30 July 2010

G.NA Profile + ft.Doojoon & Junhyung MV + Draw G's First Breath [Tracklist]

Waaa..I'm free now! Let's do G.NA!! Sorry yah for the late newbies update..hahaha..

Name: G.NA - Choi Gina (최지나)
Birthday: 1987 September 13
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: O
Education: Fraser Heights Secondary School

Gina Choi, (최지나) commonly stylized and known by her stage name G.NA, who is under Cube Entertainment. She releases her first mini-album Draw G's First Breath on July 14th, 2010.

G.NA has been well known as the leader of the group Five Girls (오소녀) with Wonder Girls`s Yubin, After School’s UEE and Secret’s Hyosung and Jiwon who is a former member of T-ara and an actress that was under Good Entertainment. She was also featured in 2PM's 10점 만점에 10점 (10 Out of 10 Points) debut music video..Ohh..the very sexy one..I see..hahaha

Cred: AznSamManTV

Yahhhh!! I screamed so loud when I see Doojoon hugs G.NA..hahahaa..but lama-lama tengok, macam dah boleh diterima lah..they are sibling right under the same company..so it does not matter lah..like brother and sister only..G.NA is older than my BEAST boys..hahha..noona neomu yeppeoh!!! =D

Doojoon omo is so cute!! Junhyung too looking so handsome!! hahahaa..I like this song so much!! Her vocal..woww!! even in live performance..Watch her debut performance below if you are not believe it =p

B2ST/BEAST & Shin Se Kyung in BBQ Chicken CF!

Wahh..I also want to post something but I don't know what to post..hahaa..just like Chibi..=p

Omo..I haven't read allkpop for a week kot..memang ketinggalan zaman..hahaha..and I accidently found a news about BEAST's CF!!hahaha..overexcited gila..I miss BEAST very much!! wakakaka...so I want to post about their latest CF..about chicken again..isk3..I think this is my 3rd or 4th post about chicken CF en?? hahhaa.. I eat chicken ALMOST everyday ok at Penang..ayam murah sikit..hahahaa..

Cred: TaiwanPttBEAST

The CF sees the BEAST boys facing off against Shin Se Kyung and some girls in a dance battle of some sort..so cute right?? hahaha..BEAST, yahh..my favourite group for ever dancing to SHOCK at first..hahaha..I like their casual clothes..cool gila!! but the song is familiar eh?? grrr...don't know lahh..

Se Kyung is very pretty..haa..my housemate said that she appeared in We Got Married before..hahah..gorgeous!! =D

29 July 2010

Homme (Chang Min & Lee Hyun) ft. Chae Young - 밥만 잘 먹더라 (I was Able To Eat Well) MV

Hello~ I have to blog. But I don't know what to blog??? lol me.

two smoking hot guys~~

Anyway, here's Changmin from 2AM and Lee Hyun from 8eight collaboration for a song called 'I was Able to Eat Well'


Chibi's review about the MV and the song:-
MV - Two smoking hot guys with smoky make up ( which I refer to Changmin and Lee Hyun) teases the fangirls by showing their super fine masculine body. Spoiler:- Changmin and Lee Hyun are admiring themselves in front of a mirror?? LOL!!!

The Song - Yup, definitely.. I would like to dedicated this song to people who just breaks up with their boyfriends and girlfriends. The lyrics are to motivate and cheer up such people not to always hung up with previous relationship. The song is more attractive due that my lovelies two great singers collaborate together. :D 

To end it, I'm in love with the song, lyrics and the men!! Hahahaha!!!

Yay!! Finally I post something. =)

27 July 2010

CN Blue's "Listen to the CN Blue" Asia Tour 2010

Code Name Blue (CNBLUE) is ready for their 1st Asian Tour! It's just like FNC to have these super bands to go about the world only after a couple years of being in the music field. CN Blue first debuted in Japan in 2008, spent two years there then finally debuted in Korea in 2010, so I guess they're not rookies at all!

They're going to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, China & maybe Malaysia.. Oh, are you excited? Here are the details of the boys' planned stops!

CN Blue's Malaysian FC 1st Gathering!

Malaysian BOICE, get Ready N Go!

Appropriately named BlueGather: 1st Boice Gathering, the Malaysian Fan Club for CN Blue is ready for their 1st gathering after establishing themselves since 31 January 2010. I presume everyone is invited! All fans of CN Blue of course, well maybe if you're not a fan maybe you can become one after attending the gathering! haha.

