08 July 2010

Son Dam Bi's The Queen Album MV + [Tracklist]

If the title was "the queen B" that would've been cool..

Son Dambi is back with her 3rd Mini Album The Queen! Indicating that she's the new queen of hm, well I'm not sure what kind of queen yet, k-dance? Anyways let me tell you I'm loving this album! Yes, Aox doesn't come out with negative reviews all the time! haha.

The concept is quite clear victorian, Marie Antoinette hair, flowy dresses & swords. I dunno where the swords come in but its quite medieval isn't it? After billions of years teasing us, Son Dam Bi's 3rd Mini effort, after Saturday Night, is quite cool. I didn't listen to Saturday Night a lot, it might be a longshot to say but Queen might probably get as much attention.

Surprisingly, 1st moments of listening to Son Dambi's songs, it can come off annoying because she has a very high pitch in singing, Queen actually sounds very very similar to Kylie Minogue's Wow, but I don't want to start any plagiarism games. The music video is random, funky disco, sorta mixed with Fantastic Children castle in the sky thing you know. Check it out...

Queen MV
cr: pledisartist

Songs & Concept Pics below..

Usually Son Dambi is known for her addictive dance moves & I couldn't find any. Perhaps it'd be more clear in her performances. Also for a title track, is "wake up" suppose to be catch phrase? I dunno but that's the only word I understand in the song. We know Dambi's not #1 in english pronounciation but I don't think I understand even the korean pronounciations lol. As funny as it sounds I actually hear a little of Orange Caramel influence in the song haha.

Here's the tracks:

1 - DB Rider
2 - Queen
3 - Beat Up By A Girl
4 - Can't U See
5 - Super Duper
6 - Queen (inst.)
7 - Can't U See (inst.)

Panda says: I became a fan of Son Dambi after her infamous "I'm Crazy" mini album. Her aura follows suit in this album as well. I really like DB Rider, I was wondering what does DB even mean, then I'm like, oh! I get it haha DamBi Rider.

Beat Up By A Girl is pretty fun to listen to as well, but Can't U See is a ballad that also can't be missed. The rare ballads in Son Dambi's collections should be really appreciated considering she actually has a very soft subtle voice that you don't imagine to be in dance songs. But of course Son Dambi has to do the opposite of everything haha. Super Duper is very easy going, with a soft addicting beat as well.

I dunno why Queen is used as the title track, any of the other songs in the album would've sufficed. I thoroughly recommend this whole album, if you're sick of newbies songs trying to impress you and junk. This album will easily follow your mood and soothe your ears.



  1. actually ble i tgk son dambi en, i terigt 2nd heroin yg dlm cte my girl uh, the one yg tennis player uh..jht..hahaa..cam lebeyh kurang je muka diorang..hahaha..xleh bla =p

    Haaaa..Still xleh masuk dlm kepala lagu ni..lagu2 lain x dgr lg..dwld lembab gle kat sini!! tension tol..

    'wake up' the chorus macam lagu hillary duff-wake up je..hahahaa..

    but, son dambi's photos HOT gler..isn't she old?? how old is she??30?? hahaa..kejam..

  2. haha really? hmm sortof. tp mmg xske tennis player tu haha. but i like dambi.

    uhh queen isnt the best song in the album, i thk its my least fave prolly. lol

    yeah!! her pics are awesome!! actually she's younger than hyori, oh here it is she's 28 this year lol. cool. thats not too old she can marry rain ahhaha. totally not suitable xP

  3. hahaha...ouhh,I havent dwld the album yet..lom dgr lg lagu2 yg laen..heh..

    ohhh..28?? ok laa tuhh..ngan rain x sesuai lahh..hahaha! tp still nmpk younger lah..cam hyori gak..

  4. hahaha awin kejam lol

    photo - perfect, here i go again, talking about photo. azra drees up like that cpt. then awin pun pakai masquerade skali lol lawaaa gle gian nak wat photoshoot.

    mv- ermm nothing special =.=

    mule2 lupe die yg mane satu, then terigt saturday night hahaha

  5. yea i kno rite, her pics are so cool! hahaha bg outfit ill put it on rite away! XD

    haha alia i jst realized wat u said, i did write a lot mianhae!!


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