25 June 2010

B2Y Profile + Be Crazy MV

Huishh..Both boys are former members of the group R-eal..So Hot lah :).

B2Y is a mixed-gender band which debuted on August 21, 2009 under Loen Entertainment. Their names started out as a shortening of the English word, "binary" (a play on how they have two sides, boys and girls) but was changed to BabyBoys To YearningGirls to be more accessible to the public.

B2Y (Babyboys To Yearninggirls) is said to bring up the retro craze with songs with the same feeling of ABBA’s “Mama Mia” and Grease’s “Saturday Night Fever”. Their debuted song, Jeez! was like disco song in the era of 70s..They danced just like John Travolta's dancing..I don't know how to explain this..hahaa..

Recently in June 2010, They have comeback with a new genre song not a retro concept anymore. They are becoming more sexy in Be Crazy! semua jadi gila..hahaa..the song is quite addictive too..The Be Crazy MV has two versions! But I'm not really sure what is the different between the two versions..it seems like the same je..hahaa..So, I put one MV only lah..hehehe =p


Omo..the guys are cute! the blonde guy?? Hanyeon!! aihh..cair~ the girls are also pretty and so skinny..I like this song..They already made a comeback at M!Countdown on 24th June and since this was Mnet, they decided to maintain the level of sexiness..Ouh, at Music Bank?? I'm gonna watch Music Bank today.. hehe =D



Han Yeon

Name: 안순용 - Ahn Soon Yong
Stage Name: 한연 Han Yeon
Birthdate: 1983.11.07
Height/Weight: 182cm/61kg
Bloodtype: B
Family: dad, mom, younger sister, and a cat named 'kuma'
Favorite Color: black
Favorite outfit style: casual and what looks good on me
Favorite food: pizza, hamburger

2004 - I's 1st single < Dreams Come True > Title song 'Loving you'
2005 - T.H.E. Story 1st Album < TRUTH HEART EMOTION STORY > Title song 'Rain Song'
2007 - <宫S> ost - 나무 (tree)
2008 - Former member of 5-boy group R-eaL, as a leader-non debut

Jin Woong

Name:박진웅 - Park Jin Woong
Nicknames: 짜붕
Height/Weight: 183cm/63kg
Bloodtype: B
Favorite musicians: fly to the sky , Park Hyo Shin, WheeSung, John Legend, etc.
Hobbies: writing lyrics, composing songs, singing, acting.guitar
University: Yonsei University, architectural engineering
2006 - National University Rock Band (as vocal)
2006 - play -texi driver- (main role)
2008 - Former member of 5-boy group R-eaL - non debut


Name: Lika (리카)
Born: April 11, 1988
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: A
Position: main vocals


Name: Nara (나라)
Born: April 19, 1988
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: B
Position: main vocals

Cred: Soompi, Crunchyroll


  1. aaa laki die ensem! lol R-eal? group apakah? awin same lak ckp dorg cute lol

    mak aih girls sexy nye. wavessss je haha

    awin xfaham yg comparison ver 1 and ver 2? ahaha tgh lame sket baru ade beza... tuh un sket je bek xyah haiyoo

    i like mix gender group. tp slalo nye mix gender group nih xberkembang n famous sgt kat korea. waeyo?

    semua jadik gila? haha xleh bla awin!

    BabyBoys To YearningGirls? HAHAHA xleh blaaa glee maksud hahahhaahhaa

    ha group nih! lepas tgk jeez baru igt yg mane! hahahahhahaa

    eh 83 and 88???? tua nye 83 tuh! tp cute hahaha serius igt girls lg tua hahahah

  2. whoa!! R-eal group members!! but why is ex-leadja so much older than Park Sangil?? XD Sangil is like 22 too? xP i dno. wah! they're as pretty as him too lol. but i thot R-eal was a 3-member group?

    yeah i thot the girls were older too, Rika sounds ways better than Lika tho lol. i heard them, and eh ok so far. im not too far impressed wit the girls vocals. but watching the mv i thot the guys were the girls! they look like real pretty in there lol


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