16 December 2011

FT Island "Play! FT Island" Concert Live in Malaysia 2012

YES you heard right! FT ISLAND is finally making a stop in their Play! FT Island Asian Tour 2012 in Malaysia this January 14th!

Featuring the Lead Vocals Lee Hong Gi, Leader & Lead Guitarist/Piano Choi Jong Hun, Bassist & Rapper Lee Jaejin, Guitarist & Rapper Song Seung Hyun & Drummer Choi Minhwan, FT ISLAND is visiting Malaysian Primadonnas with a concert & a meet-the-fans session for those who are lucky! EXCITED? I'll explain more, so read very closely lol...

TIME: 8:30PM

Organizers: Squareroots (website) (facebook)


*all prices add + RM3 (service fee)

ROCK ZONE (free standing) - RM468
P1 (numbered seats) - RM368
P2 (free seating) - RM248
P3 (free seating) - RM138
VIP - (details released 19 December)

15 December 2011

Boyfriend "I'll Be There" (Christmas Single) + Performance + Tracklist

merry xmas bestfriends~~

Yay for X-mas K-Pop songs! It never fails to put a smile to my face during the winter holidays. Boyfriend already sang a Christmas song "Pink Romance" along with company buddies Starship Planet with K.Will & SISTAR, but they have to make us happier with this single kekeke.. I really don't mind. Rookie Boyfriend hwaiting!
I'll Be There is an uptempo song and I completely am loving it with its new generation of non-cliche hook songs , its a great track to follow after my favorite repeat "Don't Touch My Girlfriend", now this is on my repeat! lol.

I'll Be There MV:


Youngmin got so much cooler with his new hair-do! He's a great actor in this such a sad face expression, you just wanna go and hug him! I love these twins but they're not the only ones as I also love main vocals Jeongmin he's such a cutie. What I don't really like is that the set looked so fake haha I dunno maybe its supposed to look like that. If you don't Boyfriend specifically, here's their profile by awin! Ugghh why are they so young... =.=

U-Kiss - Tick Tack PV & Japanese Major Debut Album!

Let me start off by saying that this is THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF U-KISS EVER!!! Perhaps even one of the best this entire year. From the daebak precision of the "TICK-TACK" choreography to the amazing full-on sound throttle, U-Kiss has defined how far they can go to exceed expectations!

I will just let you watch because despite being a japanese debut, its a MAJOR debut into the mainstream japan which explains the explosive concept & impeccable lyrics. Plus, everyone is fricking awesome. Soohyun & Hoon's vocal mash is just epic. as well as the most heart-pounding rapping from the brilliant three Eli, AJ & Dongho and in fast japanese! Main vocal Kevin is joined by Kiseop who's tremendously improved on his singing.



So?? XD I couldn't help hanging my mouth open when I first saw this. I really wish this was their Korean comeback song but oh well, its still really good.

The lyrics portray a guy (U-Kiss) who keeps lying to their girlfriend, keeping her clinging on a string, but he doesn't understand why she stays with him. As time goes on, he just keeps on lying because that's just who he is.

I tried to see what Tick Tack means, but all I could find was that it was Tick Tock in Swedish haha I don't think I'm looking at the right meaning lol. I dunno about you but AJ looks more and more like Song Seunghyun of FTI haha sorry but it makes me like him more! I love these boys to death!


01 - Tick Tack
02 - Coincidence
03 - 0330 (Piano & Chorus ver.)
04 - Tick Tack (inst.)
05 - Coincidence (inst.)

Panda Says: Its a single album you're sure to enjoy, its impacted me quite heavily at first listen. 0330 in Japanese with piano is just extremely soothing. I just love U-Kiss yall~

09 December 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111209]

Fuhh, finally IU won for this week's K-Chart! :D Terbaik!!~ She beats SNSD (currently in Singapore for concert) who already won for 6th consecutive weeks..

1. IU - You & I
2. SNSD - The Boys
3. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
4. T-Ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I Miss You
6. Electroboyz - Ma Boy 2
7. A Pink - My My
8. Secret - Love is Move
9. Lee Seung Gi - 친구잖아 (You're My Friend)
10. IU - 비밀 (Secret) [NEW]
11. Lee Seung Gi - 연애시대 (Alone In Love)
12. Dynamic Duo - Burning Friday
13. SNSD - Mr. Taxi
14. Huh Gak - All I Can Say is That I Want to Die
15. Trouble Maker (JS&Hyuna) - Trouble Maker [NEW]
16. T-Ara - Roly poly
17. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay
18. Kim Yeon Woo - Happiness...Goodbye
19. Seo In Young - Oh My Gosh
20. 4Men & Mi - That Man, That Woman

.:Debut Stage:.
Trouble Maker (BEAST's Hyunseung & 4MINUTE's Hyuna)

~Comeback performances~
Boyfriend, Chocolat, Yurisangja, Park Ki Young, and X-5

Other performers : Wonder Girls, T-ara, IU, Dynamic Duo, Yurisangja, New.F.O, A Pink, Lee Ji Hye, M-Signal, RaNia, MYNAME, TRAX, Electroboyz, Seo In Young, Norazo, Noel, Wink, Crispi Crunch, and BoM.

* Wohhh, T-Ara's Roly Poly!!
* Trouble Maker's debut! haha they already changed the choreography :))

08 December 2011

Infinite's White Confession (Lately) MV!

