09 June 2012

Sunny Hill - Is The White Horse Coming? (백마는 오고 있는가) MV

Sorry for the draught of posts, we had exams to take care of so I hope u guys understood!
 I will post the comebacks I have missed, but only the good ones because those are ones that are worth it.. So I can recommend good good songs to you guys! =P

Hehe I will start with this, Sunny Hill that came back as a 4 member group because Janghyun is still in the military. Now don’t be confused this song is actually “Is the White Horse Coming” in Korean, but in English they’ve made it equivalent in translation as “Princess and Prince Charming”. Maybe it’s a phrasal thing us English-speakers to understand the concept?

Again Sunny Hill does an excellent job in depictibg a song most likely based on a fairy-tale lesson. This one is about how a guy should not get hung up on his perfect girl, being picky and particular on her characteristics because sometimes she can really be a real byatch and diss him, and in the end he’ll be left all alone.

Is the White Horse Coming/Princess and Prince Charming MV


01 - Is The White Horse Coming? (백마는 오고 있는가)
02 – The Grasshopper Song (Haihm Remix)

I really just liked the first song, I didn’t really like the Grasshopper Song remix. I think Sunny Hill still keeps intact that their song has a lesson to it not commonly presented by most kpop songs. Also another upside to this video that it’s not so concentrated on a story, it’s nice to have a dance video for a change, since the dance is pretty fun too.

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