05 May 2010

Korean Entertainment on ANIMAX

Animax?? Japanese anime channel? Yeah! Have you been to the Animax Channel lately? Somethings gone very strange. It looks like Korean Entertainment Shows are confirmed to be shown on a new revamped ANIMAX!

As part of the the "Next Wave of Evolution" regime, ANIMAX - Asia is ready to add on Korean dramas and korean variety shows along with Japanese anime on the channel.

A representative from Animax-Asia explains,
Animax is evolving through the taste & preferences of the youth audiences, with Japanese & Korean entertainment proving extremely popular with youths across Asia.

From May 2010, Filipino and Malaysian Animax viewers can expect to enjoy the Korean programming block including entertainment, variety, reality and drama shows, as well as movies, starting initially with popular drama series like Coffee Prince, My Girl and Princess Hours.

The shows will be dubbed in local languages Bahasa Malaysia for Malaysia, and Tagalog for the Philippines, with viewers having the option of catching the shows in original Korean language audio with English subtitles. Viewers in all other markets will be able to catch the new Korean programming block starting from July 2010.

Okay so no need for the BM subtitles, for me I always think they're very weird, but whatever floats your boat. I'm actually a bit confused why Animax is pulling this move. Wouldn't it make more sense if Animax stick to the Japanese market? I would very much prefer Japanese Doramas (which is undeniably wider in variety, story-concept wise) & their extremely creative wacky Japanese Variety Shows.

It feels like I'm adding on another KBSWorld, which I don't really have a need for. Since the project is already underway all I really hope for is for SBS, MNET & MBC shows to be aired for Animax viewers instead of KBS ones. Am I right?

One thing I really like about this is that Coffee Prince is going to be shown! I know I'm lame for not having watched that already, but looks like I don't need to borrow your dvd anymore Awin!

May 2010 Schedule
you should have a heads up for:

Monday, 8pm: Live Power Music
(repeat: Mon 12am, Tue 1pm, Sun 3:30pm)
- A music show comparable to Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, M! Countdown, of Korean Artists. It is also held in Korea but probably meant for the japanese audience. This show has been running for quite a long time now, showcasing indie artists as well as mainstream artists.

Tuesday, 8pm: Pretty Boys & Girls (Ullzzang Shidae)
(repeat: Tue 12am, Wed 1pm, Sun 5:30pm)
- hosted by Kim Taehyun famous for his sarcastic nature & battles with Back to Basic's little Sujeong on KBS Star Golden Bell (his seat now occupied by LeeJoon of MBLAQ as the result of the arrest for assault incident in March).

This is a variety show about common girls & boys who have one thing in common extremely photogenic & pretty. At some extent my review of this show is that they aren't as good looking as Idols (I guess Idols are the creme of the crop ey?) but let me tell you all of them are very narcisistic and vain as well. The younger contestants are the cutest, but watch out when they talk, they spit out fire & they don't sound as sweet as they look. Internet ulzzangs who are pretty pictures admired by netizens. Though for future episodes I think they would improve more in the comedy area. Second half of Season 1 includes an ex-member of XING & Season 2 includes U-Kiss's Kiseop! This show was aired last year in 2009.

Wednesday, 8pm: My Girl (마이걸) [K-Drama]
(repeat: Wed 12am, Thurs 1pm, Sat 9pm, Sun 8:30am)
- Popular television series produced by the SBS, that ran from late 2005 to early 2006. Cast: Lee Junki, Lee Dahae, Lee Dongwook, Park Siyeon.

Thursday, 8pm: Princess Hours (궁) [K-Drama]
(repeat: Thurs 12am, Fri 1pm, Sat 8pm)
- Comedy. Became one of MBC's most popular dramas of 2006. Cast: Yoon Eunhye, Joo Jihoon, Kim Jeonghoon, Song Jihyo.

Friday, 8pm: 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점) [K-Drama]
(repeat: Fri 12am, Sun 7pm, Mon 1pm)
- Romance, Comedy. MBC began airing on July 2, 2007. The drama is a love story between a tomboyish woman pretending to be a man and a young food empire mogul. It contains "pseudo-homosexual" elements as the man does not initially know of the tomboyish woman's true gender. Cast: Yoon Eunhye, Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Gyun, Chae Jung Ahn.

You can now look forward to a heap of brand new Korean Shows to your TV Guide Calendars! We should be thankful the KPOP industry is growing & spreading so fast!

cr:animax-asia.com, wikipedia


  1. HAHAA..I only watch la cordo de prima passo je on animax..other anime x tgk un!!

    Ey!!!Whattt!!! WHY MAYYYYYY 2010!!! Yarghhh!!!~
    Tension in matriks nnti!! hahahaa..

  2. haha wah i just watched My Girl for the first time lol. Lee Dahae is hillarious! asl smorg during that time hav the same pigtail, earring, lipgloss concept like Song Hye gyo in Full house too lol. korean millenium haha

  3. hahahaa..cte lame!! I also have my girl dvd!!I watch my girl for so many times..x boring~ hehehe..I like lee dahae!! cute2 :)

  4. yea mmg smue cte lme en, dts y they hav the pigtail, earring look like in the 2000 millenium year lol. yayy i get to watch dramas X)

    i was so freaked out whn they started speaking in bm, i quickly changed to korean! lol

  5. wow awesome! I have two weeks to linger with my tv lol

  6. haha, man y ru guys all leaving me, u betta get ur laptop in ur school quick gurl lol

  7. OMG!!!!hi has been gone for quite a while??? how come i only knew now! i never new animax have korean entertainment. now i'm glad there's another KBS.:)

  8. @anon, mm yup! im enjoying myself gettin to know the dramas as well ^^

  9. You have done a marvelous job! I am really inspired with your work.

  10. @ayesha sadiq - on behalf of aoxora, thank you very much! Very appreciate it :)


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