30 March 2011

U-KISS - 0330 MV + Bran New Kiss Mini Album

Are you ready??? U-U-U-U-KISS~ They're finally back!

I never really like U-KISS mv before, but this one is definitely good!

Dongho has imaginary girlfriend lol! Okay yeah so apparently Dongho's girlfriend left him or died or I don't know, and he imagine that his girlfriend is still there. I don't get it until the end. I even taught that Eli is Dongho's stalker or rival or something XD Btw, Eli look sooooo freaking good. My fav now hehehe Dongho is so adorable!

The new member sings and raps! Wow. Kiseop didn't sing much tho =.= Dongho rap so cute! No need to further comment on Soohyun and Kevin. So many English words here. This is my tragic story is so lol Btw, is Soohyun really the official leader now?

Plus, I love the piano =)

The dance part is so cool! Wanna see the full dance version mv soon!

29 March 2011

U-KISS - 0330 Teaser

I have to say, U-KISS always has awesome teaser! You just have to repeat like thousand times!

The song sounds sweet, and the mv looks beautiful but sad. You just have to watch this. Though, the fact that my fav member is no longer here =.= (scream out xander name) I still can't wait for their comeback. Eli's blonde hair looks so good. Dongho looks great, main character? XD Oh and can't wait to hear how the new members sound like XD

4minute - Heart to Heart MV + Mini Album

Hye girls and guys! Remember me? alia aka flyfonix is back! keke I believe this is my first post for this year XD Jongmal mianhee...

Anyway, my top 3 girls group is back! Who's next? 4 4 4 4minute! Along side CNBLUE'S Jungshin!

Jungshin looks like Japanese to me lol The mv is cute. The girls childish revenge is definitely cute. This mv and song remind me of What A Girl Wants. You know, I think I saw lots sides of 4minute. The strong, cool side like HUH, I My Me Mine, and Superstar; the young, funky side like Muzik and Hot Issues; and the cute, bubbly side like this song. I can say I love all them all!

19 March 2011

ZE:A (Child Of Empire) - Here I Am MV + 1st Album Lovability

Kyaa~ Love their new styles :))

The nine boys are coming back this year with a released of their first full album named, Lovability! Having debuted in lately 2009, they had released two mini albums, Mazeltov and Leap For Detonation plus one single, Level Up..I seriously missed nine of them :( hahaha..They had transformed from strong, masculine images to a lovely and romantic handsome guys..I'm not actually like this concept..As for me, the old concepts and songs were more suit them..hehe^^ They had finally revealed MV for Here I Am..Nevertheless, they are really cute!

Cred: zea2011

Aigooo~ I can't stop looking at Kwanghee..hahaha! Love the MV too..the boys look so cute in colourful clothes! I'm trying to accept this new concept of ZE:A..hehe ^^ Heechul in pink! Waaa,lovely! and Minwoo ah?!! Since when you keep that long hair?? hahaa..whatever lah he is still cute <3

The lovable ZE:A <3

01 Intro (new)
02 Here I Am (new)
03 Again... (new)
04 Mazeltov
05 하루종일 (All Day)
06 Be My Girl (new)
07 Love Coach
08 이별드립 (Level Up)
09 New Star
10 Man 2 Man
11 Special Day (For ZE:A's) (new)
12 Here I Am (Inst.) (new)


Infinite - Nothing's Over MV + Inspirit

I'm so excited that the boys of INFINITE are back!! Shedding their dark “Before the Dawn” concept, the boys went with a playful and romantic look to coincide with the upcoming spring season..They have released Nothing's Over MV few days ago and they already made their comeback stage in music shows :)

Cred: woolliment

Sung Yeol ah!!~ Why you have such a cute looking?! He didn't had much appearance right in other Infinite's MV, I had never noticed him before this..hahaha..and he didn't sing any solo part..hrmm..as usual, only Sung Kyu, L, and Woohyun are singing in solo parts! hahaha..I just like this song! It's not as good as Before The Dawn..but I still love their cute concept..Woohyun & Hoya <3

01 Nothing's Over
02 Shot
03 Can You Smile (Remake)

Track #3 is the remake from their 1st mini album-Evolution, I love the original one but the remake is a slow version and it sounds great too! Yes, I can SMILE :) waaa, I love Infinite!!!!

