his solo part, it sounded higher than his normal voice don't you think?

Haha one thing is I think Hongki's japanese is getting way good. Hongki has the ability to sound so awesome with his husky voice in any language I think! As long as he's got the pronounciation down, he's unstoppable! I don't wanna take time to comment on Hongki's hair cuz its not important. Maybe he's showing a serious side of him that doesn't make him look like a pretty-boy all the time & as a respectful singer instead. *Note serious face* Is the song sad or happy? I'm not good enough in Japanese to tell, but its suppose to be a summer happy song right?

Hmm, if I was a Jaejin bias I would totally scream out loud now, he's so friggin adorable!! Tilting his head like that, he's so goofy & lovable. I love that hair on him, his debut hair, I don't mind if he never changes it lol.

But leadja Jonghun, please cut your hair homie, maybe just a little bit, cuz it looks a little boring flat, I liked your blonde "Barae" curly hair a lot! But owh man! Nothing can surpass his beasty guitar solos, I was like NO WAY JONGHUN IS DOING THAT?!? Aaa, I'm such a proud pri...

Ehem, as for my one little Minhwan minari, I wish he can be reborn into my husband just for me. I want to take him home seriously after his solo shot in the PV! Can I?? Can I take him home? Okay, I'll take him & hug him, he's mine now hahaha.

--------------------------------------------------------------..SPAZZNESS OVER...

This Brand-New Days song circles the Rock feel FT Island have been experimenting with since Flower Rock & frankly I hope its here to stay! I love it, its very light for my mood today & not too harsh to the soul. Even though previews for the songs are out, I do not want to spoil myself again till the album comes out! That's my code haha.

Sorry for freaking again so much on the music video but yall knew I wasn't gonna talk about too much about the album again! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, my pc is now set for this PV to play every day for this month of July.. Aox is happy. X)


  1. hhahaha!! bez laa lagu2 fti this year!!! hahahah! cnblue too!!!

    love seunghyun!! baru start tgk makbanshi!!! hahahhaa..Hongki's voice again!! no doubt!!

    ble dorang nak debut kat korea plak??? x sabar ni..hahahah!

  2. haha kannn!! seunghyun i was like blown away in this mv! his hair is like so rocking.

    lol makbanshi, yay! oh yeah reminds me i gta finish watching xP.

    tu la! im waiting foreverr, myb august next month jerr aaaa. klw sept owh i'll be so sad I dont get to watch them Y.Y

    i can't wait for the whole album to come out! XD

  3. wahhh..august?? dah start puasa!! hahahaa...xde kene mengena un ngan puasa..hahaha..

    ouhhh..ask ur parents blikan u laptop laa..leh gne kat oversea..time uni byk nak gne internet lahh..hehheee..and also kpopping..hahahaa..lorhh..

    oh yeahh!!! nak dwld!! hahaa

  4. lol yea xde kne mgne, hehe i still xgnti, nk stat ganti bsok 6 ari haha xP.

    i kno rite! ok i'll try to convince them to get me one, i cant live witout a laptop!! i thk i will die. dorg mmg nk bg for university, tp since im goin to high school dorg igt xpenting sgt ah. tp owh ill just say thats how im gna skype them n stuff rite? lol. xkan nk gne public pc for skype-ing haha.

    there's one more MV to come out for this single called Treasure. i hope its good too.

  5. rambut hongki pelik hahahaha

    nape mv die ala2 barae?

    seunghyun hot glee tym 1:17 haha rmbt lawaa. ha kalo x wat perangai sgl die, ensem haha

    jaejin cm rmbt lame je haha comeeelllll. suara die aaa smkn hari smkn sweet... i love you jaejin lol out of nowehere.

  6. lol hm i wish he would do something about it, aku rse hongki mlas skarng, nothing drastic until their korean comeback?

    kan!!! omg that is TOTALLY TRUE! if it wasnt for his complete weirdness he'll be perfectly handsome! XP


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