23 July 2010

SiSTAR - Chronos Sword/Soul (크로노스 소드) MV

Can't get enough of Push Push Sistar? Watch and hear this song, you'll definitely fall in love with Sistar more! I'm not really a huge fan of push push but I'm loving this song already. The song just keep making me smile :))))

cr: starshiptv

Wait, I know why I don't like push push performance before! Because of their costume! lol I got distracted by their clothes XD Watch Sistar practicing push push choreography with their normal clothes, HERE. You'll sure love it. They're so good in dancing I just knew that! And they're young! hasdjfdvjabda :)


  1. haha damn u ARE hyper! hahaha. yeah! i totally love this song! jst got it tday, wat a good ballad-pop song! it makes me like sistar more XD.

    its an OST for a video game rite? lol japanese, korean or american?

  2. hahha told you already! yup fall in love with this song when i first heard it!

    dude, tgk dorg practice push push aku baru letak. ok aku suka da push push XD djbsbjdsb you know i can not NOT like anyone that can dance XD

    ermm molayo, aku taw ost for smtg je hahaha

  3. haha dance dorg bes en? i wonder how they do the push push part, it looks like so much fun xP

    yea its an ost for EA Games Chronos Sword, but i ws jst wondering if it was korean. itd be cool if it wasnt, but they are singing in korean lo

  4. hahah 1st tym tgk cam x appropriate je part push push tuh XD gosh they have looongg legs~

    aaa lagi satu sbb aku xsuka dorg dulu, semua rmbt pjg!!! 2 of them should cut and blond their hairs XD eh wait, smua skola lg ke? XD

    oo for korean la kot

  5. haha look at wat korean idols hav to get down to, to get recognized, they have to cut or blonde?? lol. um i thk their 1989, 1990, 1992, & 1993. lol

  6. in a group, especially girls, yes. lol not necessary blond but yeah dye their hair XD

  7. hahah!! bez!! lagu ni bez!!! hahaa..thnks alia!! kte mmg perlukan lgu2 bru rite now!! bosan gler kot..wakaakkaa..

    yeahh..better than push2 laa..keh3..

    i like so you..eh yeke nme die?? x igt da..hahaha..

  8. haha yeap. i put the pic if u dont mind eh alia? i had it in my file & i dint kno wat to do wit it so i jst put it here haha.

    yeah, like this song loads. yup its so you, i like her too, but i like hyorin's hyorin eh nme die haha her raspy voice xP


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