29 June 2012

Jokwon says "I'm Da One" MV + Album

100% endorphin, no joke...

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon can finally unleash his inner-diva! All the hype for his solo effort does not go to waste, this album is daebak! It is very very far-fetched from the ballads of 2AM, as Jokwon’s “I’m Da One” is a great cheery house album.

I’m not one that is into this whole club song craze that’s been dominating American charts, but Jokwon’s album allows a forward move into the k-music industry, its fresh and cool but still keeps up with the current “club” trend without sounding overused.

“I’m Da One” isn’t my favorite song in the album, I much prefer the other songs to be the main title. It’s not a bad song at all because the entire album makes me wanna dance. Wingardium leviosa~!! Read on below for my picks in the album.

I’m Da One MV
cr: ibighitent

MV is really weird yeah, haha. We finally know what goes on in Jokwon’s head. From what I can figure out he’s a King, but gets kicked out by his servant. He sees famished vagabonds and wants to help them. So somehow he gets his throne back.. dunno how this happens. And then feeds his hungry subjects with a bottle of mysterious mango juice.. Owh, I really can’t make heads or tails out of this MV..


01 – Awesome Girl (feat. Yankie얀키)
02 – Animal (Radio Edit) (feat. Jung Ho Seok of Bulletproof Boy Scouts정호석 of 방탄소년단)
03 – I'm Da One (feat. Zion.T)
04 – Lipstick
05 - Who's Loving You Now
06 – Wingardium Leviosa
07 – Something 'Bout You (feat. Jung Jinwoon 정진운 of 2AM)
08 – Heaven (feat. Miso 미소 of GLAM)
09 – Just A Kiss 
10 - Animal (feat. 정호석 of 방탄소년단)

Panda: My favorite is Animal. Arghh its hard to pick a fave.. Awesome Girl, Lipstick, Wingardium Leviosa, Something ‘Bout You are others that I like a lot. Haha I’m so happy Jokwon is a Harry Potter-head with reference to Wingardium Leviosa! XD

There is two ballads in this album, I like “Just A Kiss” and its entirely sung in English! The song makes sense and Jokwon’s pronunciation isn’t bad I can understand what he says. There’s no debate, Jokwon’s voice is very sweet when he sings anything. Hope you like this album as much as I did


  1. HAHAH!! can't stop laughing watching jokwon's mv! mcm iklan botol air je :pp

    and his song like Katy Perry's Firework..hahaha..lol dah laa rambut mcm TOP XD

    am listening the album..the ballad one, Just A Kiss is my fav! hahah, I love 2AM singing ballad song..mcm pelik tgk diorang nynyi fast beat song..hahahaha

  2. so random the mv! i didnt notice before jokwon was flying?? and then the random injured guy yg bukak cast die and suddenly can walk again, and the guy with popping eyeball pe bende ni.. lolll

    i always thought jokwon would be good at dance songs, its sorta unfair their company makes them do only ballads, because they like other things to, like jinwoon and rock..


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