Details provided by CN Blue Malaysia Fan Club are:

Date : 30th July 2010 (Friday)
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Venue : Pizza Hut, Subang Parade, Selangor
Theme : Blue Black
Confirmation Date : By 27th July 2010

Attendance : (Boice admins as well!)
rucci, ajumma63, nazweena, haninie,
weina, oliosunflower, Avelyn, Farah Atifa, nadira, ahPei...

* Please confirm your attendance by commenting @ MY-Boice's post here.
* We will update the confirmation list from time to time.
* We are very sorry to announce that we have to do the 1st gathering on Friday. (However, kindly look forward for other gatherings as well!)

* The main purpose of this gathering is to gather Boice from Malaysia and let everyone know each other. Besides that, we will also discuss about our on going project, which is Birthday Project and future projects!

* If you want to contribute to the project, please bring your gifts!
* We will also collect donation on that day, so if you want to donate, don't forget to bring your donation!
*You can bring your colour papers, glue, color pen/pencils, marker, scissors.

Looking forward to meet you guys!! ^__^

Note: For those who living around KL/Selangor you can take KTM Komuter and stop at Subang Jaya Station. Subang Parade is just in front of the station on the right.

Hope everyone can have a good time at the gathering in support of CN Blue! Good luck to the fan club in organizing the gathering as well! Check out their Facebook page to ask questions or just to see if you're questions are already answered!

Haha well I dunno, but since it's Friday, i'd be the only one free from school lol. Pizza Hut sounds fun. But, aww no effpoos at the gathering..? =(


24 July 2010

Se7en's Digital Bounce in the House! MV + [Tracklist]

I like still them girls, girls..

Glad the actor/master of R&B is back? The YG uh what to call him huh? The uncle? The hot older brother? Se7en has unleashed his korean comeback with Digital Bounce Mini Album, after his short promotions in the US. I only knew him from his title song "Girls" ft. Lil Kim & produced by Darkchild. Wow, I'm very impressed.

In his song Better Together there was even an excerpt of G-Dragon's part in Taeyang's song I Need A Girl. You know the part "Girls I do adore" haha. Very funny.

Better Together MV:

I don't know why but there's a part of his dance that I think is really comel. It looks like he's doing a flying sequence, so cute lol.

Now I understand why he is the outline for all the YG kids, his voice is totally in the same forms as Taeyang, Seungri & Daesung. Some songs also have the same sound style as 2NE1's, but with a special brand of Se7en. Se7en fans! Has he always been like this? XD. One thing for sure, Se7en's voice is sure sexy. The older unnis would sure love him huh? He's about 27 years old in korean!

Here's the album & concept pics!

FT Island Brand-New Days! Treasure PV + [Tracklist]

Jaejin on the seal..? still LOL

Again on the late train cause I've been so busy & not in the moods. Five Treasure Island released their precious Brand-New Days 2nd Major Japanese Single on July 14th! Summer time was what was used to describe this album, but I feel its just a lighter feeling of rock. In a good way of course!

Two PVs were released for this album instead of 1 like in their last Flower Rock single. One for Brand-New Days their feature song & Treasure, the heartfelt "for Primadonnas & our bond" song. Everyone's favorite seems to have gravitated to Treasure PV as all 5 members sing in this!

Treasure PV:

Read more for PVs!

23 July 2010

SiSTAR - Chronos Sword/Soul (크로노스 소드) MV

Can't get enough of Push Push Sistar? Watch and hear this song, you'll definitely fall in love with Sistar more! I'm not really a huge fan of push push but I'm loving this song already. The song just keep making me smile :))))

cr: starshiptv

Wait, I know why I don't like push push performance before! Because of their costume! lol I got distracted by their clothes XD Watch Sistar practicing push push choreography with their normal clothes, HERE. You'll sure love it. They're so good in dancing I just knew that! And they're young! hasdjfdvjabda :)

Teen Top's Profile + [Tracklist]

We're taking over you now, noona lol
Okay I already briefly introduce you to Teen Top in their first MV, here. Now, lets get to know them deeper XD
Teen Top is new Korean boy group/band consisting of 6 members. They released their debut mini album "Come Into the World" with "Clap" as their title song.
6 Members: Changjo, Riki, Niel, C.A.P, L.Joe and Chunji
Label: T.O.P media
Debut: July 09, 2010

Official Website: www.teentop.co.kr/teentop/index.asp
Daum Cafe: cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP
Fansite: 6teensontop.ipbfree.com/index.php?
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TEEN_TOP
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/TeenzOnTop

Check this out, Teen Top just release dance version of Clap MV!

