01 June 2010

SISTAR Profile + Push Push MV Teaser

From left: DaSom, Bora, Hyorin and SoYou

New girl group from Starship Entertainment, not to be confused with ZE:A's Star Empire Entertainment. Named SISTAR (씨스타) is set for a singing debut on June 4th on Music Bank. SISTAR has so far done a lot of CFs and debuted in Ceci Magazine recently.

Their first Single Album "Push Push (푸쉬푸쉬)" is to release this June 3rd after 2 years in training. The song itself is produeced by the Brave Brothers and the what impressed me is the whole album is also produced by hit-makers Shinsadong Tiger (4Minute, B2ST, T-ara), E-Tribe (LeeHyori) and Cho YongSoo (Seeya, Dynamic Duo).

Here's the Push Push MV Teaser to feed your curiosity:
cr: starshiptv

They've been compared to 2NE1 stylewise but after seeing their concept photos (will put them when the album released post) I think they differ a lot, they look more to a 4-member After School. Plus right now the word Mazic seems to come in mind.. huh. You'll be pretty shocked how young these guys are actually! But to me, sooo doesn't look like it. Newbies stop looking older than you actually are! Its confusing..

To watch the full "Push Push" MV click HERE.

Here's a still incase you missed the girls' mugshots:

I think the one I like so far is Soyou, she seems cool, a bit over when singing Baek Jiyoung's Iji Maleyo in the vid below. Okay I've never done a profile before so I'm gonna give it a shot! Since Awin isn't here. T.T

SISTAR Profile

SISTAR's name means Sistar and Star. They are meant to be sisters in the entertainment business and become big stars. Spawning a very bright colorful and cheery concept. All four of the girls are very lanky have attractive bodies and are said to have great dance as well as vocal skills. Starship Empire says, "SISTAR is a girl group who has skill and style with their eccentric music, choreography and fashion. They will create a new culture code as they will be a style icon to the range of 10-20."

Featuring Jang Geun Suk - Samsung Yepp: Amoled M1 CF
They introduce themselves here.

Name: Hyo Lyn (Hyorin)
Real Name: Hyojung
Birthday: 91/01/11
(January 11, 1991)
Position: Leader, Vocal

Name: So You
Birthday: 92/02/12
(February 12, 1992)
Position: Main Vocal

Name: Bora
Birthday: 90/01/30
(January 30, 1990)
Position: Rapper, Vocal

Name: Da Som
Birthday: 93/05/06
(June 6, 1993)
Position: Magnae, Vocal

All the members are between 164~167cm tall or 5'4"~5'5" ft.

Will add more later! Info is limited currently.

Support SISTAR and join the 1st International Sistar Forum!

cr:@YT: randomkpop, AsianMusicVideoHD


  1. Say what? 90 to 93 babies? lol

    why they look more like f(x) to me? hahaha

    push push sound inappropriate for some reason haha

  2. haha i kno rite, wat do you want them to push push? xP

    eh now that i think of it, i HAVE made a profile before, Dae Guk Nam Ah! haha

  3. hahahah push push lolllll

    oh yup, i forgot to mention you made dna profile hahah i remember it when reading your post lol am i the only one yang xbuat profile ape2 lagi? HAHAHAHHAA

  4. Wahh..new girl group!! smlm kat mb sistar debut en?? hhahaa..lagu x thn jek..sexy gler kot..

    heishh...1st time tgk, muka sume same jek..hahahaa...So you dancing bpk sexy!
    xtau lg suke yg mne..hrmmmm...

  5. i like the cf! baru tgk... nmpk sket identiti dorg hahaha nice~

  6. lol oh yeah was dna the first profile? xigt. lol aku cm blur newbie group pstu young as heck, bwat all those dance moves n stuff. haha so uncomfy haha.

  7. i lyk them tlaga,,,!!! ^0^


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