29 June 2012

T-ARA's Day by Day teaser MV!

Whoaaaa.... I can't wait for all these comebacks soon, T-ARA, 2NE1, Super Junior, its all going to be daebakk!

I'm going to start freaking out about T-ARA, they will come back as a 8 member group including new member Ahreum. All T-ARA members are so pretty! Even the new ones. The 9th member is American-born Dani, but she's only in the teaser as an actress and will be with the group's consequent comeback.

Day by Day will be released on 3rd July. There will be a 20 minute drama music video.

Day by Day MV Teaser
cr: coremidas

I'm diggin the medieval Lord of the Rings flute intro, sounds super cool. The Sci-Fi scene is a brand new concept for T-ARA YAY for a storyline music video! Jiyeon looks hot even though I don't like her blonde hair, is she an underground mafia Queen?? Hyomin with red hair just shows how awesome she is. I think Dani is suppose to be blind in the story.. Ahh! I can't wait.

Here's a sneak peak of the new members..

Jokwon says "I'm Da One" MV + Album

100% endorphin, no joke...

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon can finally unleash his inner-diva! All the hype for his solo effort does not go to waste, this album is daebak! It is very very far-fetched from the ballads of 2AM, as Jokwon’s “I’m Da One” is a great cheery house album.

I’m not one that is into this whole club song craze that’s been dominating American charts, but Jokwon’s album allows a forward move into the k-music industry, its fresh and cool but still keeps up with the current “club” trend without sounding overused.

“I’m Da One” isn’t my favorite song in the album, I much prefer the other songs to be the main title. It’s not a bad song at all because the entire album makes me wanna dance. Wingardium leviosa~!! Read on below for my picks in the album.

I’m Da One MV
cr: ibighitent

Best Friends Who Idols Envy - Every1 Weekly Idol

 yess I miss spazzing~~

I love watching Every1 Weekly Idol episodes. Usually the two hosts talk casually to every idol group about their quirks, their ideal types and their idol crushes. This time on June 6th, they classify the TOP 10 idol best friends, other idols are jealous about. I’m totally jealous too!

The girl group ones are the only ones without subs, if you find them please comment below with the link! Girl group subs are always slower than boy groups, I guess fangirls have more enthusiasm? The first person that shows up in the video is the one who's envious of the besties~! Starting backwards …

#10 – Taemin (SHINee) & Kai (EXO-K)

#9 – UEE (After School) & Hyosung (SECRET) – no sub --

#8 – Key (SHINee) & Woohyun (Infinite)

4Minute Friend Testing Guy-Idols

On MNET’s the Beatles Code June 7th, we find out that 4Minute’s Jihyun calls her friend, Super Junior’s Donghae asking him for money haha. No wonder, he is such a sweet guy! I don’t know if this makes you jealous Alia, but I guess this is why you like him.. Watch the hilariousness below~~

Jihyun's call to Donghae (Super Junior) – Eng Sub -

It’s Hyuna’s turn and who else does she call but her partner in troublemaking Trouble Maker’s JS or Beast’s Hyunseung! People always thought they date, but the way Hyunseung reacts to Hyuna’s help haha. I don’t know what to say, he’s quite blur…get with the program JS!

Hyuna’s call to JS (Hyunseung of BEAST) – Eng Sub -

cr: ShekieSone9, B2STLYSUBS04

26 June 2012

T-ARA 1st Showcase in Malaysia!

Really, I should start another K-Invasion in Malaysia post because another group of superstars are on their way to the land of nasi lemak and sambal. It’s T-ARA here for their first showcase! T-ARA come to get down, we got the new flava sound...

Date: October 3rd, 2012 (Wednesday)
Venue: Dewan Wawasan Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8:30pm

Thank our lucky stars Jazzy Group Malaysia is bringing another K-Pop group after having brought Block B last May, B.A.P this coming July and now T-ARA. You guys better clear out your October plans! T-ARA is made up of 7 members Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram, Gyuri, Soyeon, Jiyeon and Hwayoung under Core Contents Media, famous for their songs Bo Peep Bo Peep, Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey. Even though recently T-ARA has been turned into a 9 member group adding on Ahreum and Dani, no word yet if they’re coming along for the trip? Anyways, let’s P-A-R-T-Y!