OMG guys! This is the best Christmas song I have ever heard!! Arghh, these boys are killing me =.+

Cred: woolliment

Wahaha I don't know what to say, the MV plus the song are just so awesome! It's one of the best Christmas MV! Uwaa, I really miss them. Hope to see you guys next year :)) Woohyun, Hoya, Sungjong, Sungkyu, L, Sungyeol & Dongwoo. Forever Inspirit <3

p/s: The shortest entry I have ever wrote! XDD *Over excited*

03 December 2011

Trouble Maker (JS/Hyunseung of B2ST & Hyuna of 4Minute) MV & Mini Album [Tracklist]

Let's get to it! A unit group from Cube Entertainment has been circling the web like a house lit on fire, I needed a couple days to recuperate from this hot phenomenon.. but I don't think it worked. Here we have Hyuna from 4Minute and Jang Hyunseung from B2ST, known as JS in this unit group called Trouble Maker!

These two must be the most compatible cutest & sexiest couple yet to be paired. A combination of Chic & Sexy with an awesome Hip-Hop/R&B song taste, the Trouble Maker project is set to explode the stage! Two teaser MVs set off the fans from the extreme chemistry the two have and I can't help but say they are adorable. If you love 4Minute or B2st you MUST check out this mv!

Trouble Maker MV:


The first line goes JS: When I look into your eyes, I'm a Trouble Maker.
Hyuna: When I am with you, I'm a Trouble Maker.
What I should say next is: When I watch the two of you, I feel like I'm in trouble......

Here's the Tracklist:

01 - Trouble Maker
02 - 듣기 싫은 말 (The Words I Don't Wanna Hear)
03 - Time ft. Rado 라도) [Hyuna's Solo]
04 - 아무렇지 않니 (I Don't Mind) [JS Solo]

Panda Says: I recommend Trouble Maker and The Words I Don't Wanna Hear, I just absolutely love these two together! The solos are good as well XD.

Below are the teasers, & Trouble Maker's performance to tease us from the MAMA 2011 awards, yes JS & Hyuna kiss lip to cheek (you have to see with clearer cam though), so cute! Hyunseung's cheek is so tembam....

01 December 2011

Happy Pledis (After School, Pledis Boys & Son Dambi) - Love Letter MV!

Yeay! The next family song is from Happy Pledis!

After School, Pledis Boys and Son Dambi singing together for a lovely Christmas song, "Love Letter"! I saw two unknown girls in the MV, I'm not sure who are they, but many said that their names are Yoo Ara and Hyelim..

Cred: pledisartist

Aww After School girls are the goddess! They are really gorgeous! I like Jungah! She get to sing many lines :) Hehe. Son Dambi is also beautiful as always. I think all of them are like models, they are tall (except Raina XD) and so pretty~~

Haa, Pledis Boys are going to debut next year! Omoo, I can't wait to watch their MV and talents. They all look cute :) One of them was featured in Orange Caramel, "Shanghai Romance".

Take a look at 7 members of Pledis Boys's pictures down here. I don't know their names yet '=.=

30 November 2011

Star Empire (ZE:A, Jewelry & Nine Muses) Releases "Shooting Star" MV

I love when idol groups of the same company do their family song and releases one family MV! :))

Not enough members of ZE:A and Nine Muses :(

Since this is Christmas month, usually every company releases their Christmas song to show off their joy and happiness to celebrate Christmas. Just a few days ago, Starship Planet has released their single, "Pink Romance" and now Star Empire also released one Christmas song titled "Shooting Star" :D

Star Empire consist of ZE:A, Jewelry, Nine Muses and solo artists like Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah. Let's enjoy watching their sweet MV below :-

Cred: AsianDream2016

I only know ZE:A, Jewelry's members, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah. Aaa, I still can't remember Nine Muses's names hahaha.

Waaa, I haven't seen ZE:A for so long! I miss them! Hehe Minwoo's rap :) Dongjun's voice is like heaven! hahah. Lol Kwanghee in the end!! He's so funny..

IU's You & I (너랑 나) MV + Last Fantasy 2nd Album (Tracklist + Concept Pics)

IU, Korea's little miss is back with a brand new 2nd album "Last Fantasy" to leave listeners lost in a fantastical-like dream.

IU has been gone for a year? But fans who loved "Good Day" can look forward to another great track written by the same producers for "You and I". The music video stars IU and Hyunwoo yes from Master of Study! Haven't seen this boy in a while I missed him.. he's so cute!

The story starts off in a Gipetto-like workshop, as Loen Ent. explains, IU works in her father's clock shop and made the boy, so that he was designed to wake up when the girl turns into an adult. Haha I wish my dad made me one of those..

너랑 나 (You and I) MV:


LOEN Ent explaination, IU gets tired waiting for the boy, she becomes too eager and built a time machine so she can grow up faster. Unbeknownst, the boy wakes up while she was in the machine (with her duck) I love that duck, I want it.. Anyways, then IU sadly disappears, to another time I reckon. Aww look at how sad he is. Flash to the future the two don't recognize each other but smile sweetly from momentary de ja vu.

Below, tracklist & HD concept pics...

