09 July 2010

SS501 - Let Me Be The One MV

Cred: dsp

Let Me Be The One is also their promotion song along with Love Ya in Destination EP..I love this song so much!!! Ohh, this is more like fan-made MV right..but I still feels like wanna cry watching this MV!! Ahh..I fall in love with SS501 again~ Everybody knows SS501 would make a very good harmonization..They have a very unique voices and easy to recognise..=D

Yeahh!! I love to watch their live performance..

Cred: mbckpop

Hyunjoong ah!! Love his sweet voice at starting!! hahahaa..they look so gorgeous!! Love k-ballads!! aigooo~


  1. T.T this mvvv i love the song so much lol. yeah this mv wants to make me cry so bad. LOL the boys are soooo funny! i dint kno they were this silly off camera haha they're so adorable.

    lg2 the part when they were newbies and gyujong was crying oppa!! haha uljimaa!!

    the saddest parts are looking at hyunjoong oppa, he's left, wat's youngsaeng gonna do now?!?

    thnx for this awin..

  2. hahhaa..betol2!! actually, dah x igt dah mv diorang camne..tgk skali n dah lme dah..hahaha..pening woh skang..isk3..

    ok2..ur welcome!!yeahh!! love this song too.. <3

  3. oh, lagu yg dorg perform tuh ke? baru pasan hahaha love this song. dorg da abes contract ke eh?

  4. smorg dh abis contract. hyunjoong dh pindah to another ent. company to focus on acting too mcm jajung? T-T im so sad he left, but i dno bout the acting homie lol. he'll be like the pretty boy all the time, jihoo sunbae!! hwaiting! T-T

  5. cpt gle pndh company haha so thats mean, no more ss501? urh baru nak start minat =.=

  6. no i thk they'll stil be a group if they all agree to it. mcm group ape tu? they all changed to different companies but they were still a band ^-^


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