17 May 2010

4MINUTE - HUH MV Teaser (Feat. BEAST)

aaaa awiiiinnn where are you?? your favourite cube family has come back hahaha Who's next? 4MINUTE!

cred : 4minuteofficial

4minute yeah! They look absolutely hot! Along with Beast! Cube family interaction is loveee.... Tho I'm jealous when Doojoon shaking hand/half hug Gayoon lol The song sounds cool, the teaser is cool, so I hope the real MV is much more coolerrrr. Loving their looks and image, hip hop yoh hahaha AAAAAA Really, I can't wait for their comeback. And make sure you win this time! Ops we have Super Junior now hurmm


  1. hahaha yes! i wanted yall to do this lol.

    omg beast is serioua hotness in this vid! hahaha i totally love 4minute's gangsta badass concept. though i thk the whole teaser felt like lee hyori's chitty chitty bang bang.

    haha druken jk is so cool to be in here too!! cube family i support! XD

    so-1 in her looks foiiinneeeeee *squeak!* & i LOVE sohyun's new look now, i've always wanted her to cut her hair, then she'll have an identity of her own. go 4minute! can't waittt

  2. omg doojoon's hair!! bpk tggi!! hahaha...

    really really miss BEAST!! haaa..sib abek dorang de dlm ni..hahhaa..ok2..otw nk tgk youtube performance dorang...hahahaa

  3. @azra- haha tuh ar rase cam hyori chitty2 bang2 tp xkesah un hot! I love jumpsuit or er is that what we call it? hot! mcm yg hyuna pakai tym change and secret leader pakai tym magic lol

    yup, loving her hair cut. tp cm minzy je hahaha

    @awin -doojoon hot! hahaha


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