26 November 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111125]

Congratulations again to SNSD for getting #1 in K-Chart! I think this is their 5th winning. Kyaaa~ I want Wonder Girls to win next week! Huhu =D

1. SNSD - The Boys
2. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
3. Lee Seung Gi - 연애시대 (Alone In Love)
4. T-Ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I Miss You
6. Lee Seung Gi - 친구잖아 (You're My Friend)
7. Secret - Love Is Move
8. Huh Gak - All I Can Say is That I Want to Die
9. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay [NEW]
10. J-Cera - 그댄 정말 모를거예요 (You May Not Really Know)
11. 4Men & Mi - That Man, That Woman
12. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
13. Kara - Step
14. Electroboyz - Ma Boy 2 [NEW]
15. Huh Gak - Hello
16. Davichi - Don't Say Good-bye
17. Tablo - Tomorrow (Feat. Taeyang of BigBang)
18. T-Ara - Roly-Poly
19. Son Ho Young - 예쁘고 미웠다 (Pretty/Ugly) (Feat. BIZZY)
20. Wonder Girls - G.N.O (Girls Night Out) [NEW]

List of performers on 25th November 2011 :-

.:Debut Stage:.
New.F.O - Bounce

~Comeback performance~
A Pink - My My

Other performers : SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Son Ho Young, Kim Jo Han, Noel, Norazo, Seo In Young, Tim, B1A4, TRAX, MYNAME, J-Cera, Lee Ji Hae, A-ble, Beige, LEDApple, Wink, M.I.B, AA, Crispi Crunch, Park Soo Bin, and Electroboyz.

**Next Week Teaser - Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)'s Debut! Waaa, I can't wait to see them perform as a duo! 0.o

* A Pink! kyeoptaaaa~~~

25 November 2011

Starship Planet (K.Will, SISTAR & Boyfriend) Reveals "Pink Romance" MV!

SM Town, JYP Nation, YG Family, United Cube, Happy Pledis, Star Empire and now here comes Starship Planet!

Coming together as 'Starship Planet', SISTAR, Boyfriend, and K.Will collaborated on a festive MV, "Pink Romance".

Cred: starshipTV

They seem close together and so loving :) Hahha, Hyorin is such a playful girl, she and K.Will can make a good couple! They look good together. Omooo, I see Malaysian flag there @1:00, I'm so proud to be a Malaysian ^^ hahahha

K.Will - Yes! I love his voice so much~~

SISTAR - Hyorin! I love your powerful vocal! Soyou and Donghyun together are so sweet :)

Boyfriend - Jeongmin sings the 1st verse! He's so cute waaa~~ Minwoo and Kwangmin rap together! :D

24 November 2011

A Pink - My My MV + Snow Pink 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Next girl group from Cube Entertainment have already released their "My My" MV and also a mini album, "Snow Pink" for their comeback! :) A Pink which consist of 7 members is one of my favourite girl group. Hehe they are cute and able to sing very well yeah most of them are younger than me. lol XD

Cred: acubeent

I love them singing cute songs like this. I want them to stay with this cute concept, don't change to sexy and hot concept! Let 4minute be. Hahaha :p Haaa, I'am very impress with Eunji's vocal! Her vocal is the best! ^^ For those who haven't recognize them yet, check the below list okayh..

0:29 Bomi - Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist
0:39 Naeun - Vocalist & Visual
0:49 EunJi - Main Vocalist
1:41 Chorong - Leader , Vocalist & Rapper
1:52 Hayoung - Maknae (youngest member) & vocalist
2:01 Namjoo - Vocalist & Rapper
2:56 Yookyung- Vocalist & Lead Dancer

If you want to know more about the girls visit APINK.NET
Thanks to 05amymay@youtube for the tips!

[2nd mini album]

01 He's My Baby
02 MY MY
03 Yeah
04 꿈결처럼 (Like A Dream)
05 Prince

A CUTE album from A Pink! <3

17 November 2011

FT Island Distance PV 6th JP Single + Concept Pics!

aitakute~ tada aitakute~!

The boys are back to their Japanese promos... again haha. I really am so so so worried about FT Island, if its not Japanese promos, they have to promote in Korea, and back & forth, back & forth, WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO REST?!

Anyways, their songs will keep soothing me, because FT Island will always have that je ne sais quoi that makes me love everything they do..

Charmingly set in a winter wonderland landscape, Distance shows a sweet, airy miss of a love that one feels when it snows. The rock ballad includes a brilliant arrangement & leader Choi Jonghun puts down his guitar to showcase his lovely pianist side. Lee Hongki's voice is harmonized with bassist Lee Jaejin and Jaejin's solos compliment the song beautifully. This song can send me to sleep every night~

Distance PV:

DISTANCE - 6th Japanese Single
RELEASE: 30 Nov 2011

01 - Distance - Opening theme song for "Happy Music" (November)
LYRICS: Kenn Kato, Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun

02 - LIFE
LYRICS: Lee Jaejin, Kenn Kato

03 - Venus
LYRICS: Lee Jaejin, Kenn Kato
ARRANGEMENT: 鈴木daichi秀行

04 - Distance (instrumental)

Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream MV + Performance

na eotteokhajyo eonni?!

Brown Eyed Girls amaze with a follow-up comeback of a brilliant new ballad. Its a sweet serenade where you can feel the poignant expression of heart-break and having your friends to help pick you up from sadness.

Cleansing Cream is one of my songs on repeat, currently I have to play it at least once a day or else I'd go mad I cannot listen to this beautifully sung song. I HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to this song, artistically Narsha, Jea, Gain & Miryo have grown exponentially, they should definitely NOT go unappreciated!

Cleansing Cream (클렌징크림) MV:


11 November 2011

T-ara Releases "Cry Cry" MV + Black Eyes Mini Album [Tracklist]

Roly poly, roly roly poly~ T-ara is back yeahh!! =D

T-ara just releases their new mini album, "Black Eyes"! and the title track "Cry Cry" is a great ballad song ever singing by T-ara! They also releases a 15min music drama featured Jiyeon as the main character and actor Cha Seung Won (He's hot! lol XD).


Aww~ I love Jiyeon! She is so gorgeous with that short hair! She is an awesome actress! She sings very well too :) Ahh, I almost cried when Jiyeon pointed the gun towards her "ahjusshi" :'( Luckily she didn't shoot him. This music drama gonna have its part 2. Waa, can't wait to see Hyomin and Eunjong in actions!! 0.0


01 Cry Cry
02 Goodbye, OK
03 0 My God
04 I'm So Bad
05 Cry Cry (Ballas Ver.)
06 Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Ver.)