Tracklist and members' profile are under the cut :)

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100723]

Congratulation Miss A! I know you're going to win after your first winning in Mnet Coutdown yesterday! Min did not tear up like yesterday tho XD

1. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl
2. Taeyang – I Need A Girl
3. Son Dambi - Queen
4. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
5. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
6. Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
7. SISTAR - Push Push
8. Super Junior - No Other
9. Baek Ji Young - 시간이 지나면 (Over Time)
10. 4Minute - I My Me Mine
11. Jang Yoon Jung - 올래 (Ollae)
12. Supreme Team - Dang Dang Dang
14. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
15. Hot Potato - Confession
16. One Two - Very Good
17. Lee Seungcheol - 그 사람 (The Person)
18. Young Gun (영건) - 너를 보내줘야 한다
19. Son Dam Bi - Can't U See
20. Kang Mi Youn - Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ)


Comeback Stage : Chaeyeon, SHINee

Performers : Norazo, Jang Yoonjung (ft. Maniac), Cho PD, B2Y, Ari, Sistar, Kang Mi Youn (ft. Mir), Narsha, miss A, G.NA (ft. Mario), ZE:A, LPG, LEO (ft. Naomi), Joonsuc, 2wins (ft. Supreme Team), MBLAQ, December, Son Dambi, Super Junior..

I don't remember all performers today, but the one that I like are:

21 July 2010

Teen Top - Clap MV

Clap Clap Clap Clap for young Teen Top!
I know I'm late, but better late than never right? Hello new young and fresh debuties (that's not even a word okay little kid?) lol Knowing them makes me feel old :/ And that's, not a good feeling actually.

Must watch if you haven't watch yet!


They are young, so you most probably think that they will debut with cute concept right? Think again. Boy, there are sure 6 little cute hot boys! When Aox is craving for cute concept and awesome strong angelic vocal, I'm drooling over hot concept and some sizzling dance moves! lol Why the older one wants to go with cute concept and the younger one wants to go with mature concept? What happened to the world nowadays?

Okay let me try to point out who is who in the mv (with extra pic). Pre-introduction!

20 July 2010

SHINee - LUCIFER MV + [Tracklist] + Photos

We're back.

SHINee has finally comeback! The one that everyone has been waiting for. Let's watch the music video.

Source : sment@youtube

I was smiling the whole time, I dunno because of their hairs or song XD

MP3s & Photos are under the cut.

18 July 2010

T-ara Adding New Member And Changing Leader

I'm the new magnae... Hmmmph!.
Okay, so here one quick post from me before I start spazzing for more this week (EXPECT A LOT lol) Most of you must already know about this, but sadly for me (Alia/flyfonix) and apparently Aox (and most probably Awin?), we just knew about this. T-ara is adding one more new member and they have change their leader to BORAM. Yes, you read me right. BORAM. The little cute but the oldest member in T-Ara, Boram. (Awin, T-ara's profile please?)

So let me introduce this new girl, her name is Ryu Hwa Young. Yup still young, she's one 17 year old, so I guess 16 year old for normal count? lol She is the new official maknae for T-ara... But I love Jiyeon (Look how cute she is in the first picture! Ermm I think she is one of my top fav girl in K-Pop now hehe) Back to what I was saying, Ryu Hwa Young is 168cm, if and only if it was true lol Taller than Boram for sure XD

Ryu Hwa Young actually has a twin sister called, Ryu Hyo Young who will join the co-ed group of which Jin Hye Won is part of, and debut in September.
Here's more news :

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100716]

Teeheehee.. back again for this week's Music Bank K-Chart on Friday!

Again, dang it for family trips! I missed this week's Music Bank on KBS myself. But don't miss the K-Chart. Let's see who made it to the top this time!

~ Debut Stages: G.NA (ft. Joonhyung), Teen Top Debut.

~ Comebacks: Supreme Team, Black Pearl.

~ Other Performers: Super Junior, Girl's Day, Taeyang, ZE:A, Narsha, miss A, SISTAR, Son Dambi, The Boss (DaeGukNamAh).

