17 March 2012

C.N BLUE Releases MV for “Still In Love”

Woot woot CNBLUE is here! Kyaaa~ I'm so missing them. So happy when they releases korean songs instead of japanese. Hahaha XD As usual, Yonghwa's self composed track titled, "Still In Love" is drawing so many attentions! Although I'm not a Boice, but I still support CNBLUE's music :) Heheh

The video shows the process of the members’ recording session. This song might be the title track for their 3rd mini album "Ear Fun" that would be release on March 27th.

Cred: cnblue

A great song! I'm still listening~~ Heee Jonghyun's voice *melted* ok, that's all for tonight. I'm gonna sleep after listening to this song once again :DD

1 comment:

  1. haha yeah nice song, waiting for full album! miss my baby jonghyun n minhyuk lol yonghwa's sexy voice and well jungshin too haha


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