*"Cry Cry" and "Goodbye,OK" are my current fav from the album! Nice album from T-ara <3

08 November 2011

Wonder Girls - Be My Baby MV + Wonder World Album [Tracklist]

I think we are lack of Wonder Girls's post here. Hehe this is the first time I spazz about WG. I'm not a big fan of WG but their new album are pretty awesome! Esp their title track "Be My Baby" and the MV is quite good for me. Yeah, I'm so happy and proud for WG's comeback this year plus they had gained popularity in worldwide ^^

Sohee aww~

Cred: wondergirls

It is beautiful, isn't? I love their outfits and dancing! Yubin is the prettiest :) Sohee is very cute. Her voice is getting good lately. This song, "Be My Baby" has achieved an all-kill on various music charts okayh and the view count of this official MV currently reads over 2 million views after just 2 days. I'm so proud of them and also JYP. Hehe.

They released their 2nd full-length album titled, "Wonder World" on November 6th. The album compiled of 12 new songs.

29 October 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111028]

Bring the boys out!! Congratulation to Girl's Generation or SNSD for winning the #1 crown on K-Chart!! =D

1. SNSD - The Boys 
2. Huh Gak - Hello
3. Lee Seung Gi - Alone In Love
4. Davichi - Don't Say Good-bye
5. FT Island - Like The Birds
6. Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy
7. Secret - Love Is Move [NEW]
8. Kara - Step
9. Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
10. Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance
11. Wheesung - They Are Coming
12. Tablo - Airbag (Feat. Na-ul)
13. Davichi - Love, My Love
14. Sung Si-Kyung - Even Now
15. SISTAR - So Cool
16. Infinite - Paradise
17. Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl
18. Clover - The Guy I Know
19. Kim Bum Soo - 끝사랑 (Last Love)
20. T-Ara - Roly-Poly

*T-Ara and Kara are still rock the chart!

~Debut Stage~
MyName and M.I.B

:.Comeback Stage.:
Twilight and Kim Wan Sun

Goodbye Stage :'(

Performer’s list: SNSD, Secret, FT Island, Infinite, Davichi, Huh Gak, Noel, Orange Caramel, Kim Kyu Jong, Clover, Kan Mi Youn, Ali, MayBee, Suh Young Eun, Flower, AprilKiss, Fat Cat.

* Waaa, I'm gonna miss you my INFINITE!! Be Mine Paradise~

24 October 2011

KBS Drama "Noriko Goes To Seoul!" (노리코 서울 에 가다!) - [English Sub]

Hey guys! So I know I don't usually stream movies online but I consider this a random post and I have no idea if it will show on KBS World or not lol.

I haven't been doing any of this lately so I thought I'd share with you guys the K-Drama/Short Film of KBS Noriko Goes To Seoul! (English Subbed of course) If you have no idea what story this is, I'll give you three words... LEE. HONG. GI!

Yup! This drama is a recent short drama at 90 minutes, Lee Hongki of FT Island acted in for Chuseok Holiday in Korea. Alongside him he has the beautiful veteran japanese actress Takashima Reiko. Its about a japanese ajumma who wants to learn how to sing from this boy (who is awesome at singing) so she can make her daughter proud. I have to say Takashima Reiko is hilarious in this short film!

Here's the synopsis -> http://effpoo4our.blogspot.com/2011/09/idols-in-new-dramas-and-movies.html

This is more of a family film that I didn't expect it to be so funny. Although Hongki is playing a money-minded emo kid, he's a musically talented little fellow who plays guitar! Also songs of FT Island are featured, and the rest of the FTI boys are known as ISLAND an indie band in the show haha that was cute as well. Enjoy!

Part 1/8:

23 October 2011

FT Island Like Birds MV & Memory in FT Island Album + Comeback Performance!

My boyss! I'm so sorry for not posting you earlier. For some reason FT Island loves to comeback when school starts haha but that's probably why I don't pay attention for the first months haha.

FT ISLAND is back with a remake album "Memory in FT Island." The song Like Birds is originally sung back in 1998 by senior singer Byeon Ji Seop. The entire album is suppose to be just a treat for fans, it consists of several songs sung from different time eras. Including an official recorded version of "Shinsadong Person" the song Lee Hongki sang and FT Island performed & won on Immortal Song 2!

Like Birds (새들 처럼) MV:


I loove how the song is so fun, I love when they play around in that big jeep haha they are just too cute and amazingly talented all of them! Drummer baby Minhwan I'll come after you!

Here's my favorite performance of them in I think from Inkigayo. Its so cute how the entire crowd is singing along and FTI is just being so silly. Love the ad-libbing Hongki does.

Like Birds Performance:


22 October 2011

The Boss (대국남아) Lady MV Teaser!

Dae Guk Nam Ah is back!!

Ah my The BOSS boys are back! I'm so happy to be expecting their korean comeback ..this month?? Oh well. The music teaser of their 2nd Korean single "Lady" and you can clearly see the transformation and growth the boys experiences to turn into young suave gentlemen in black suits sooo sexyyyy *happyface*. The thing about The Boss that I like is that they are always so fresh and lively no matter what they do!

Lady MV Teaser:


If you've been wondering what Dae Guk Nam Ah has been up to since their hiatus from Korea, they have been promoting non-stop in Japan, reaching fame for their Love Power 1st single, then moving on to Love Bingo, and lastly Love Parade as their japanese name Daikoku Danji (大国男児). Haha a lot of Love. While you wait for their comeback, check out the recent "Love Parade" PV of these most adorable boys!! The other PVs are just as fun!