2BiC (투빅) HU+MAN album & MVs

I introduce to you 2BiC of Nextar Entertainment! Although they have been around for a while, this is the first full mini album I’ve listened to.. and what a beautiful group I would have missed if I hadn’t! 2BiC stands for “2Bi Continue” members Jinhwan and Junhyung are specially selected by infamous producer and composer Cho Young-Soo for their mind-blowing vocals and musical traits.

I love love this album that features other excellent vocal singers Davichi, Ailee and 79. All these singers just produce amazing quality to the R&B easy-going and sometimes break-down and cry moments in this album. There are 3 beautiful MVs that complement the songs of 2BiC’s current promotion track “Love Again” with Ailee, “Just Like Tonight” with Davichi and the heartbreaking “Made Another Woman Cry” featuring Minho from “The Sun and the Moon” and famous actor Joo Won.

Made Another Woman Cry MV
cr: loenent

LOVE AGAIN (feat. Ailee) MV


Just Like Tonight (feat. Davichi) MV

cr: loenent


01 – LOVE AGAIN (Feat. Ailee 에일리)
02 – 나이기를 (Promise You)
03 – LADY LADY (Feat. 79)
04 – 오늘같은 밤이면 Just Like Tonight (With Davichi 다비치)
05 –또 한 여잘 울렸어(Made Another Woman Cry)
06 – 나이기를 (Promise You) (Piano Ver.)
07 – LOVE AGAIN (Inst.)

My favorites are Promise You, LADY LADY, Just Like Tonight and Made Another Woman Cry. Enjoy!

M-tiful (엠티플) aka Kim Won Joon – All Right MV + Profile

If you’ve been watching KBS Music Bank lately you’ve probably noticed the increased number of bands performing. One of them that caught my eye is M-tiful with their catchy modern-lighthearted rock song “All Right”. Actually M-tiful is just the charismatic Choi Won Joon the actor/singer, known for dramas such as “Rainbow Romance” and “Rude Miss Youngae”. Viewers have also noticed inexplicitly that his band mates are foreigners!

All Right” is written by hit lyricist Kim Hee Son and composed by Lee Won and nVyond of After School’s Bang and Son Dambi’s Queen. Despite that, it’s not a club song I swear, I really love the song. Kim Won Joon’s quite talented after enhancing his vocals and guitar skills, he debuts under the name M-tiful. Check the MV out and the short profile of Kim Won Joon.

All Right MV

cr: loenent 


01 – All Right
02 – All Right (inst.)

After School's Flashback comeback!

Eight member group After School is back from their Japanese expedition with replacement of leader and a new member. The new leader Jung Ah now replaces the position of Gahee. A new member Gaeun joins other relatively new member E-Young in the new lineup.

After School’s Flashback is a big hit to the sexy concept and this is quite the effort especially while introducing new members. The song is a house track and has its ups and downs. I like the music interlude when each member pops up behind each other, however it was very hard for me to find Raina >.<.

Flashback MV



01 – Rip Off (Korean version)
02 – Flashback
03 – Eyeline (Performed by Nana)
04 – Wristwatch
05 – Timeless (Performed by Jung Ah & Raina)

Gangkiz – MAMA Repackaged 1st Mini Album

Debuting with the mini album “We Became Gang” the new group from Core Contents Media’s wing are the mature ladies of Gangkiz of GM Entertainment. The group first came out with the singleHoney Honey which is a spinoff of the beloved songs of T-ARARoly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey”, but with a more “mature” feel and performance.

MAMA is the follow up song for Gangkiz, it’s catchy but the MV is now downsized to the seven of these gorgeous model-like figures dancing in a white glossy room with dimming lights. I prefer 10x “Honey Honey” MV though.



Honey Honey is a more playful teasing song and I have to say one of the best K-Pop MVs directed! The MV is shot in several countries across Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, and Austria along with T-ARA’s Hyomin. (This was when T-ARA had their FREEDOM Euro-trip simulateneously). The overall cost of Gangkiz’s debut is 10 million yikes!

Honey Honey MV


Gangkiz is made up of members Jihyun, Sooeun, Haein, Somin, Eunbyul, Esther and Hyeji, ehh I guess I'll make a profile for them in a bit. Honey Honey MV looks like it’s based on an intriguing concept of gorgeous burn-out women, how kickass would it be if this MV was turned into a movie and the songs as the soundtrack, because all of the members of Gangkiz look like such good actresses and some of them are even actresses under CCM.

