29 June 2010

[FanAccount] 100626 BEAST Showcase In Malaysia

chibi here, to report you guys about beast showcase on saturday behalf abracadabras author.

because many peeps want to at least know was it bad or good or not the showcase was when I said I didn't want to write them as I might speak out my own opinion about the showcase that almost sounds rough and really unsatisfied. So, here it goes.

b2st in the house.. i mean kl..

To be honest, I didn't want to write something not good/enjoyable to read. You could notice I didn't write about Kelly Clarkson fanacc eventhough I went there. It's my own way of expression about Kelly Clarkson's concert. I didn't bad mouth anyone. It's enough for us (who attended) knew about the event.

So, for beast.. about their showcase, i'll restraint myself from writing bad words and harsh comments about Universal Music Malaysia organizing the showcase. At least, we should feel thankful that they brought Beast to here. The fan account this time will be half pinpoint and half written in paragraph way. Beast is awesome anyway. It's only the event gave worst impression of them.

Let's make summary like I did at Ukiss fanacc.

Dujun - He always smile and waved to our direction. I mean really A LOT. He even sneaked a wave when he danced to Mystery. Hahaha, maybe some fans want to be at our side. Owhh, he's the jjang!!

Hyunseung - He's pretty and handsome. His aura much more like Kevin?? hahaha. Right now, having a bias for him. I really love his random dancing. At showcase, he loves to go under my side.. But hardly enough looking upstairs. So sad.. Hyunseung-ah, did you feel not well that time?

Yoseob- He's going to other direction. And so I can't see him much. He's small and look like a little kid. That's only my summary about him.

Junhyung (Poppin' Dragon) - this guy is really tall, handsome, great rapping and I LIKE HIM!! Too bad he's too focus looking at crowded fans instead upstairs. Jokernim, next time look upstairs sometimes okay??

Ki Kwang (AJ) - He teased B2TY a lot!! I mean a lot!! There was time he teased us with lifting his shirt to show his chocolate abs. Lol.

Dong Woon - maknae is really HOT!! and I got his smile while recording vid. Gosh, he's really nice back then along Dujun. He's the 2nd one who looked at upstairs a lot!!

(credit pic:- goes to the pic as being watermark. fanacc;- written by chibi) 
Please take full credit when you taking out.
sorry for my English. Please mind that English is not my first language and I wrote this in hurry.

kay.. starts my short fanacc.