[JP] Love Parade PV:


19 October 2011

SNSD/Girls' Generation - The Boys MV (Kor. & Eng Ver.) + 3rd Album [Tracklist]

Our pop queens is back with their 3rd full-length album! SNSD has finally released the MV for "The Boys" after postponed it for about a week I think. They will join Universal Music Group under Interscope Records, which currently houses extremely famous talents such as Lady Gaga, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas. Wahh, the girls are going to increase their popularity through worldwide! I'm so proud of them :) Hwaiting!!~

Korean Version

Omoo, they are so gorgeous!! They look so elegant with those dresses! Jessica's dress is the best! Huhu, the song is just okayh to me. But I think they will win all the music shows. Hahaha~ Btw, Seohyun get to sing many lines ^^

English Version

Nothing is different here, only they are singing in English. Tiffany should sing more..I prefer the Korean version ^^

The tracklist for "The Boys"

01. The Boys
02. Telepathy
03. Say Yes
04. Trick
05. How Great is Your Love
06. My J
07. Oscar
08. Top Secret
09. Lazy Girl
10. Sunflower
11. Vitamin
12. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
13. The Boys (Eng Ver.)

Waaa, I'm going to listen all the songs as soon as possible..

Wanna see their beautiful concept pictures? Click "Read more" :))

Secret - Love Is Move MV + Moving In Secret Album [Tracklist]

"Love Is Move" MV was finally out! Wahhh, SNSD's The Boys also has been revealed! Secret will face against SNSD for this week. I love both groups, I didn't want to bash anyone here okayh :) So, let's watch Secret's latest MV~


I love Secret because they have their own identity and yeah, they are sexy esp Hyosung and Zinger. Hahaha! Their songs are awesome and very addictive, that's why I love them <3 "Love Is Move" is like a retro song with modern moves, actually most of Secret's dance movements are very easy to dance, very simple choreography. Well, they are so energetic lohh~ Seonhwa's part is my fav! Heheh XD

01 사랑은 (Move)
02 섹시하게 (Sexy)
03 웃지 좀 마 (Don't Laugh)
04 Movie Star
05 Amazinger (Zinger Solo)
06 Together
07 바래 (Hope)
08 Bastard
09 Neverland
10 사랑은 (Move) (Inst.)

Haaa, I'm going to listen for the album when I get home next week. I wanna download all the latest song! Haha =D

13 October 2011

Secret's "Love is Move" Teaser!

Waaa, I'm so excited that SECRET will make their comeback! They have just revealed their MV teaser for the new song, "Love Is Move" today, check it out guys..

Cred: TSENT2008

Okayh, their song gonna be a hit song like "Madonna"! Hahaha, well, they are too sexy for me :p I like their concept before in "Starlight Moonlight" more. Hehe, yeah but SECRET is still one of my fav girl group! =D I'm waiting for their full song and MV!!~

Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance MV + [Tracklist]

Ok, they're like dolls ^^

Orange Caramel is back with a new single, "Shanghai Romance". This time it's in Shanghai, before was Bangkok, the next destination will be?! Hahaha =D

Cred: pledisartist

Another cute song from them! Love it! They are the best group debuted with a cute concept! Gosh, who is that hot guy??! I bet he's one of After School Boys members. Hahaha.. Pledis, please let After School Boys debut quickly~~


01 샹하이 로맨스 (Shanghai Romance) [NEW]
02 눈을 감아 (Keep Your Eyes Closed) [Nana's Solo] [NEW]
03 이 곳에 서서 (The Day You Went Away)

Nana's solo song is sweet~ Her voice is so tiny! lol XD

11 October 2011

Jun.K's "Alive" MV [Stage Version]

Let's watch Jun.K's performance on stage first before the official MV one!

Cred: 2pm

I feeling so alive~~ He's so cool! :))

06 October 2011

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl MV + 2nd Single Album [Tracklist]

Nan naui Boyfriend~ Aww, their song is still playing in my head. Haha. Yesterday, Boyfriend has released their new MV for their title track, "Don't Touch My Girl". They also released their 2nd single album that contains 5 tracks including the intro and instrumentals. Let's watch their MV below :-

Cred: starshiptv

Hahaha, which one is Youngmin? Kwangmin? Please somebody tell me! The one who's rap is Kwangmin right? He looks handsome with a new haircut. Jeongmin, my fav! He is so cute in here!!~ The girl [Lee Se Young] who is dating with the boys. Lol~  Love their outfits! This is not a "cute" song like "Boyfriend" song but I like this kind of song, it shows their vocal talents and rapping as well :)

The tracklist for the single album~

01. You’re My Lady
02. Don’t Touch My Girl
03. Jum Jum Jum / Little By Little
04. Don’t Touch My Girl (Inst.)
05. Jum Jum Jum / Little By Little (Inst.)

2PM's Jun.K Released "Alive" MV Teaser!

2PM's Jun.K or Junsu has finally making his official solo debut yeah! =D

His brand new track titled, "Alive" gonna makes you all gone wild with his sexy rap and hip hop style! Wahh, I'm so in love with the teaser ^^

Cred: 2pm

He's holding a PANDA bear! Wahh, so cute! Junsu Panda.Lol~ Yeah! Can't wait for this upcoming October 10th!! Junsu ah~~

01 October 2011

Super Junior - A-CHA MV + Comeback Peformance!