Check out the other videos of Gangkiz and T-ARA’s European trip in GM Entertainment’s Youtube channel, I like watching all the different cuts of the Honey Honey MV, where Hyomin and Jiyeon of T-ARA direct and play along with Gangkiz.

24 June 2012

[PROFILE] B.A.P (Best.Absolute.Perfect)

How about we get to know the B.A.P boys before they make their trip into Malaysia? Here we go! B.A.P is an acronym for Best. Absolute. Perfect and how the six members all want to emulate each meaning of the three words as the best, absolute and perfect group.

From strong vocals to powerful rapping skills, B.A.P is best known for their rough and tough, `if you look at me in the eye I’ll crush you!’ image. Apparently bad boys really get the girls going. Even though they have just debuted this year they have a large following as newbies.

Debut Date: January 26, 2012
Official Fanclub: BABY
Company: TS Entertainment

They are in the same company as hip-hop duo Untouchable and girl group SECRET. Bang Yong Guk debuted first as a soloist featuring in SECRET’s Song Ji Eun’s solo song 미친거니(Going Crazy), then continuing with his own single “I Remember” featuring BEAST’s Yang Yo Seob. What good connections! Later on during exam time, to boost up student’s motivation in Korea, Bang Yong Gook teamed up with fellow member Zelo as a duo “BANG&ZELO”, whom are both rappers in the single “Never Give Up” featuring renowned choir group Heritage.

cr: tsent2008

The concept of B.A.P is that they are six aliens from the Planet Mato, who invaded earth in order to save their dying planet. Each member represents one Mato or “bunny” as people perceive them to be lol. The concept was played out in their SBS MTV reality show “Ta-Dah its B.A.P”. There are several humourous comic strips of B.A.P’s Mato characters on the official Matoki facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialmatoki

14 June 2012

B.A.P 1st Showcase in Malaysia yes sir!

So do you guys happen to be free on the 6th of July 2012? B.A.P’s coming down to Malaysia! Wake up! You need to see these Warriors because "we got the power!!"

VENUE: KL Live, Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur
DATE: 6 July 2012
TIME: 8:30pm

Jazzy Group that brought Block B last May has set up another delight by bringing B.A.P’s first showcase. Bang Yong Guk and Zelo have already visited Malaysia when they were a duo in January, how wonderful we get Youngjae, Himchan, Daehyun & Jongup too this time! Let's listen to the boys promote their showcase in English~

2NE1’s BE MINE MV – INTEL “Make Thumb Noise” Project

Since 2NE1 is now endorsing INTEL’s Ultrabook with “Make Thumb Noise” Project, the girls have released an endorsing MV of a new song titled “BE MINE”.

It’s not your typical hardcore 2NE1 song, because it was made through a competition where fans voted on what kind of song they would like 2NE1 to sing. I do agree it’s a nice romantic R&B track where 2NE1 doesn’t have come up with any crazy outfits or concept. I like the clean & simple yet elegant look and sound to “Be Mine” MV, yall know their designer outfits are no joke. I really can just relax and take a bubble bath with this song.



I don’t think this track has been officially released yet, so let’s wait till it does, I think we all really want it. Additional INTEL photos & GIFs below.. =)

December – She’s Gone MV + Album

Ballads this year so far are great! Two of some of the best balladeers in the mainstream is back with the up tempo sorrow of “She’s Gone”. I loved the song when I first saw December perform, I know DK from Immortal Song 2 and Yunhyuk I always thought looked like TVXQ’s U-Know haha.

I really recommend listening to this mini album, the songs have cheerful aspects to them but also have the sad factor of up tempo ballads. The featured are extremely good vocalists like December themselves. She’s Gone MV stars CO-ED’s Taewoon.

She’s Gone MV:


Wonder Girls Wonder Party album + Like This MV

Like this yo~ Like this~ Who’s happy Wonder Girls have returned to Korea for another album? I say it’s pretty good they’re back here again, they can release good songs instead of wasting time wandering around in the US. Okay so maybe they’re efforts are not worthless in the US but things sure do work slower there.

Anyways the new single is “Like This” which is a fun dance song, I haven’t yet gotten a grip on. I’m doing this post out of courtesy of the album Wonder Party, which I think has other songs that should share the limelight.

Like This MV


10 June 2012

BTOB (비투비) Born To Beat Album + Profile

Have you guys had a chance to know BTOB? Well BTOB stands for ‘Born to Beat’ and they are a new group of 7 good looking guys with a great range of vocals from Cube Entertainment. They’re style of songs are focused on their excellent vocals praised by several artists in the industry.