*If you can fill in who else performed, gladly obliged! I'm just writing those that I know*

Chukahamnida (Congratulations!) to Taeyang of Big Bang for his BIG win of I Need A Girl on the K-Chart July 16th!

Here's the K-Chart List:

15 July 2010

Jay Park - Nothin' On You EP

Yahhh..after I read Aox's post about Jay Park will probably come to Malaysia this September..Woww..I got excited to post about his special album covered B.o.B's Nothin' On You.. =D

Back in March, Jay Park (Jaebeom) uploaded a video on Youtube where he covered B.o.B’s Nothin’ On You. The video went viral and now has over 5.1 million views.As July 13th has just hit Korea, Jay has released a special video on Youtube with the comment:

“hey guys just a little thing i did for the song~ hope you guys enjoy =)
sorry i can’t type Korea on this computer =( mi ahn.”

Cred: stryker411

Yes Jay!! I enjoyed watching your video!! My housemate who is crazy about you watching your video everyday before she going to sleep..hahahaha! me also watched your video many times okayh..so cool :)

Aww man..just in 3 days, over 1 millions has viewed this video!! this is what I called jay effect!! by the way guys,I really love this song!! The MV is so short but awesome right?? jay looks skinny now..his muscle macam dah kecil je?? hahahhaa.. But, I still love you Jay!! hahahaa..Jay HWAITING!!~

Logo Song for Strong Heart MV - Donghae feat Teuk, Hyuk & Shindong

In the middle of my CSC134 class. Just can't ignore this. Can you believe that Donghae wrote and composed this? Kyaaaaaa~

cr: smtown

1 more day and here come holidays!!!~~

14 July 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100709]

Haha sorry this is uber late, but better late than never! Since someone asked for this, we won't put it off for this week's k-chart instead. Afterall it was a heck of a good show!

Not that I know, I missed it cuz I was out sadly T-T. Look out for more entries this 2nd week of July taking the top spots!

On July 9th,

~ Debut Stages: Girl's Day & Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls' Solo.

~ Comebacks:Son DamBi, ZE:A (Children of Empire) & Taeyang of Big Bang (ft. G-Dragon) *who should of comeback last week on MB but didn't*

~ Goodbye Stages: CNBLUE & Sori.

~ Other Performers: One Two, Koyote, miss A, Sunny Side MJ (ft. Taesabiae), 4Minute, Norazo, Infinite, Sistar, Young Gan, Naomi (ft. H-Eugene) & LPG.

Congrats to super idols SUPER JUNIOR for taking the week's k-chart prize with No Other!

Click more for the TOP 20 List!

12 July 2010

[UPDATED] Jay Park Fanmeet Tour 2010

Jay Park or Park Jaebeom ex-leader of 2PM, setting all controversies aside is ready to go solo! Already signed to Sidus HQ for his domestic korean activities this b-boy is on a roll!

According to his official website, this korean-american singer, dancer, rapper, actor phew, is already planning 8 stops of his Fan Meet Tour all throughout asia. Here's a treat for you, he's bringing along his beasty Art of Movement (AOM) crew with him! Jay and AOM will also battle top local b-boy crews in a friendly exchange to promote youth culture in each country. Talk about excitinggg..

Top asian promoters are on the hot on the heels of fans demanding Jay Park. The fan meets start off in Seoul on August 28th then onto Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore throughout the month of September.

ZE:A - Level Up [Teasers + Comeback Performance]

Why Dongjun is always at the center??? hahaa..Yeahh!! Let's race!!~

ZE:A is comeback with a new single titled Level Up..Their concept now are becoming the car racers plus with their new looks and muscular body..hahahaa..ZE:A already unleashed their teasers..1st and 2nd versions..I don't know when the full MV will be released..Tension je.. :( So, I just put the teasers here okayh along with their comeback performance!

*UPDATE: So it seems that the day of shooting the MV it was raining heavily (which already made the road really slippery and difficult for ZE:A to drive on). Later on they found that the footage for the MV had been ruined by the rain and therefore would not be released. Ugh tough luck fellas, I was so looking forward to seeing this awesome concept and their marvelous effort! -aox

Girl's Day Party EP + [Tracklist]

Sorry guys for late..i'm kind of busy right now..hahaha!

So,this is the mini album for Girl's Day who debuted last week..For those who haven't watched their debut performance last week, yeah, let's watch it~

Aww..I want that cute microphones!! hahaa..eh, I think they are singing live en?? less autotunes?? hahaha..

