08 June 2010

Yunho for Prince Role for Musical "Goong"

This the second time I'm spazzing about this. Yup. Believe me!! Yunho will be the main lead for musical "GOONG". Tetibe nak mencarut. But behave, chibi!!

aphal hensem sgt mamat ni??

Yunho..suddenly i thought you punye perut buncit. Forgive me.

This upcoming September, UKnow YunHo will be starring in the musical ‘Goong’ as the male lead. Last year, he debuted as actor in drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ . And now I believe he has ready to be debut as a musical actor.

A production official for ‘Goong’ said, “We have chosen UKnow YunHo as UKnow is a very suitable casting for the crown prince role given his great dancing and vocal capabilities as well as his outstanding appearance.”

Other stars casted for the musical include Lee ChangHee, Jung DongHwa, Min HyoRin and So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung’s sister Choi SooJin.


Don't mistake the last part. NOT SNSD's SOOYOUNG. BUT SOOYOUNG'S SISTER, CHOI SOOJIN. Anyway, I'm glad to hear every members doing great job. I've been wondering what's Changmin up to. Dah lame x dgr pasal dyer after Paradise Ranch shooting. Changmin, where are you??


  1. haah la! ensem laa plak gmba die yg 1st uh!! terigt die jd gila dlm heading to the ground..hahaha..

    congratz eh yunho dpt jd musical actor!! wahh...jd prince lak tuh! prince charming!! <3

    Oh..that sooyoung's sis cun x?? hahaha..lol

  2. lol this is so ironic, i always thought Prince Shin in goong looked so much like Yunho haha. its practically perfect to have him in the musical! lol


  3. erm well, changmin is currently resting in my home. we've been dating for awhile now. but he knows i still love donghae more tho lol

    back to the topic, yunho! my other oppa lol you look amazing as usual, but uh I'll laugh if I see you acting hahahaha


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