Although they debuted in March, I just started to really listen to them and after Irresistible Lips single came out I decided that I really like their style. The latest album is Born To Beat and the Asia Edition includes other great pop & ballad singles like Father and Insane.

Actress Seo Wu stars in the Irresistible Lips MV along with BTOB member Lee Minhyuk.

 Irresistible Lips MV

U-Kiss – The Special To Kiss Me + Believe MV

Wow is it just me or did U-Kiss’s comeback was a surprise? I totally did not expect a follow up mini album after DORADORA from U-Kiss because of their gaining success in Japan. But I’m totally happy they are back~!

The title track is “Believe” an upbeat and fun house song from the Special To KissMe’s mini album to show appreciation for U-Kiss’s fans. I feel I can enjoy this song because they don’t look as pressured to come up with something to beat their last more serious songs.

Dongho switches up from rapper to vocalist, which is a nice change its suits his cuteness so much, rather than when he scrunches his face to look tougher when he raps lol, anyways I love magnae. Check out the dance U-Kiss added a hint of Tick Tack dance in it as well! Concept pics below~

Believe MV


The album includes the first single that spawned “Te Amo” meaning “I love you”, which is a pleasant upbeat song too. I love U-Kiss, they are one of the most loved groups throughout the world yet they never forget to show love to KissME’s =D.

I’m currently watching Dongho’s new drama “Holy Land” where he is a shy but natural boxer and beats up mafia guys. Also you can watch Kevin, AJ and Eli cook on KBS’s youtube channel show “Star Kitchen with U-Kiss” where the boys speak English the entire time while being taught how to cook!

DORADORA MV + Tracklist + Concept Pics below...

BIG BANG – MONSTER MV + Special Edition: STILL ALIVE album

Now really, BIG BANG.. what can I say? How can I explain exactly how I feel my heart about to explode from the geniusness that is BIG BANG. I’m totally mind-blown by MONSTER! How about you guys?

Seriously, I think this music video could really contest against my absolute favorite K-Pop music video of all time, Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus. MONSTER has amazing special effects, costume, cinematography and storyboard (although not easily understood) that are ahead of anyone in the music industry today. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best MV for the entire year!

MONSTER is a cross between a orchestral ballad and upbeat R&B/Hip Hop feel, my favorite part is TOP’s and G-Dragon rap entrances. The rapping style is almost like a conversation but leads ultra smoothly into the song. You can say that it would go in the “BLUE” category of songs, but in its own right is completely different as well, check out the meaning of the song below!


Making of “MONSTER” [ENG SUB]

09 June 2012

Infinite’s INFINITIZE + The Chaser (추격자) MV

Let’s infinitize! Okay I don’t really know what that means, but the guys sure sound cute when they say it. Infinite comes back with another catchy song “The Chaser”.

The MV is a bit strange, where L is in a car crash and he keeps rolling and rolling in the air… hmm a few other guys play the part as bad boys on motorcycles, but Hoya is climbing something? Leader Sungkyu is seen walking away from the crashed car, oh man did Sungkyu put L in the crashing car?? And then there’s a mysterious box.  Jeez I really cannot figure out the MV it’s a bit cryptic, if anyone can explain to me the storyline please feel free to do so.

However I did enjoy their new dance, they aren’t totally in sync but their moves are really strong and creative. Sungyeol looks good in long hair, but it took me a while to figure out where Woohyun was cuz he had long hair in some scenes. All of them look so good! =D

The Chaser MV:

B1A4 – Baby Goodnight MV + Special Edition: Ignition

The most playful boys of K-Pop is back with B1A4's follow up single “Baby Goodnight (Sleep Well Good Night)”. This is another hit spawned by the silly geniuses of Jinyoung (leader) and Baro (rapper) of the group. The last song Baby I’m Sorry was also written by Jinyoung. I really love his relaxed writing style and he’s my favorite.

Baby Goodnight MV


Sandeul butt bump! The dance is just the adorableness~~ I seriously move my shoulders everytime this song starts. And B1A4 is just so silly with their cowboy costumes haha. The MV shows that they thought they could trick the girlfriend by putting her to sleep early, but really the girlfriend tricked them by using their absence to go out instead. To anyone watching this I suggest just have fun with it! It’s suppose to be a non-serious song yeah!