The boys are back with a new music video titled, "A-cha"! This song was included in their Mr.Simple's repackaged album. There are 4 new songs in this repackaged album. Check out the MV below :-


Though they are promoting with 8 members, but we could see all 10 members here! Heechul and Siwon! Ermm, I think Mr.Simple is more addictive than A-Cha :) Heheh.. I love Ryeowook's part in the end~~

Their comeback performance!

Cred: CrazyCarrotExtra2

A cool performance from Super Junior!

02.A-CHA [NEW]
03.Mr. Simple
04.Oops!! (Feat. f(x)) [NEW]
05.하루에 (A Day) [NEW]
06.안단테 (Andante) [NEW]
07.오페라 (Opera)
08.라라라라 (Be My Girl)
10.폭풍 (Storm)
11.어느새 우린 (Good Friends)
12.결투 (Feels Good)
13.기억을 따라 (Memories)
14.해바라기 (Sunflower)
15.엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
17.My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110930]

I'm home in Bangi for today :) Tomorrow will back to Penang again. So, I'll update as much as I can..hehehe. I miss this blog so much! Thanks to Aoxora for keep updating this blog =DD

Huh Gak won the 1st K-chart yesterday against Super Junior! Congratulations to him! I'm so impressed with his vocal. I love him in Immortal Song 2 =D

1. Huh Gak - Hello
2. Super Junior - A-Cha
3. Kara - Step
4. Sung Si Kyung - Even Now
5. CS Numbers - Cry Out With My Heart
6. Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye
7. SISTAR - So Cool
8. T-ara - Roly Poly
9. Infinite - Be Mine
10. Super Junior - Mr. Simple
11. Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot
12. Zia - I Hope It's You
13. G.NA - Top Girl
14. U-Kiss - Neverland
15. B1A4 - Beautiful Target [NEW]
16. Sung Si Kyung - Oh My Goddess
17. Miss A - Good Bye Baby
18. 2NE1 - Ugly
19. Leessang - 회상 (Remembrance) feat. Baek Ji Young
20. 2NE1 - I Am The Best

.: Debut Stage :.
Kim Kyu Jong and Jewelry S

~~Comeback stage~~
Kim Jang Hoon, Kan Mi Youn, Clover, INFINITE, Kim Bo Kyung and Hwanhee.

Goodbye Stage :(

Other Performers!!
Super Junior, Huh Gak, Fat Cat, Maeng Yoona, Super Baby, B1A4, ALi, CAN, U-KISS, G.NA, Davichi, and SISTAR.

29 September 2011

Sung Si Kyung’s 7th Album – Even Now MV + Performance

Ballads ballads ballads, I give you the Prince of Ballads! I really want to call him the King but I guess he’s too young still to be King, but talk about having seven albums under your belt already, I praise thee. Sung Shi Kyung (성시경) is the best when melting down girls like me with his melodiously addicting voice.

The title track is (Even Now) 난 좋아 . The song is about two people who had a deep past relationship, thinking they would be each other's last, but it didn't end up that way. Oh! This MV made me want to cry, the song is so sweet I love it from the beginning to ending piano. Sung Si Kyung is also pretty hot in sunglasses haha I'm a sucker for cute crooked teeth and a lovely voice.

난 좋아 (Even Now) MV:

Plans never end up the way we think, apparently Sung Si Kyung thinks so too as, the other comback song Sung Shi Kyung performed 오 나의 여신님 (Oh My Goddess) is climbing higher in the music charts! I like both a lot but you guys decide the verdict.

Music Bank Performance "Even Now":

cr: kbsworld

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense Album + MVs

Brown Eyed Girls
are back! From a long hiatus to an awaited comeback, Jea, Ga-In, Narsha and Miryo are ready to blow the music scene with their new latin/italian inspired sound.

Title song Sixth Sense is about how we should attain another type of sense other than the five senses to understand the songs of Brown Eyed Girls’ new album. Sixth Sense is really upbeat, with a sick marching beat, the only part that throws me off is the “pop” chorus part, I don't think its as catchy as it should.

Other than that, the girls are sexier than ever they look amazing! Miryo is awesome, Narsha is well Narsha, Jea is cool and Ga-in looks a little groggy, scary lol. Don't forget how Miryo’s raps are absolutely delectable.

Sixth Sense MV:

Hot Shot MV:

cr: officalbeg

BEG travels through Thailand recording this song for this MV.

Under is the tracks & concept pics!

INFINITE’S “Paradise” MV + Repackaged “Over The Top” Album!

So excited to have another Infinite (인피니트) music video out, these boys keep getting hotter and hotter! I’ve been a huge fan ever since I’ve put “Can You Smile” back from their Inspirit album on constant repeat, even till now. Paradise is another great title track to add to the collection! *fangirling*

The seven boys come out looking quite dissatisfied longing for their girl, oh girl problems. They sit and think into their memories, in a good-looking kind of way. I like the train setting its sorta cool. And I loove how Hoya is amazingly diverse, he’s great at singing and he’s one of the beasty rappers. I think the world is starting to see how Infinite is clearly unique because of their amazing vocals & dance, love their harmonized falsetto! Their potential is really.. Check this out!

Paradise MV:

Under the cut is tracklist & concept pics!

DAVICHI – Love Delight Album + Don’t Say Goodbye MV

Kang Min Kyung & Lee Hae Ri

Let me tell you a story of two lovely voices who have the power to squeeze the life and beauty out of every song they sing! I say two thumbs straight up for Davichi and their new mini album! I love practically every track on Love Delight. No-limit voice Lee Haeri and Super-sweet serenade Kang Min Kyung deserve their praises and awards for their new effort.

