08 July 2010

Narsha's Narshism & Bbi Ri Bop-A MV + [Tracklist]

how do i look..?

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls is ready for her solo debut with mini album Narshism! Now everyone's a buzz on how crazy and amazing and crazy Narsha's whole concept is. Seriously they are pulling no stops on this debut, its quite a spectacle to watch.

Nothing much have been clearified about the album, but with my own guesses Narshism is a play of words counting in Narsha, ism as in style, or the word schism which depicts two polar sides of each other. That would explain all the contrasting outfits to one another, showing the good & bad sides of a person ie. Narsha as a Nun/Angel to a Witch. Good for your first lesson of Narshism? lol.

Bbi Ri Bop-A MV:

There are a lot of things to say about this mv, but nonetheless its pretty damn awesome. Who knew Narsha could be so dastardly sexy?? Like na I'm serious, its not like a too much-making-me-uncomfy sexy, its more like a whoa! I can't believe she's so hauntingly sexy! haha. I love Narsha but this MV showed me a whole different side of her.

To say that this MV is scary, YES it's very scary. Why? 1) Narsha looks scary! She's so pale with all the makeup! With all her outfits together like whoa she completely transforms each scene. It helps a lot in the scary department no doubt. 2) The song Bbi Ri Bop-A sounds very scary as well! But it does have a cool dance to it haha loads of people would try to copy that lol. Very eerie but cool MV, *bowing, bowing for loads of respect, respect*

Keep on reading to see more awesomely crafted shots.

Think you'll like the songs?

1 - Fantastic
2 - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop-A)
3 - I'm In Love (with Jeong Sungha 정성하)
4 - Queen B
5 - Radio Star
6 - 맘마미아 (Mama Mia Preview)
7 - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop-A Inst.)

Narsha - 1st Mini Album.rar

Panda says: The album is quite Fantastic indeed. Its not something to blow your heads about unless its for Bbi Ri Bop-A MV which I thoroughly understand, its just a pretty good album.

My favorite would be I'm In Love. Reader windsorus just told me Jeong Sungha is the cool guitar player in the song. It such a good ballad! Narsha's my favorite vocals in Brown Eyed Girls.

Radio Star is also really good, one of my faves, its funny cuz in real life Narsha is also a radio star, its been so long since the music's been attached to the artist and what the artist is going through. Its really refreshing. This is what music is about.

Fantastic & Queen B share the same feel, very upbeat but thankful this album has almost No Autotune!! Yay for Narsha!! You get 5 Stars just for that! Though, I don't know what the Mama Mia Preview is for? Is she releasing more songs?


Angelic/Nun Narsha

Bad/Witch Narsha


  1. To panda, Sungha dun sing! He plays guitar. Its kind of obvious from the teaser! This kid only play guitar... i never heard him sing at all in all his videos..

  2. @windsorus - oo i expected so, lol thnx for telling me! i've never listened to him before so thats cool.

  3. wait is it jeong sungha that plays guitar in star golden bell sea.1?? lol

  4. err first pic, scary~

    haha narshism? cm rainism je haha

    haha gmbr2 die beshhh wohh... rmbt xtahan hahaok instead of comment about the song, i always comment about pics, didnt i? lol azra, go and dress like that, ill take your pic XD

    aaa peliknye bila terbygkan die kat invicible youth dgn kat snh haha

    mv - hahah xleh bla gle. cool! i like tym itam putih and rmbt die oren tuh hahah lawa,, tym lari dlm hutan and baring kat batu bwh ade ocean lol last2 laki uh jdk gle eh? hahaa

  5. haha yes yes u do lol. haha why am i the only one to dress up?? xP.

    yea i was thkin of the same thg, so different than the normal hobo narsha who makes a lot of jokes lol.

    i thot she looked like the girl vampire wit the orange hair in the mv, cuz she was running so much haha


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