  1. I went to the venue at 4.30PM. that's the first time my mom willingly to bring me to event so early. I always go to any event an hour early. The place is so weird for me. It's first time I'm going to such place. I regretted to come early. Aigoo.. but there's a good thing i come early too. I meet awesome friends (nad, liyana, and suhaila) and unnie too. :D (Thanks Dalida, Ayu and uhmm amalia unnie. :D You know what I feel thankful for. :D)
  2. I, along with B2TY waited a really long time to enter. As for me, I waited almost 4 hours before they let us enter. (I forgot to say I went along with Jaymie unnie. Mian for forcing you to go there in hurry. >__<)
  3. The showcase started so late. They delayed an hour and half from the time they stated. We supposed to enter at 7 at least or earlier, like 6PM. But we enter at 8.30 PM. Imagine how chaos and angry the fans were waiting outside without any foods sold outside the venue.
  4. There were 35 people fainted at the event. (I only heard that.) And the count for people fainted increased to 45 people. (Wow!! I never went to an event that there were many people faint.)
  5. Once entered, waiting again. Lucky that they were playing BEAST and 4MINUTE mvs. Fans were singing along the MV. Note:- the fans singing 4MINUTE's song louder than BEAST. That's kinda funny to me.
  6. I'm at upstairs trying to get the best place to stare at BEAST. Finally, Jaymie unnie and I sat down with others unnie and my friends.
  7. Before they went out to start their showcase, BEAST were waving to us. I mean us (upstairs at my side). We got to see them first hand before others. They wore white suits and I love guys in white!! Looks angelic? (haha.. okay, nad, liyana and suhaila saw them first hand than us. :))
  8. Once they went out doing intro, the fans screaming so loud. And so I did. Since beginning, Dujun always looks at our side. Each of them did looked at us even once. Ki Kwang received the biggest scream among the others. There's too many Ki Kwang's fans in Malaysia. LOL.
  9. Then, they did their debut song, Bad Girl!! Hahaha.. I'm drooling over Junhyung's height. He's really tall. I can sense his tallness when I watched him from upstairs. Dujun loved to tease us by staring at us upstairs. Can I know who was the lucky one you look at Dujun oppa?? Junhyung and Hyunseung were the first one to go under me. Like if I'm insane, I might throw my phone to them just to attract attention. Dujun secretly waved to us for 5 seconds while he danced at Dong Woon's part. If you didn't believe us, you can find a fancam Dujun waved to our direction. I actually have but too bad I only use handphone. So, only his hand clearly waving me. you can check my fb to see that.
  10. The boys then moved to do Mystery. I loved to see Hyunseung grooved to Mystery at first. I actually loves to see him grooving to random songs. Ki Kwang did hip thrust here.  Dujun moved under me here. I just laughed when watching back how I tried to catch him in vid while there were 5 gorgeous boys at the stage. And haha... did anyone spotted Dujun fans himself there?? I did.
  11. And then, the boys moved on to sing 'Easy (Sincere Ver.)'. In here, I spotted and recorded Dong Woon smiled to us!! Kay, maybe it might be me.. But he smiled to my phone camera?? **got beaten by B2TY for being stupid than ever to think Dong Woon looked at me. hahaha** I love Easy song much. The song shows their vocal much and Junhyung's superb rap. I like Junhyung when he raps. His hand looks awesome when rapping. *sorry for sudden spazzing about Junhyung*. Junhyung under me and he looked really tall from above. Dong Woon's time waving personally at us. Wahahaha.
  12. The boys then went backstage to change their red outfits. Kay, I don't like much full red outfits unless they are match with a bit black and white. While waiting them to change, MC did a contest to take a picture with BEAST. 3 Lucky fans were picked to compete each other. The girl won with dancing and singing. She's so sporting I tell you. Besides winning to take picture with Beast, she also won an autographed poster by Beast. How lucky isn't??
  13. The boys back with singing Special after taking time a picture with the lucky fan. Before starting, Dong Woon waved again to us. Hahaha.. how many times Dong Woon wants to wave?? Funny and how awestruck I was when DUJUN, HYUNSEUNG and DONG WOON slightly looked at us. I like Dujun's salute. So cool!! Dujun fixing his hair as if there was a mirror in front of him is so LOL. and I officially loved to see Junhyung's hand gestures. And DongJun in the house is effing  cute.
  14. Later, they did a lucky draw to pick a fan for serenading them in Oasis. and i didn't know that is one of unnie that I befriend with since Super Show 2 In Malaysia. Many girls envy her. I think I do envy her too. But I respect her for not being over and control her behaviour. BEAST looks like having more selca with themselves and making the crowds scream wildly when they started to give roses to the unnie. Rest action of BEAST with the lucky unnie, check by yourselves at youtube.
  15. So they once again had a bit conversed. And dong woon, randomly said "Do you wanna take a picture with BEAST??" and all like screaming so wild. This part a bit pity for me as we sat down at side. SO, we're invisible from any cameras on stage. No evidence I was there isn't?? In this part, I screamed "I love you, translator!!" Hey, the translator guy is hot okay.  I might choose the translator over BEAST? LOL.
  16. Last song before they did an encore, SHOCK. the highlight song for the showcase. Nothing special in here cept Hyun Seung grooving. Lol.. my biased is exposed once again. Sorry.Well, they did a great job so nothing to write.
  17. Beast last song before fansigning. Bad Girl mix with Mystery. Hahaha. I don't know what to write here except the last part where Dongwoon said he loves Malaysia. and Dujun replied "me too'. hehe. Both is cute. That''s only the highlight of vid i can ever think of.
actually white suits them better.