1 - 갸우뚱 (Tilt My Head)
2 - Shuppy Shuppy
3 - Control
4 - Tilt My Head (Inst.)
5 - Shuppy Shuppy (Inst.)

Shuppy Shuppy is a cute song..hahaa.. Enjoy ^_^ Haa, I'm done with Girl's Day's profile before..Click HERE okayh..

09 July 2010

SS501 - Let Me Be The One MV

Cred: dsp

Let Me Be The One is also their promotion song along with Love Ya in Destination EP..I love this song so much!!! Ohh, this is more like fan-made MV right..but I still feels like wanna cry watching this MV!! Ahh..I fall in love with SS501 again~ Everybody knows SS501 would make a very good harmonization..They have a very unique voices and easy to recognise..=D

Yeahh!! I love to watch their live performance..

Cred: mbckpop

Hyunjoong ah!! Love his sweet voice at starting!! hahahaa..they look so gorgeous!! Love k-ballads!! aigooo~

08 July 2010

Narsha's Narshism & Bbi Ri Bop-A MV + [Tracklist]

how do i look..?

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls is ready for her solo debut with mini album Narshism! Now everyone's a buzz on how crazy and amazing and crazy Narsha's whole concept is. Seriously they are pulling no stops on this debut, its quite a spectacle to watch.

Nothing much have been clearified about the album, but with my own guesses Narshism is a play of words counting in Narsha, ism as in style, or the word schism which depicts two polar sides of each other. That would explain all the contrasting outfits to one another, showing the good & bad sides of a person ie. Narsha as a Nun/Angel to a Witch. Good for your first lesson of Narshism? lol.

Bbi Ri Bop-A MV:

There are a lot of things to say about this mv, but nonetheless its pretty damn awesome. Who knew Narsha could be so dastardly sexy?? Like na I'm serious, its not like a too much-making-me-uncomfy sexy, its more like a whoa! I can't believe she's so hauntingly sexy! haha. I love Narsha but this MV showed me a whole different side of her.

To say that this MV is scary, YES it's very scary. Why? 1) Narsha looks scary! She's so pale with all the makeup! With all her outfits together like whoa she completely transforms each scene. It helps a lot in the scary department no doubt. 2) The song Bbi Ri Bop-A sounds very scary as well! But it does have a cool dance to it haha loads of people would try to copy that lol. Very eerie but cool MV, *bowing, bowing for loads of respect, respect*

Keep on reading to see more awesomely crafted shots.

Black Pearl is Go Go Ssing EP! MV + [Tracklist]

owh! we're back!?

After 3 years Black Pearl is ready for a comeback! Previously known as a ballad group from Mnet Media, they debuted in 2007 (same as FTi!) around the same time as the Wonder Girls & SNSD. Being already older in age than the newbie groups they were sought to battle out the top girl group title with them, but instead fell out into hiatus.

Now Black Pearl is looking much more colorful don't you think? Go Go 씽 is an EP of their past works including 2 new tracks. The title track has a fun-summer-like concept. Nami, Youngjoo, Heeeun & new member Jungmin is to have their comeback today, but catch them on the 9th on KBS Music Bank!

Go Go Ssing MV:

I like the MV its really colorful but light, the song becomes catchy once you've watched the MV. Although Black Pearl is quite matured in age, they're also matured in their vocals. They're like a 4-membered Davichi or Seeya. Well of course, these girls have been mentors to those hoobae groups for a long time.

Before the widely acclaimed collaboration between Davichi, Seeya & T-ara, a company fuse-group was formed actually, called Blue Moon that includes Black Pearl, Davichi & Seeya. Hm, there's a lot to look out for these guys so perhaps I'll write up a full profile later.

For songs & pictures..

Son Dam Bi's The Queen Album MV + [Tracklist]

If the title was "the queen B" that would've been cool..

Son Dambi is back with her 3rd Mini Album The Queen! Indicating that she's the new queen of hm, well I'm not sure what kind of queen yet, k-dance? Anyways let me tell you I'm loving this album! Yes, Aox doesn't come out with negative reviews all the time! haha.

The concept is quite clear victorian, Marie Antoinette hair, flowy dresses & swords. I dunno where the swords come in but its quite medieval isn't it? After billions of years teasing us, Son Dam Bi's 3rd Mini effort, after Saturday Night, is quite cool. I didn't listen to Saturday Night a lot, it might be a longshot to say but Queen might probably get as much attention.