Don’t Say Goodbye is the title track here, the MV owh wow well its quite simple but it sure gets you. The first part is creepy I mean how many people come across this? But he’s a jerk haha. Overall for this album all I can say is ah ballads are great..

Don’t Say Goodbye MV

cr: coremidas


01 – 안녕이라고 말하지마 (Don't Say Goodbye)
02 – 사랑 사랑아 (Love, My Love)
03 – 다신 찾지마 (Don't Look For Me Again)
04 – Happy End
05 – 비밀(Secret)
06 – 안녕이라고 말하지마(Don't Say Goodbye) [inst.]

23 September 2011

T-ARA, SG Wanabe, Ok Joo Hyun - Page One MV

I love collaborations! And I sure love a good song when it comes my way. This time round, Soyeon from T-ARA, Kim Jin Ho from SG Wannabe and singer Ok Joo Hyun sings together for Page One Digital Single also for Coffee House OST.

Soyeon's voice is the best and I love how the song is so upbeat yet sad at the same time, it reminded me of the Supernova/T-ARA Time to Love/TTL 2 days. This song is a sweet one featuring all T-ARA girls in the music video!

Take a listen!


14 September 2011

Idols in New Dramas and Movies!

So I originally planned for many individual posts about this but I saw it was better if I just put all of them together because there are so many k-pop idols bitten by the acting bug recently and so many brand new Japanese & Korean dramas for me to watch teehee!

[K-Drama] Lee Hongki (FT ISLAND) in KBS “Noriko Goes to Seoul” (노리코 서울 에 가다)

Actors: Lee Hongki (You’re So Beautiful), Takashima Reiko (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)
Length: 90 min
Release Date: 11 September 2011

What is up with stories with idols & ajummas lately? Oh well, ajummas deserve happiness as well. This drama is about a fanatic Japanese ajumma by the name of Noriko (Takashima Reiko) that visits Seoul to see her favourite Korean star. Mina (Lee Hongki) is a kid that will help her realize this dream. She dreams of becoming a singer, to show her daughter there are strength in dreams. By the way this is a chuseok drama special. I think Hongki will play guitar in here yall and also there are pics of him having a brawl in this movie!

Since its on KBS Malaysian viewers can probably see it soon on KBS World channel. I can’t wait for Hongki’s return to the small screen, he’s such an amazing actor he needs more credit in this.

[K-Movie] Various Idols in “You’re My Pet” (“너는 펫”)

Genre: Comedy
Jang Geun Suk (Mary Stayed Out All Night/ You’re So Beautiful), Kim Ha Neul, Go Woori (Rainbow), Choi Jonghun (FT ISLAND)

Based on the Japanese drama, “Kimi wo Petto”. This story is about an aspiring dancer/ballerino In Ho (Jang Geun Suk) who is apparently hot stuff amongst women. Somehow In Ho ends up living with a beautiful & successful woman who is also socially awkward named Ji Eun (Kim Ha Neul) because she takes in as her “pet”. I’m sorry but I’m particularly excited for the leader of FT Island Choi Jong Hun to finally make his acting debut in this movie!

K-Pop Acts Invading Malaysia 2011!

Although the year might be ending around the bend, school is starting and summer is at an end, that won’t stop K-artists to spread their love to Malaysia! Okayy that didn't rhyme.. Anyways. Dance your way onto the next year with your favorite K-Pop Stars!


3rd, SAT - M Live: MOA Most Amazing 2011 in Kuala Lumpur

Where: MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya
When: 7:30pm
Who: B1A4, f(x), miss A, Super Junior

What good timing! Right after my exams haha, but yes so glad the world of K-POP remembers Malaysia and takes time to celebrate the festive winter (ehem still summer) season with fans down in Malaysia! Is this the very first M Live to take place?

TIP: If you're planning to go along with specific Malaysian K-Pop group Fanclubs, look on below for ways you can purchase merchandise, cheaper tickets and even get seated nearer your favorite star! Hurry and grab your tickets!




- If you are an E.L.F (Super Junior) -> CLICK HERE <-
- If you are a B1A4 Fan -> CLICK HERE <-
- If you are a Say A (Miss A) -> CLICK HERE <-
- If you are a f(x) Fan -> CLICK HERE <-

*sorry a bit blur on which fanclub names are which lol

Organizers: CJ Entertainment, July Media, Fooyoh.com, GF World

Tickets: www.ticketpro.com.my (direct link)

Phone: 03-7880-7999

4th, SUN - Sungha Jung Live in Kuala Lumpur (SOLD OUT! 2 Shows)

Where: UCSI South Wing, Block C, 3rd Floor, Recital Hall
When: 5pm & 8pm

Soooo sad BOTH shows are completely sold out! I did not know sooner Jung Sungha is coming to Malaysia, ohhhh I want to listen to him so bad. Sungha Jung is a master brilliant guitarist popularized by his youtube channel jwcfree. He also has had his work featured on popular tracks such as Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha's I'm In Love. The best part is he's just a kid at 15 and he's released his own albums! *sigh* I swoon for talent..

Tickets (if you're lucky): RM 153, RM 103, RM 83

6th, TUE - Lee Dongwook & Kim Suna "Scent of A Woman" Promotion in Kuala Lumpur

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Diamond Ballroom
Can you believe these two famous actors are coming here to promote? I've been loving Lee Dong Wook since I watched (My Girl) and now I'm watching (The Partner) cause I'm in law school haha, it made me like law xp. Kim Sun Ah is from the drama (My Lovely Kim Samsoon), I remember my sister watching this and laughing her butt off, but I haven't seen.

Catch these two if you're in the area! The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is right next to KLCC, if I'm not mistaken, it was where TheAbracadabras stalked U-KISS hahhaa...

