10 June 2012

U-Kiss – The Special To Kiss Me + Believe MV

Wow is it just me or did U-Kiss’s comeback was a surprise? I totally did not expect a follow up mini album after DORADORA from U-Kiss because of their gaining success in Japan. But I’m totally happy they are back~!

The title track is “Believe” an upbeat and fun house song from the Special To KissMe’s mini album to show appreciation for U-Kiss’s fans. I feel I can enjoy this song because they don’t look as pressured to come up with something to beat their last more serious songs.

Dongho switches up from rapper to vocalist, which is a nice change its suits his cuteness so much, rather than when he scrunches his face to look tougher when he raps lol, anyways I love magnae. Check out the dance U-Kiss added a hint of Tick Tack dance in it as well! Concept pics below~

Believe MV


The album includes the first single that spawned “Te Amo” meaning “I love you”, which is a pleasant upbeat song too. I love U-Kiss, they are one of the most loved groups throughout the world yet they never forget to show love to KissME’s =D.

I’m currently watching Dongho’s new drama “Holy Land” where he is a shy but natural boxer and beats up mafia guys. Also you can watch Kevin, AJ and Eli cook on KBS’s youtube channel show “Star Kitchen with U-Kiss” where the boys speak English the entire time while being taught how to cook!

DORADORA MV + Tracklist + Concept Pics below...


01 - Believe
02 – Te Amo
03 – 인연인가 (It Must Be Fate)
04 – Let’s Get
05 – Believe (inst.)
06 – Te Amo (inst.)

“DORADORA” MV from last comeback:

01-   도라도라 (DORADORA)
02-   4U (For You)
03-   사랑이 멈출 (When Love Stops)
05-   TICK TOCK (OUT OF TIME) (Korean ver.)
06-   도라도라 (DORADORA) (inst.)










  1. love love love it so muchhh!!! Ukiss is wonderfull!! hahaha..their songs semakin best nowadays :))

    KissMe foreverrrr

  2. yeaaa U-Kiss my no. 3 group now after fti and cnblue. seriously they are so nice to kissme's all over the world. believe is bessst.

    i'm watchin dongho's holyland, klaka doh, he's like the cutest thing ever but he's beating up people lol.

  3. woahh so many drama in my checklist right now, first is Rooftop Prince,Queen Inhyun's Man, Gentleman's Dignity..wAaa..after exam nak tgk sume dramas!!! i wanna watch holyland n Star Kitchen with U-Kiss tooo :DD

  4. lol its so hard for me to watch dramas nowadays, still xabes shut up flower boy band, sbb i took a break for exams haha. i don't really watch a lot of dramas, byk sgt lagu kne dnga dulu haha.

    i wanna watch k-movies though tp i xtaw which are good?

  5. wuuwuuuu cannot watch the MV meh... why private daa? TT^TT

  6. @AtyYuki - sorry i didn't notice that, weird, that's U-Kiss official youtube. anyways I replaced it so u can watch now ^^


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