Surprisingly, 1st moments of listening to Son Dambi's songs, it can come off annoying because she has a very high pitch in singing, Queen actually sounds very very similar to Kylie Minogue's Wow, but I don't want to start any plagiarism games. The music video is random, funky disco, sorta mixed with Fantastic Children castle in the sky thing you know. Check it out...

Queen MV
cr: pledisartist

Songs & Concept Pics below..

Girl's Day Profile + Tilt My Head MV

So many newbies!! arghh..benci tol rr..pening sudah ;(

Hello!! We're Girl's Day!!~

A new five-member girl group is set to debut on 9th July at Music Bank with 'Tilt My Head' song! Girl’s Day made their names known through social networking service, Twitter..They also have created an official Fan Cafe, Youtube Channel and Twitter for each member..They will use these social networking methods to their advantage to promote as much as possible..Yeah..I think they will become popular soon ;)

Before this, they released flash mob videos of them showing off their dancing skills at Myungdong and Hongdae on April 24th and giving a preview of what’s to come in the near future when they make their debut..Watch the videos HERE..

Source: girlsday5

What do you think guys?? Yeah..they are bringing a robot like concept and cute in this MV..hahaa.but I like the colourful plastic wig!! So funny and cute lah..The song is catchy and cute to listen eventhough autotune again..huh, I thought they will bring a concept like the flash mob videos..they are very talented in dancing and i'm interested with them after watching that videos..hhee :)

The microphone concpet is a new one..macam comel je tengok mereka ini..hrmmm, it's so hard to recognise their faces here..not very clear ahh..let's see their beautiful faces one by one under the cut!! =D

Ji Sun and Ji In are withdraw from the group after two months debuted..it was revealed through Twitter on September 12th that two members would be leaving Girl’s Day..They said Ji In will concentrated in acting career while Ji Sun will study music more to find her own character..

In October, their company confirmed that two new members are added to this group for replacing Ji Sun and Ji In..So, there still in five members like before..The new members are Yura and Hyeri..They made an appearance on MBC’s “Bouquet” on October 10th for the first time and were introduced as Girl’s Day members, officially kicking off the group’s comeback by the end of this October with a new song! Yeahhh~

07 July 2010

Super Junior Releases No Other MV!!

hahaa..lame gler x update..sian Aox kene update sorang2..hehe..

This pic is so smart..lawa gler jd desktop background! hahhaa..

Super Junior had started No Other promotion last week and finally releases their MV today..Sweet!! I like this song so much!! Alia too right?? owh man..the most lovely and romantic song that i've ever heard this year..hahaha..Check it out the MV!!~

Cred: sment

Ahhhh..Siwon looks so handsome lah in here?? waeyo?? hhahaaha..my housemate from Sabah really love Yesung..She said Yesung is handsome ba(with Sabah's accent)..I'm so happy that i got housemate who is also loves kpop..we sing kpop songs everyday! hahaha... okayh..Ryeowook is wearing a sleeveless! hahaaa..kurus kering..no muscle =p but he is still cute! argghhh..Leeteuk, i don't know what he is doing..only snap LOVE pictures!..hahaha..

And..I can't believe it what I saw..Eunhyuk?? Awww..I thought he has a slim body no abs at all but fuyyoohh!! I think this is the first time right he is showing his body in MV?? hahaa..I can't stand watching his..! Alia sabar ye =D

Thumbs up for this lovely song!!Suju Hwaiting!! <3

05 July 2010

FT Island unleashes Brand-New Days PV!

i'm lovin these brand new days..

Five Treasure Island a.k.a FT Island, like yall don't know that already, has released Brand-New Days PV early! Just like what they did for Flower Rock PV in May.. Perhaps its the favoritism talking but they are my #1 Korean band!

Brand-New Days is the newest single set to fall from the heavens on July 14th. The boys have been promoting non-stop in Japan since early this year to August till they return back to Korea. This PV seriously caught me off guard! And I dunno if I was too psyched again or it was just the absolute brilliance these guys showed. What could you expect less from a song penned by our own Song Seunghyun! Their skills have improved tremendously with their instruments and Jaejin & Seunghyun's singing is ah...

Don't take my word for it check it out below!

Brand-New Days PV:

cr: warnermusicjapan

AH!! First of all this is unavoidable..

