01 May 2010

Gummy Profile + Loveless Mini Album [Tracklist]

Stage Name: Gummy (aka Gumi, Gumy, Spyder or Spider)
Real Name: Park Ji Yeon (박지연)
Birthdate: April 8, 1981
Blood Type: B
Height: 165 cm
Education: Dongduk Women's University

Gummy, who debuted with her impressive debut song 'When You Come Back' in 2003. She is under YG Entertainment.Gummy participated in a live album work in 2003 in which, popular newcomers such as Whee Sung, Se7en and Big Mama, gathered together to present past hits, upcoming songs from their own albums, and also other well-known songs sung by other artists to their fans.

It's been 2 years since Gummy's last album and now she will make her comeback with a new mini album called "Loveless" with her title track 'There is no love'. YG Entertainment said her new mini album and title track will show a more extensive feel of music where the song communicates to its listeners. Its a different music but overall the music is based on a strong rock feel. Now I'm in rock mood!! After watching new MV from FT Island-Flower Rock..hahaaa..=p

'There is no love' MV:

Yeah!! I like the song and the black concept! hahaa..She has a rock voice huh! Awesome! Rock yo! hhehe. I'm just getting to know her now after 7 years debuted...hahaaa.. :) Oh, Gummy releases 'Since he's a man' MV too..the MV starring Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Jung Ryeo Won..

Read more to catch MV for 'Since he's a man' and Gummy's photos :-

'Since he's a man' MV:

Hhahaa..Love story!! Haishh..I miss my HyunJoong~ He is so cute in here..By the way, SS501 will make their comeback anytime in May!! Woww!! <3hahaa..Both of them made a cute couple!! I'm glad to see happy ending :)

I love the album!! Soft Rock =D

그만 헤어져
Because Of You
사랑은 없다 (There is no love)
남자라서 (Since He’s a Man)
구세요 (Feat. Bigtone)


-Random Facts-

  • She used to date Wheesung some time before both of them debuted.
  • She once admitted that she regrets not being part of Big Mama; however, some fans recognize her as the unofficial 5th member.


* [2003.02.07] Like Them
* [2004.09.09] It's Different
* [2005.09.01] For The Bloom
* [2006.04.28] Unplugged
* [2008.03.12] Comfort
* [2010.04.29] Loveless

Cred: Soompi, Crunchyroll


  1. wow blur, banyak gila orang search pasal die nih, and i was like nugue? haha same la kte awin baru knal lepas da debut 7 tahun :P I guess she's pretty famous huh? gummy! hahaha

  2. Kita suka dau2 mv tuh nye lagu weee~ hyunjoong comel gila! lagu un besh! patot ramai org crk hahaha

  3. Hhahaa..2 rr pasal..famous laa kot...tau xpe!! Lagu2 die bez..
    Gummy unnie hwaiting!!:)

  4. HAHAHA NOOO!!! h'es totally acting like Jihoo sunbae in here!!! too effing cute i cant even type right! aaah! daamn ii loooveee you uuu!!! aaaahahhaha

  5. HAHAHAHA..kan azra?? Cute gler!! cair tgk~
    Nnti SS501 comeback x dpt tgk!! AAAAAAA!!~ :(

  6. may byk gle activity, i dno wat im gonna do. i hav to put kpop as a not so big priority lol. tgk sched uh. pnat doh bwat, its so full.

  7. Wohh..baru bce sched!! mmg full!! Eh, SS501 comeback this friday??!! their comeback song xtau lg en..ermm..
    But,Yeah!! I can watch them <3
    Thanks azra for the sched!! Rajin gler kot..good2!!=D

  8. huhhhu...kim hyun joong cute forever...he's handsome when dancing, i like it but some rumors said that he and gummy are lover..is it right???

  9. finally, ss501 comeback with new image, but why this year all comeback singers like snsd, ss501,lee hyori has dark image(see ss501 picture)but i hope ss501 have a good song like previous album..and i like kim hyun joong in "WE GOT MARRIED"....CUTE AND MORE (keanak-anakan)...

  10. lovely pinky - me too! i like hyunjoong in wgm. I started to love kyujong(so freaking much) after watching the wondergirl episode lol about the rumour.... hjg and gummy? idts. gummy is wayy older than him :P tho thats nothing new to him hahaha hwangbo!

  11. YUP fly i think so because gummy older than him...i also like kyujong...hehehh but hyunjoong no. 1st, i'm waiting their new album...and also on air in reality show like star golden bell, happy together...but i miss a lot family outing (huhuhhu)..

  12. @awin - XD heehee thnx! mmg still kt sini thankful bleh buat sched lg.

    @lovely pinky - i miss them boys on star golden bell too! i just want them to go on kbs shows more so i can see them xP lol


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