10 June 2010

CNBLUE wins M! Countdown with LOVE!

Jungshin: Hazar!! Yonghwa: OMONA
Jonghyun: Hurray! Minjyuk: Weee!!

Joyous day!! My happy boys of Code Name Blue (the 2nd group of dorks to come out of FNC). Has won an award for their deserving brilliant song LOVE! Everybody clap clap clap!

CN Blue was serving head to head with last week's miraculous winners MBLAQ's Y. No sign of Super Junior although the Wonder Girls performed.

Here's the performance, you can see haha these guys started out lazy, can you believe it slambe je dorg ni and menang pulak! Haha. It becomes a smile/laughing fest as the boys neared the end of the song, Yonghwa with his high cheek bones, which infected Jonghyun to smiling so brightly for no reason. Maybe they were having too much fun up there?? XD

Note: The green not blue jacket of Yonghwa~~ X)

Here's the winning moment! The 3 MCs on duty were LeeJoon & G.O of MBLAQ and Minhyuk of CNBLUE so *tension* haha. They happily announced CNBLUE's victory! Which the boys were absolutely shocked and ecstatic about.

Congratulations CNBLUE! With Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core yet to come we hope you guys keep on going with a winning streak!

It'd be good to pocket a few wins under their belts before CNBLUE trudges back over to Japan later this June to release their first single "The Way"!


  1. haha nice description, the first pic lol

    congrtaz cnblue!

  2. haha i just noticed in the pics, the boys' shirts are all clean cut and solid. then i look down and see their white jeans all shredded up and junk! wtf

  3. hahaha! congratz cnblue!! evrybody clap clap clap!!

    hahahaa..yeah..yonghwa n jonghyun's jeans?? gangster glerr...hahaha


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