The fansign event then starts once the performance ended. The event started to become disastrous once again. MC reminds us no giving gifts, no handshake and no camera on stage. When I heard that, I was like wow.. no handshake. SeriouslY??? I even handshake with some UKISS members eventhough there are many people. 

Oh about the VIP and normal pass treatment for fansign, 

 here I want you guys to think a bit. When you heard VIP, you will logically think that they will receive special treatment even abit from normal pass, right?? Well, in BEAST showcase, there are no different between VIP pass and normal pass except VIP can sit upstairs (didn't have to stand like sardines like others). 

And so about fansigning at the showcase, VIP still have to deal with being in sardine. You didn't understand about this words, I believe. Well, here's the exact words.

Jaymie Unnie and I had to go downstairs with our albums and line up like the normal pass. And we used the same way like others people did instead passing through the line and stood at stage only waiting for signature. (I know this words might upset other B2TY. But hey, we're getting VIP ticket. So, if you think VIP deserve to get such treatment, why they did bother to name the pass as VIP) (and I pity the MC for not knowing anything about this. Thank you for answering us upstairs though, MC)

I met few people who went Ukiss and once again meeting Fatin Najiha there. finally. Gosh!!

While struggling to be in the line to wait for signature (which there were no line there) , the guard there were a bit rude as they kept screaming to fans not to push. i mean real loud. I was like "duh.. I'm not pushing anyone. And you should say that to people on your side that always pushing people to the wall.". Fangirls and a fanboy in front of me were really tired in same situation. I really hate struggling there as I can't breathe amongst the fans. Mostly people around me is taller (especially fanboy), so yeah.. I lacked of oxygen once in a while I'm there.

I even sang "No one pushing me. and I'm not pushing anyone" when the guard kept screaming not pushing. I even commented an uncle that his voice is nice. (i meant it, uncle). That uncle then somehow helped us fans to fight with the guard that being rude to us. Somehow, I felt thankful I met so many cool people there.

And so with the previous uncle interfered the guard, the gate to enter the stage was getting nearer from us. I only realized I'm going upstage when the fanboy in front of me passed through the gate and the security who guards the gate held out his hand for helping me passing the gate. I was thankful for the guard to help me. Hey, who said every security are bad?? There are few nice securities too.

So, my time getting on the stage with Jaymie unnie really memorable. We even waved to upstairs that we finally got on the stage. The girls were very happy that at least they got some representative to go up on the stage.
too many people.. too many fainted. 45 or so..ok..

First I met was Junhyung, Jokernim. Wow.. he's the one who signed my album. I was like wahh!! My jokernim is so handsome!! I pondered alone why is pictures didn't give justice to him. He looks so fine and pretty okay. His aura the same like Kibum of UKISS.

Then, maknae of BEAST greeted us, Dong Woon. Different from other maknae, he looked mature and so urmmm.. awesome?? he's so polite that makes me waned to say i'm your dongsaeng ler.

Ki Kwang upnext. Omo.. nothing different. He looks the same like in TV. Maybe because I'm not Ki Kwang's fans, I didn't bother to express my feeling about him. To inform you guys, his eyes are big. :D

Dujun, leader of BEAST!! Okayh, at this time Jaymie unnie spoke with him. She told that the girls up there saying hi to him. And Dujun was like with impressed expression and he looked upstairs and looking back at us with replying, "YOU.. COOL!!!" hahaha. Awesome!!

Dujun leader is awesome in doing fanservice. (he's like Soohyun in UKISS. Pfft.)

Hyunseung, upnext to meet me. Note, my cd still at dujun or AJ when I already stood in front of Hyunseung. I said (maybe with small voice that he didn't hear me.) Neomu yeppeo, hyunseung!! (you're too pretty, Hyun seung.) He didn't hear it i guess but oh well, I find he looked so similar with our UKISS Mervin (Kevin). He's so pretty, handsome and sweet. Oh Hyunseung, I'm gettin' a biased over you.

