29 March 2012

CN BLUE - Hey You MV + EAR FUN [Tracklist]

Handsome! :D
Having released one of the track in the mini album last week which is "Still In Love" ,finally, CN BLUE has released their 3rd mini album, "Ear Fun"! They also released the MV of their title track, "Hey You!" Check it out the MV below :-

Cred: cnblue

Omoo, totally fall in love with Yonghwa and Jonghyun here! hahaha. The song is so awesome! CNBLUE's style of course ;) duruduru duru blah blah~~

01 Hey You 
02 아직 사랑한다 (Still In Love) 
03 Dream Boy 
04 Rock n’ Roll 
05 Run 
06 In My Head

I give 5 stars for this album! Love all the tracks! CN BLUE DAEBAKKK!! <33

20 March 2012

Daikoku Danji (The BOSS) Jumping MV + Single

Daikoku Danji is at it again with another fun & addictive Japanese single “JUMPING”. Also known as Dae Guk Nam Ah or The BOSS. And guess what? The boys finally have a fanclub name! Fans of these pretty loves are called “MASTER” as these fans are “the BOSS’s owners who have mastered everything about them as well as meaning the artists and the fans trust each other and stand by each other.” I am a MASTER yay!

The group is set for solo concerts in 2012 in both Korea and Japan confirmed, and also The BOSS will have a Korean comeback through a full length album release in April!

After ending their “Love” series of songs such as Love Power, Love Bingo, Love Parade, Love Letters, Love Days, “JUMPING” is a super fun song where the boys play hide-n-seek with each other so adorable!! The song is soo Japanese, like it should be in an anime. The full Jumping album will be released March 28th aghh why so long..

Jumping PV:

BIGBANG - ALIVE 5th Mini Album [MV + Comeback + Tracklist + Concept Pics]

BIG BANG is back yall! VIP’s rejoice all five together again and they are pulling all of the stops. BIGBANG caused quite a stir in the beginning of this year with their promotion of all 6 tracks. After breaking into the US Billboard, sweeping Youtube medals and reaching all-kills on all of Korean sites, the boys are still at it with several no.1 wins on music shows this month!

So far they have started out with BLUE, BAD BOY and FANTASTIC BABY in music shows and recently added AIN’T NO FUN to the promoting list. I really don’t have to say anything they are just SUPERB! Here are the MVs, SBS inkigayo badass comeback, pictures & tracklist!


Such a sweet serenade, Seungri is outstanding in this.


My favourite video because they act so funny and adorable even though they are gangstas I love the love they have for each other ^^.


Nothing else to say but “WOW! Fantastic baby! Dance. Ooooo~”

19 March 2012

U-KISS - Forbidden Love & A Shared Dream 1st JP Album

This is forbidden love~ U-KISS is daebak this year in Japan for their Major Debut! Forbidden Love single has a new track called “Redial”. Alongside, U-Kiss releases their 1st FULL Japanese album “A Shared Dream” comprising of all your fave tracks Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, A Shared Dream and 7 other new tracks with 3 japanese versions of Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul & Shut Up!! (However, this full album doesn’t have Redial, hm dunno why).

Forbidden Love is an amazing song! Following their last super sick Tick Tack, this song has its own addictive track following just the outlines of Tick Tack. I recommend listening without looking at the MV first because I felt a detachment from the MV when I first saw it.You know how it is.. it’s hard to pay attention when you see 7 hot sexy guys dancing all sick like~

Forbidden Love MV:


A Shared Dream MV:


I die a little bit everytime I watch Forbidden Love, the dancing is the tip of the tippity top, as always no one can touch U-Kiss! AJ is mine btw haha his neck swiping killed me. And I love awesome Kevin’s “I’m begging you now!” Other than that Kiseop’s part is quite big his voice is so gentle and nice, I wish the camera wouldn’t have so much blasting effects, its distracting to me. Oh! And Hoon-to-Soohyun nailed the Gain-to-Narsha joining “haaa~” note! Haha I couldn’t help making that comparison, I loved it.

2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me MV + F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love Mini-Album [Tracklist]

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me :(
This month, ballad idol boy band 2AM is finally made their comeback! Their newest mini-album, titled "F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love" consists of 6 tracks and the main track, titled, "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me"! As expected, the new song and music video are nothing short of beautiful with a romantic melody. Without further ado, watch the MV for the second track of the album below!

Cred: 2am

Omoo, I almost wanted to cry :( *meremang bulu roma* hahaha. Jinwoon ahh! I haven't watched Dream High 2 yet. Mianhae. Your acting is great! Jinwoon plays a heartbroken young man who cannot forget his past lover. A beautiful MV and an awesome song from 2am! ^^


01. 내꺼였는데 (You Were Mine)
02. 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me)
03. 추억 다 지워 (Erase All Our Memories)
04. 1초만 더 (One More Second)
05. 잘 이별하기 (How To Break Up Well)
06. 사랑해 사랑해 (I Love You, I Love You)

The tracks on "F. Scott" are filled with swooping strings, simple beats, and lovely melodies :)) There’s a relaxed feel to that makes it very easy to listen to. 2AM's vocals are the best! I am listening to the tracks every night lol~ Love the album so much!! <3

17 March 2012

C.N BLUE Releases MV for “Still In Love”

Woot woot CNBLUE is here! Kyaaa~ I'm so missing them. So happy when they releases korean songs instead of japanese. Hahaha XD As usual, Yonghwa's self composed track titled, "Still In Love" is drawing so many attentions! Although I'm not a Boice, but I still support CNBLUE's music :) Heheh

The video shows the process of the members’ recording session. This song might be the title track for their 3rd mini album "Ear Fun" that would be release on March 27th.

Cred: cnblue

A great song! I'm still listening~~ Heee Jonghyun's voice *melted* ok, that's all for tonight. I'm gonna sleep after listening to this song once again :DD

B1A4 - Baby I'm Sorry MV + The B1A4 ’IGNITION’ [Tracklist]

Kyaa~ dah lama dah tak update! hahaha

Gongchan's blonde hair is killing me XD

B1A4 is back with their 1st ever full-length album this month! I'm so proud of them actually, they are one of my favourite rookie group :D Agrhh, I'm still waiting a video call from them through StarCall. Hehe. I already received 2 calls from FT Island and 2 calls from Teen Top, haha *excited*! ^^

The five talented boys of B1A4 have finally returned with their newest album release titled, 'THE B1A4 [IGNITION]'! The title track is, "Baby I'm Sorry".

Cred: chB1A4

The best song from B1A4! Waa, they look very different right! Baro is very handsome with that hair style lol :p Jinyoung looks so cute~ Fyi, this song was written and produced by Jinyoung himself  *clap clap*

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