Can I take each of them home? Gongchan has those sparkling eyes and CNU actually doesn't look bad without his glasses.Well they might just put me to sleep, tell me goodnight, and go off partying some more XP. Tracklist below..

JJ Project Debuts with “Bounce” + Profile

JJ Project have had their acting debut in the limelight as actors in “Dream High 2”. JB (blonde) played in the idol group I:DN (Eden) opposite of T-ARA’s Jiyeon, whereas Jr. (brunette) was a backup dancer for I:DN. I was really excited for their debut because I completely loved them in Dream High 2 and their singing and dancing talents really shone out throughout the drama.

“Bounce” is a super fun mixture of hip-hop, electronic with a hint of rock and guitar riffs. That’s basically how you can describe the rest of the mini album as well, it’s just really colorful album to listen to, to pump up your mood.

cr: jjprojectofficial

The special effects are the same as 2PM’s Hands Up if you’re wondering. I love the energy these boys bring to the telly! Shake-it up shake –it for me~~ The dance is really easy to follow and so much fun to do. I love it! Oh and I love JB’s pink hair too lol.

01 – Bounce
02 - Hooked (꽂혔어)
03 – Before This Song Ends ( 노래가 끝나기 전에)
04 – Bounce (inst.)

I really like Bounce and Before This Song Ends, who is the girls that sings in this track huh? Does anyone know? Sometimes it sounds like someone from the Wonder Girls or miss A, I dunno..

Dalmatian – State of Emergency + E.R MV

It’s been a long time since we heard from Dalmatian, but they came back with a great song and concept. After the cute concept in “That Man Opposed” “E.R” (Emergency Room) shows a great exposure on Dalmatian’s vocals and overall I think Dalmatian is heading in the right direction as the songs are just so surprisingly good to listen to!

After Dari left for the military, Day Day the rapper left and is now replaced by new rapper Simon who joins members Inati, Jeesu, Daniel and Youngwon. Simon is half Korean half Japanese and he’s fluent in 3 languages, including English, Korean and Japanese. I can tell that the English & pronunciation has improved tremendously in this mini album.


I like the intro a lot, it’s very different than the random English that the idols put in their songs nowadays. The songs really catchy I like the fading chorus, I appreciate that it’s really not commonly used too. All the tattoos in the MV are painted actually so don't worry guys. ;)

IU – Spring of A Twenty Year Old + Every End of the Day MV

Continuing from the LOEN Ent family, we have IU!

Admittedly when I first saw the teaser, I though “oh here we go another cute, look at my aegyo mv” but NO I was wrong, the MV for the title track Every End of the Day is quite pleasant! The guy in the MV never shows up, but can be seen as shadows. This is a happy ‘I’m in love’ song and I think IU was not overtly cute as it was very sweet that the guy made her smile and happy as his girlfriend aww..

The MV was fully shot in beautiful Venice, Italy, I can really feel the sweetness grr! The album "Spring of A Twenty Year Old" includes the single Peach as well, but I didn’t like it as much. Did IU write this song? Or did she just act like she did in the teaser?

Every End of the Day MV


Sunny Hill - Is The White Horse Coming? (백마는 오고 있는가) MV

Sorry for the draught of posts, we had exams to take care of so I hope u guys understood!
 I will post the comebacks I have missed, but only the good ones because those are ones that are worth it.. So I can recommend good good songs to you guys! =P

Hehe I will start with this, Sunny Hill that came back as a 4 member group because Janghyun is still in the military. Now don’t be confused this song is actually “Is the White Horse Coming” in Korean, but in English they’ve made it equivalent in translation as “Princess and Prince Charming”. Maybe it’s a phrasal thing us English-speakers to understand the concept?

Again Sunny Hill does an excellent job in depictibg a song most likely based on a fairy-tale lesson. This one is about how a guy should not get hung up on his perfect girl, being picky and particular on her characteristics because sometimes she can really be a real byatch and diss him, and in the end he’ll be left all alone.

Is the White Horse Coming/Princess and Prince Charming MV


01 - Is The White Horse Coming? (백마는 오고 있는가)
02 – The Grasshopper Song (Haihm Remix)

I really just liked the first song, I didn’t really like the Grasshopper Song remix. I think Sunny Hill still keeps intact that their song has a lesson to it not commonly presented by most kpop songs. Also another upside to this video that it’s not so concentrated on a story, it’s nice to have a dance video for a change, since the dance is pretty fun too.
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