Lastly, Yoseob. My bias before. I felt sorry for Yoseob that I suddenly lost interest with him. My biasness has changed to Junhyung, Dongwoon, and Hyunseung. Mianhae Yoseob. But I really enjoy looking/staring at you while waiting to get my album that full with BEAST' signature. You're cute really.

Once I'm done with the signing event and Jaymie unnie too finished the signing, we ran upstairs back taking a few pics of them. hahaha, that time I really miss my DSLR cam and sorry for the girl Diane for borrowing your DSLR for awhile because I'm craving to take a picture with DSLR at least once!!!

mission to go to BEAST accomplished even though the event was really disastrous. Jaymie unnie and I went back after having dinner with my parents at 1AM. seriously. It's almost 8 hours I spent at KL. When I'm back on my bed, I got a bad headache that luckily I could asleep at 5AM!!

the showcase was really horrible. I don't even know at whom I supposed to point my fingers for poor showcase. I heard that the fansigning is more organize. Lucky for those who went to those fansigning at OU.
If you go to BEAST showcase on saturday, and that is your 1st time joining kpop event, I only could tell that you're really pity.

now i didn't notice junhyung watch at my side. junhyung-ah, saranghae!!~~

this is the worst event I have ever attended compared to other kpop event. I hope Universal Music Malaysia will now know how to handle Kpop event more wiser and organized.I wish you guys for better success in managing in the future.

I only say the event is worst.. BEAST IS AWESOME. THEIR PERFORMANCE IS GREAT.

-the end-


  1. hahahha wtf! you said it was a short account! i think its longer than ur UKISS kot!! haha

    omooooo i cant believe you got to meet each of them one by one! eh? how did u get vip tix btw? igt smue tix are the same??

    and noooo wayyy my DOOJOOOONNN i wouldnt share him with any B2UTY he's mine!! but i can't believe he's king of fanservice here like soohyun i woulda totally DIED!!

    "YOU.. COOL!!!" WTFFF +.+

    If i knew you guys could go onstage as well as watch the perf, i woulda gone!! it was only rm120. i thk i wouldnt care how sucky it was organized as long as i saw the 6 boys' faces evry prob in my head would disappear.

    mucho jealous homie!! i cant believe BEAST was nice enough to autograph EACH of fan's CDs and EACH of them sign their names.

    this wouldnt be the worst showcase ever, fti would be, the fans there could only get 1 person's autograph and that was only like 30 ppl, and the organizing was wayyy sucky and the boys were in bad moods.

    i think this is a godsend compared to fti's old autograph signing.

    haaa thnx for writing this at least i know what happens. but i cant help but thk menyesal gle xpg nih. oh well too bad my cat died this day. if i went i woulda never cried my eyes out for hours straight. and then more at nighttime lol.

    i wish i coulda put more energy in stalking beast, but seriously have no energy suddenly after ukiss. its like wae a week away, too soon for dear azra haha.

    thnx chibiii mne gmba2 kau?

  2. well, it's short compared to ukiss. u can see the thickness of the scrollbar when u scroll down.

    pasal vip tix. jgn tanye bler x.. miracle kowt ak bley ckp.. :D itu secret between me and others who knew about it.

    meeting each of them uh pown da macam giler kowt.. kalo ak tulis fanacc ni bahase malay, sumpah x nampak sopan camni. ak bersopan because to jaga air muka beast.

    haha..yeah right he's ur. he has many fans there. so don't dream about that. he said us cool. ENVY MUCH!! LOL

    go on stage tu pown only few jer.. i'm da lucky one la walopun dlm sardine uhh..hey, the organizer suck gler kay. dorunk jerit2 kat ktorunk cam aper2 jer..saket telinga la weii..