4Minute releases I My Me Mine MV

Who's next? I mean what's next? After HUH (Hit Your Heart) promotions, 4Minute has followed up with their 2nd track I My Me Mine. I like this song too. The whole album is filled with songs similar with each other & I My Me Mine is no different. Cool rough rocker-chick concept, but gurls cover yourself up! You're my age! Check it ouuut...

I My Me Mine MV:


For the concept pics/mv stills!

DNT is Knock Knock-ing! [MV]

sweet uniform guys..

Min, Karin, Joonyong, Dongwook & Taerang (previously known as ByungKyu) are back with single Knock Knock! These guys are really under the radar, excuse me for the irony. I like their costumes of Soldier-Navy Seal outfits.

If you didn't know DNT or Dragon N Tiger started out as a 5-member K-Pop boyband who's debuted quite a few years ago, but one dropped out because of Millitary duty, then they performed as a 4-member group for 2 years. Another dude Taeku recently left due to health problems then for their comeback they've added 2 new members Min & Karin. Their first known single was Crazily Pretty if you remember? If you'd like to know more about these kids we've already made a profile!

Knock Knock MV:

Panda: I actually would love a storyline MV from these guys anytime soon? If they haven't already. That would make fans more pulled in to DNT. Is Joonyong rapping? lol cool. The song is about fully autotuned, but to cut these guys some slack, the song ain't half bad ey?

Owh look! More ways to stalk DNT as all 5 guys have twitter! xP

-> Min's Twitter
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04 July 2010

Taeyang Solar Album [MV + Tracklist]

Taeyang of Big Bang, nickname Sol, real name Young Bae has branched out into a full album as a soloist! Of course he's not leaving the band or anything, if I'm right this is the 2nd member to get a full solo album under their belt after G-Dragon.

Taeyang's album is called Solar, maybe its a play of words? Well the title track is "I Need A Girl" featuring Big Bang rapper G-Dragon to up the hype, but to push the limit even more Sandara of 2NE1 is featured in the same music video! Preferably as the "girl he needs" and G-D as the "guy I need" haha.

I Need A Girl (ft. G-Dragon) MV (ft. Sandara of 2NE1):

The MV! Many might be super uncomfortable at how Dara & Taeyang get so close in this mv, but its very PG! And in my opinion really hillarious! Taeyang is so so goofy haha. That part where Dara shows a shirt of Taeyang's face to the other guys, then he winked was absolutely crack-up!

Was it really necessary for him to go shirtless with his rock solid abs like crystal? I don't understand how Dara could stand standing there! Well towards the end she did fall to laughing really hard haha, shoot I would too! lol. I think I need a doctor to explain to me how I turn into melted Jell-O pudding the second G-D pops out of the screen. Haha I wanna watch again!

MP3 & Photos:

Super Junior's No Other on Music Bank + Repackaged Album [Tracklist]

Last Friday, 2nd July Super Junior continued on promotions after Miina (Bonamana) with a brand new song from Repackaged Album with No Other (너 같은 사람 또 없어)!

Kan Mi Youn's Crazy Single [MV]

a.k.a the lucky one..

Ex-Baby Vox soloist Kang Mi Yeon has released her newest single entitled 미쳐가 (Crazy)! You can watch the teasers & still pics here. The track features Mir of MBLAQ in a hot & fast rapping bridge while MBLAQ's Leejoon also features in the ehem "intriguing" music video! In the MV she's portrays someone quite psychotic, ties up a dude in her house, while he regrets ever meeting her. You can also see a surprise comedian cameo at the end of the vid! Super random!

Crazy (미쳐가) MV:

Panda says: You know I absolutely lurve Mir's rap part, but I do agree that its completely different from the rest of the song. While the chorus is very been there done that, a lot of autotune, I find myself singing micheoga!! part only cause its so catchy lol.

Enjoy! Read more for her concept pics..

02 July 2010

ZE:A's MTV Artist of the Month July!

Okay the randomest choice in the world don't you think? I was pretty stunned myself when I saw All Day Long MV shown on MTV and on top it something popped out saying Children of Empire is MTV's Artist of the Month of July! Now you'll get to see them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mazeltov!

The reason?
ZE:A, otherwise also known as Children of Empire, is a 9-member strong boy band from South Korea. The group slowly built up their fan base by appearing in various documentary-styled and reality shows titled “Star Empire” and “Empire Kids Returns.” On January 7, 2010, ZE:A finally unleashed their debut EP titled Nativity. and found instant chart success by topping both the album and artist charts on the release day. Within the span of three months, ZE:A continued their chart domination with their second EP, Leap For Detonation.