11 March 2011

CN Blue - First Step MV TEASER 1 & 2!

Oh yeah! CN BLUE boys are up for a comeback this March 21st! This marks Yonghwa's, Jonghyun's, Minhyuk's and Jungshin's 1st ever full album FIRST STEP. I dunno if the song will be called this as well but the teaser sure promotes the album.

Check it out super duper hot please try not to faint while watching this and cry as hard as you can like I did hahaha. LMAO when they knock out the security guard with a pepper spray..



Cannnot wait for the full album to come out! I'm so happy this year is full of DAEBAK comebackS!! XD

05 March 2011

Song Ji Eun (Secret) - 미친거니 (Going Crazy) MV

Yay! New hair XD

The vocalist of Secret, Song Ji Eun has revealed her solo song featuring a newcomer rapper, Bang Yong Guk who's actually a trainee under TS Entertainment, he's preparing to debut with a male group in the second half of 2011..He's quite cute and has a husky voice..His featured rap has skyrocketed his popularity to the top of major portal search rankings :))

Bang Yong Guk

Ji Eun has a very powerful vocal that makes "Going Crazy" an awesome song to listen..You know what, "Going Crazy" has been dominating the music charts! Woowww!~ For her MV, actress Min Hyo Rin was featured as a main character who was a psycho..yeah, she's going crazy and then she kills her boyfriend..haha..Micheo =p

Cred: tsent2008

Ji Eun's blue hair is awesome! Love it~ I like this song very much! Her voice is awesome and she is really pretty =D Go SECRET!!!


01 미친거니 (Going Grazy) [Feat. 방용국 (Bang Yong Guk)]
02 미친거니 (Going Grazy) (Inst.)

04 March 2011

Super Junior-M - Perfection MV [Too Perfect 2nd Mini Album + Korean Ver.]

The sub-unit of Super Junior; Super Junior-M has finally unveiled the full MV for their comeback track, "Perfection"! The boys of Super Junior-M have definitely transformed into new persons with a hot comeback! :))) Their 1st mini album, Super Girl in last year was an interesting song and the song became really popular last year..huhuh XD

For your information, Super Junior-M is a sub-group for the chinese album..They now have 8 members..Eunhyuk and Sungmin from Super Junior were newly chosen as a member of Super Junior-M..That's means there is 6 members from Super Junior (Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin) and 2 chinese members (Henry, Zhoumi)..Hankyung/Hangeng who was the member of Super Junior and also Super Junior-M already goes for solo activity in China..

Chinese Ver.

Korean Ver.
Cred: sment

Hhahaha, Siwon is always be the first one to sing..lol..The choreography is as aggressive as ever, and the song is very strong! Everybody looks so cool and hot! Waaaa~ It's time to layan chinese songs =p

Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Zhoumi, and Henry! <3

Too Perfect mp3 DL :-

Big Bang - Tonight MV + 4th Mini Album

The time is come~

Aww~ I hear VIPs's screaming out there! HANDS UP HIGH HIGH!! BIG BANG IS BACK after 2 years break! Yeah, not actually rest for the whole 2 years, they have been working hard in Japanese songs like Tell Me Goodbye and Beautiful Hangover..Love all Big Bang's Japanese songs! They released their Korean 4th mini album on 28th February with 6 tracks including Hands Up and Somebody To Love in Korean version..Tonight's MV has been revealed a few days ago..I thought they want to release a full-length album, hrmm, nevermind lah, with releasing a mini album is good enough for us, right VIPs?? ^^


Haha..as everyone known before, Big Bang's MVs have a high quality videos, the set of the MV is beautiful..and Big Bang usually did not dancing in the MV, yeah, not everyone is very good in dancing..hahaha XD By the way, I like this song! Tonight~~ Tonight~~

Many VIPs have been wondering about the identity of Daesung’s female love interest on this MV..hahaha..It turns out that she’s none other than Chloe Wang, a teenage Chinese-American Chicago native who’s just recently debuted with her first single, “Uh Oh“..hahhaa, my Daesung..toot :( I like his new hair! He's so handsome! Wahh!~

Taeyang, Chloe, Daesung :)

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