    Hahaha.. tuh la pasal, if they signed one would be faster. tp aper2 la..ak da dpt..
    this is cam karma tu fti... haaa.. ngeri tgk dr atas ramai org cam sardine.

    da da..jgn menyesal. ak yg pegi lagi menyesal dr ko. ko taw x giler lambat dorunk start.. 1 jam setengah.. and perghh fans da jerit open berkali2 and start scream refund too!! imagine that!!

    ur cat died?? saket?/accident?? what happened..
    i knwo.. i keep compare ukiss u know. and that's pity for beast to come after them. ukiss event is the best one.

    gamba ak x yah la upload..sengal jer kot.. x sehq tyme gi ukiss.. x bwk dat camera. itu plg menyesal ak rase. WAHHH!!!

  3. haha wat?? chibi u suck! haha im so rolling wit u to the VIPs next time! lol so some of the ones at the top dpt autograph? that is really bad i guess.

    haha dorg msti jerit byk2 an that would really put a downer to the night.

    eh omg haha u xbce ke status aku kt atas uh! mmg un my dear cat died, the day beast had the concert. it was a really ugly death. he dint come home the whole day, he's been really sick recently getting skinny and he's blinded in one eye from a previous fight.

    i thk i coulda took it if it was hit accident and die cm not defiled but just dead. but no he was attacked by i thk dogs, skin flesh out, his tail out of the fur but no blood. it was like a nightmare watching like a dead person in front of u. i felt like puking trying to bury him. yeah it was sad.

    haha sorry if i explained it too gross, but it was a really sad day, and he was only 2 years old! but he was always a gangster..

    ukiss is really that good? i should appreciate it then lol. really good memories, and not so sweaty im so thankful to the air conditioner! XD

    haah pttunye ko sneak dslr cam there ahha

  4. haha.. as u wish.. go save money first. i forbid u to use parents' money as i didn't use my parents' money for any tix. or else.. jgn nak bangga duk vip.

    if it's ur own money, u will be so proud sitting at vip. using other money, like uhmm guilty seyhh..

    u mean fans?? pergh tyme naek x der la.. but time they sang mmg giler la..
    x sempat nak bace because sumer org spamming fb, twitter and others.. x larat da nak type. ni pown x sempat nak lukis dongho!! aaa!!

    aa poor kitten, i hope dye rip ler. mati cam uh saket kowt..

    yup. seriously da best, ukiss best. :D
    haha.. kalo ak sneak, ad jugak kemungkinan ak nye cam hancur tyme tgh sepit2 with ramai orang..so x per la.
    cumer regret jer la.

  5. hahaha. pergh evrythg in my life i guna duit sndiri kot. org miskin aku ni. evn books, ive bought myself, jgn harap ah klw my parents x pay for buku yg educational xxkan dorg nk bg utk kpop concert haha. nooo wayy lol.

    asl lukis dongho lak??

    haha xleh blah sakit kot lol. mm yup thnx. 2 1/2 yrs old lah. it was my brother's cat, but my brother sdeh gle die ckp nk jmpe cat tu & play wit him, when he's just about to comeback from russia in july. the cat couldnt wait i guess.. T-T

    i dno how loads of other ppl got damn good shots of beast even wit dslr and lots of ppl squishing them tho lol

  6. ngade rr chibi!! jht tol!! kte akn hampir pengsan gak klo pergi ctu..haaha..

    aahhh!! jeles laa weyhhh!!!chibi pergi sume event en?? kelly clarkson un gi..gler tol..x mmpu dowhh..

    wahhh,,beastt!! plz come again!! nak gi concert dorang!!

  7. Owwhhh..
    Well..Actually that's the first kpop event I went.XD

    But I dont regret going..Although I gotta sardine-ed and like keep on mogok "Open The Door" and "We Want BEAST"...
    Memang outside there time was like "Gosh..Hurry Up lah..My kaki nak patah dah"... [You waited there for 4hours? I waited there for 12 hours..Lagi teruk]
    But when masuk..When saw them DIRECT to the eye..And 'salam-ed' with HyunSeung..ekek..EVERYTHING IS BERBALOI!XDD

    Hope next time when they come again..We can have something like how U-Kiss did with the HUGE and GIANT hall..

