05 July 2010

DNT is Knock Knock-ing! [MV]

sweet uniform guys..

Min, Karin, Joonyong, Dongwook & Taerang (previously known as ByungKyu) are back with single Knock Knock! These guys are really under the radar, excuse me for the irony. I like their costumes of Soldier-Navy Seal outfits.

If you didn't know DNT or Dragon N Tiger started out as a 5-member K-Pop boyband who's debuted quite a few years ago, but one dropped out because of Millitary duty, then they performed as a 4-member group for 2 years. Another dude Taeku recently left due to health problems then for their comeback they've added 2 new members Min & Karin. Their first known single was Crazily Pretty if you remember? If you'd like to know more about these kids we've already made a profile!

Knock Knock MV:

Panda: I actually would love a storyline MV from these guys anytime soon? If they haven't already. That would make fans more pulled in to DNT. Is Joonyong rapping? lol cool. The song is about fully autotuned, but to cut these guys some slack, the song ain't half bad ey?

Owh look! More ways to stalk DNT as all 5 guys have twitter! xP

-> Min's Twitter
-> Karin's Twitter
-> Joonyong's Twitter
-> Dongwook's Twitter
-> Taerang's Twitter


  1. lahhh..tambah lg 2 new members lak..azra,klo rajin, carilah sal info yang new members uh ok..!!

    hehee..Knock knock..hrmmm..not bad lahhh..their outfits mmg stylo glerr laa..like it like it!! yupp..junyoung mmg rapper n vocal..mmg ske die! yeahhh!! yag min n karin nmpk cam good looking gak..keh3...


  2. haha sorry confirm! i xkan cari lol. i thk i like taerang he looks really cool.

    @awin - u dont hav to post, edit profile dorg je haha

  3. hahha..tau edit..but nak cari profile yg lembab uh..i use broadband laa kat cni..sgt slow!! geram jek..

  4. lol u mean u dont use broadband back home? lol. pttulah lol

    kay dnt hwaiting! i wna see their perf lol

  5. i kinda like the song...

    as for the mv, i dont like it at all lol pening wehhh and tarian cam ade mj, ade dbsk, and some others idk


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