Watch "Scent of A Woman" premiering on Astro's SBS - ONE HD November 30th, airing every Wednesday or Thursday at 9:05 pm!

organizer: ASTRO on behalf of SBS - ONE HD

18th, Sun - Alexander Eusebio Solo Showcase 2011 Live in Kuala Lumpur

Where: Cheras Leisure Mall (Outdoor)
When: 7pm
Who: ex-U-Kiss member/rapper & current 3rd Wave member

This is Xander's first absolute solo live and Malaysian fans get to have exclusive private time with the star. What takes the cake is that Malaysian fans will have the first listen to 6 of Xander's original solo songs that have not yet been released! This performance is accompanied by events such as meet-and-greets & autograph sessions. What are you waiting for?

Soybeanz & MPlus Entertainment
-website: www.soybeanz.com
-facebook: soyabeanz fb

Tickets: www.airasiaredtix.com


A ZONE - RM118


31st, Sat - 2012 Countdown Concert Party in Malaysia

Where: Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon
When: 7pm

Wow! Rookie K-Pop group RaNia sure loves Malaysia! They've been here twice already, once for their own mini showcase, second for Astro's Suara Kami concert and I guess they're kicking off the year with a third. The girls will be joined by the infamous Ella from Taiwanese pop band S.H.E and several local acts like Dragon Red, Da.Mon.Ster, Juanaphobia, Rhythym Nation, Rade & other international DJs.
TICKETS: www.ticketcharge.com.my

(all free standing)
Dinner + Party Zone - RM153
Rock Zone - RM103 (one drink served)
Party Zone - RM83 (beer/soft drink)

*Get your tickets before December 17th & you can enjoy a 30% Early Bird Discount!
*also - sorry only those who are 18 Years & Older can participate!
(I don't think most RaNia members are even 18 years old xp)



25th,FRI – 2PM Asia Tour 2011

Where: Stadium Negara Indoor Stadium, KL
When: 8:3opm

Watch out the beastly idols are headed your way! Hottests should be excited about this as JYP has announced Malaysia as one of the stops for 2PM’s Asian Tour 2011 that will include Japan, China and Singapore. Put your hands up!

RM 638 (Rock Pit)
RM 488 (VVIP)
RM 388 (VIP)
RM 188 (Free Seating)

*tickets not including RM3 processsing fee*

Online: www.starplanet.com.my
Phone: 03-92233667 (Star Planet)
03-92228811 (Ticketcharge)


  • 20% for TM Customers
-must present latest bill upon purchase @ KL VIVA HOME on 8/10/11
-each TM bill entitles to TWO (2) discounted tickets only (valid for all ticket types). Terms apply.

  • 10% Star Planet Privilege Card
-valid for purchase via Star Planet's office(s) only.


14th - Meet The Fans Session with Brian Joo, PJ & 3rd Wave

When: 8pm
Where: Boulevard Hotel, Function Room (8th Floor), KL
Who: Brian Joo, PJ, Johnny Lee

Tickets: RM 100 (includes 3rd Wave's 1st Album "I Will Be There")

The fan meet is only open to 350 fans. The first 50 who purchase tickets will get the opportunity to take pictures with Brian, Johnny and the 3rd Wave members. Xander regrettably will not be able to join fans for this particular event.

-Ordering Tickets for the Fanmeet:

E-mail: starparkmalaysia2011@gmail.com

1) Name:
2) Contact:
3) Quantity of Tickets:

Info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=250513244969703

15th - 3rd Wave "I Will Be There Music Rally"

When: 4pm & 8pm (same program)
Where: Wisma FGA (Full Gospel Assembly), KL
Who: Johnny Lee, Brian Joo, Alexander Eusebio (ex-U-Kiss)

The event will be in
English & Mandarin. Other than the South Korean Christian contemporary group 3rd Wave, other local Christian acts will also perform.

Tickets: RM 25 per session for Normal Seat or Rock Zone

-Ordering Tickets for "I Will Be There Music Rally":

E-mail: starparkmalaysia2011@gmail.com

1) Name:
2) Contact:
3) Ticket Type (*Normal or Rock Zone) and Quantity of Tickets:
4) Time (4:00pm or 8:00pm):

*Both Normal and Rock Zone tickets are priced at RM25. Normal tickets are seated. Rock Zone are standing tickets.

Info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139616052792334

Organizer: Star Park


17th – Suara Kami Koncert 2011

When: 12pm
Where: Stadium Merdeka, KL
Who: RaNia

The feisty and sometimes a trifle over-exposing, girl group RaNia is coming down to Malaysia for their second time! Their last visit was in July 2011 where they held a mini showcase. The rookie group is ready to perform with a string of Malaysian local acts and a few International artists as well. I hope you guys who love RaNia come support them here!

Organizer: Astro
Tickets: www.suarakami.com.my

24th – Korean Music Wave 2011

When: 7pm
Where: Stadium Merdeka, KL
Who: 4Minute, GD&TOP, FT Island, Park Jungmin, Seungri, Teen Top, U-Kiss

WHOA! This is the biggest k-pop blowout Malaysia will ever experience with so many K-pop artists on the list! Whoever that misses this show is totally crazy! Okay well I know some of you may not be crazy its just that you’re living far away or studying haha but its okay! As long as there are many people going, I’m sure our K-boys and girls will feel happy with the love Malaysia will give them. Quickly get the tickets!

This marks FT Island’s 1st return to Malaysia btw! Just saying! I’m so HAPPPYYYY..

Organizer: Proof Label & Galaxy (www.galaxy.com.my)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Korean-Music-Wave-2011-in-Malaysia/219174181463165

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