Congratulations to ZE:A! Or should I say Mazeltov? Its sorta weird huh? They've only released 2 MVs so far, Mazeltov & All Day Long. But I suspect its for promotion for the boys' Asian Tour coming up soon, ZE:A is said to also drop by Kuala Lumpur! What overachieving newbies! XD

ZE:A is also set for a comeback this July 8th with a brand new single titled "Level Up". Watch out for these kids on July 9th on Music Bank!

Check out their profile here to get to know the boys Joonhyung, Dongjun, Kevin, Hwangshik, Siwan, Minwoo, Heechul, Taehun & Kwanghee! Extra Chicken CF & Phone CF!


Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100702]

Because I promise to help aox as much as I can, here's another post. ^_^
Today's Music Bank K-Chart!! The winner is IU feat. 2AM (Im Seulong) - 찬소리 (Nagging). But today her duet changed to Seo In Guk. Can I say I love Seo In Guk's smile towards IU?? Wahaha.. Dongho must be super jealous seeing IU with Seo In Guk. One of his ideal is IU, right??

[Note:- someone who is kind-hearted.. Link, please as well Lala, fill them. Thank you. :))

TOP 20

congratulations, IU!! And Seulong who is absent today. ^^

  1. IU feat. 2AM (Im Seulong) - 찬소리 (Nagging)
  2. CNBLUE - Love
  3. Koyote - Return
  4. F(x) - NU ABO
  5. Super Junior - Miina (Beauty) [BONAMANA]
  6. Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
  7. Davichi - Time Has Stopped
  8. Hot Potato - Confession (the longest ever song in k-chart for this year I think)
  9. Hwayobi - Bye Bye Bye
  10. Sistar - Push Push
  11. 4MINUTE - HuH
  12. SS501 - Love Ya
  13. Navi - We Really Did Love Each Other Feat. K.Will
  14. MBLAQ - Y
  15. Big Bang (TOP) - Turn It Up
  16. Jang Yun Jung - 올래 (Come)
  17. Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
  18. Lyn - 자기야, 여보야, 사랑아
  19. Seo In Young -사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 (Written As Love, Sung As Pain)
  20. December - Tears in Heaven
Singers that performed today:-

숙희(Feat. 쥬얼리 하주연), 8eight, 2wins(트윈스), SORI(소리), 소연&지연(티아라), 대국남아, 일렉트로보이즈, 화요비, 오렌지캬라멜, 노라조, 써니사이드 MJ(Feat. 태사비애), MBLAQ, 장윤정, miss A, 인피니트(INFINITE), Sistar, 린, IU&서인국, 4minute, CNBLUE, 슈퍼주니어

Sukhee (Feat. Jewelry Ha JuYeon), 8eight, 2wins, SORI, Soyeon & Jiyeon (T-ARA), Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA), Electro Boys, Hwayobi, Orange Caramel, Norazo, Sunny Side MJ (feat. Taesabie), MBLAQ, Jang Yun Jeong, Miss A, INFINITE, Sistar, Lyyn, IU & Seo In Guk, 4Minute, CNBLUE, Super Junior

**Comeback Stage!!**
- 장윤정 <올래>

**Hot debut Stage!!**
- miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

**Overlap Stage!!**
- 4minute - I My Me Mine
- 슈퍼주니어 <너 같은 사람 또 없어> (No Other)

awin - :) Here's the k-chart video..
aox - got no.16!

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

Son Dambi - Can't U See Teaser MV

hey, kpoppers!! I'm going to update today as crazy as I could. I'm going to be serious update for today as I will enter university this Sunday and will not online for a week. (Can't believe it that I'll be offline for a week. Miccheoseo!!)

As you guys know, Son Dambi will do her comeback (according to the date I posted today.) on 9th July 2010 which means 6 days left before D-Day with 3rd Mini Album called 'The Queen B'. :D

pledis ent just released 'Can't U See' teaser,

credit:- UrAsianSourceTV

and if you want to dig more about the song, they actually have a full song in youtube. So, search by yourselves. We can't help in leaking the songs. :D

chibi's review:- Don't the dance remind you guys to Taeyang? Oh btw, Taeyang had his comeback last night on Mnet! Countdown. Hehehe
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