29 June 2012

4Minute Friend Testing Guy-Idols

On MNET’s the Beatles Code June 7th, we find out that 4Minute’s Jihyun calls her friend, Super Junior’s Donghae asking him for money haha. No wonder, he is such a sweet guy! I don’t know if this makes you jealous Alia, but I guess this is why you like him.. Watch the hilariousness below~~

Jihyun's call to Donghae (Super Junior) – Eng Sub -

It’s Hyuna’s turn and who else does she call but her partner in troublemaking Trouble Maker’s JS or Beast’s Hyunseung! People always thought they date, but the way Hyunseung reacts to Hyuna’s help haha. I don’t know what to say, he’s quite blur…get with the program JS!

Hyuna’s call to JS (Hyunseung of BEAST) – Eng Sub -

cr: ShekieSone9, B2STLYSUBS04

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