    P/s: Luckily HyunSeung didn't heard you said "You're pretty,HyunSeung"...He doesnt like it..He marah one!
    P/s 2: But I gotta admit..HyunSeung's eyes really BLINK BLINK..that makes me fall for him..[I was originally a YoSeob fan..XD]

  8. Better than JYJ ryte? At least B2ST make it up to u by showing delicious fanservice XD

    Haha, I went to the B2ST Showcase! Still remember the moment ! :)

    I raced myself going to Speedy and then running to go to FCUK. at firs I thought it's a teenage shop or something but I was totally wrong. :))

    Haha, I didn't know I walked in a restricted area for those who manages only... she said this is the wrong way, I'm glad she's not mad. ^^

    Then I sat at the back, everyone scream! And so I got up and opened my camera. ugh, nowhere to be seen. I look exactly like an idiot. :))This aunt laughed looking at me. I asked her where to line up. she said it's at the back. So I went and passed by an Elmo event. TBH, I want to go there for a while. :)) It says Elmo is growing up or something! <3

    Anywayyy, now I lined up. ugh the sun.. == After a few minutes they told us to make a new line. ;_; I love it! hehe, then the people in front of me was chinese girls. They love b2st too but i think they r more snsd biased? Just coming to see em i guess. i took a pic, HAVE TO ! They got snsd merchandises ~

    Now, we're friends. She introduced me to a SJ new song, No other. at first I didn't know the song, cluelessss.

    Then, i heard screams again. I decided to go and see what's happening ! *elmoooo song* B2ST OMG !!! I have to film this! They were fansigning :) Dongwoon looked at us and everyone scream. Then these fangirls scream bibimbap. why ? idk :( All i know is they have husky voice. XD

    I went back to my seat and after a few boring moments.. decided to go check again. the guard is nice enough to let me get out and get back in:) At the right moment, it was doojoon bufday party! :D Got it on tape! You can see it at my utube account, SuJuLOL ^^

    Then continued to stay in the line. we're getting near~ I wrote my name on the album :P Just to let them know my nameee . hehe, this young looking girl with her brother suddenly came and their parents asked if they can tumpang masuk. I guess since they are in PG, kenalah utamakan keselamatan. I asked her what's her age? SHE SAID SHE IS FORM 4. and I'm form 2. LOL

    Whatever it is.. when we got in the line utama I tried to take pic! Aigooo no can do TT I decided to just walk. And when a guard is asking gifts for us to send them I hurriedly gave him 6 seperate keychains. I said "this is doojoong, no! This is kikwang, arghh !' haha, he's dizzy alright. XD he uses his fingers , each of them is for each member.. i hope they get my gift. especially to jun hyung, my Domo-kun keychain reminds me of you <3

    Finally got on stage!
    Dongwoon, he's so polite and nose mancung! i didn't stare at him that well...
    JunHyung, cant remember but he's hot alright. <3
    Kikwang, OMG eyeliner gila tebal!
    Doojoon, I made a bunny sign at him.XD Kikwang laughed haha
    Hyunseung, just stared at his pretty hair. I was speechless! seriously want to say he has nice hairband. TT
    Yoseob~ I said "CUTE!" he smiled. I think he's tired.. :(

    When I got down, luckily one guard noticed i didn't bring my cd down. so I got up back and I DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT B2ST.:(

    So that's how it ends.. also the form 4 student mom thank me. :) Kenchanna ~

    Nice guards! But those who are guarding the line up is a bit pissed off lol.

  9. haha funny... i was the translator for this showcase ^^ lol overly joyed regarding your scream. btw do you know where i can get this video which was broadcasted by the radio station??


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