18 May 2010

MBLAQ - Y EP album [Tracklist]

Give it to my Y! (1st look of the cover I thought it was for Bluetory lol)

Alright! MBLAQ time, the Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality is here for a comeback! With a more mature-detailed look (except for G.O who shaved his mustacho) they have released Y - EP album! When I finished watching Y MV not too long ago, can you believe after Leejoon shot Seo Hyorim I screamed OH YEAH! hahaha.

Is it just me or is it not a great time for MBLAQ to be back? They're coming back around a lot of heavyweights. Even though it'd be quite a surprise to have them reach #1, I've been missing these guys and I'm just happy they get to perform now instead of only appearing in variety shows (i.e. LeeJoon @ Star Golden Bell, Mir @ Magnae Rebellion, Thunder @ Mnet Scandal, damn you Mnet Scandal!!)

This Y album is mostly feeding a feel-good theme overall, its like a cooly beat pleasant to listen to sorta album with a laid back concept. MBLAQ's always been compared to Beast since they debuted around the same time, but B2ST's Shock was more heavier and like blow-up in your face sorta song. Thank god MBLAQ for not engulfing so much into the autotune!

Stop me from babbling so much, here are the tracks & jacket concept photos:

1 - 4 Ya' Stereo (Intro) [ft.Taewan aka C-Luv]
2 - Y
3 - One Better Day
4 - What U Want
5 - Last Luv
6 - Y (Inst.)
7 - One Better Day (inst.)

MBLAQ - Y (EP).rar

Panda says: Like I said before, the album is pretty chilled, nothing to explosive about, but just like dear old boss Rain, I can imagine the cheoreography to borderline Sick! (means awesome) or Sexy! haha.

One Better Day, reminds me of Big Bang-ish, ZE:A's All Day-ish. Pretty cool.
Last Luv is very sweet actually haha, I think all of these songs I can play when I'm trying to sleep cause the lack of autotune feels good to me X).

(Click to enlarge)

Seungho (Leader)



(future Ninja Assassin..)


Group Photos


  1. hahaha azra sengal, ade ke patot suka leejoon tembak hyorim lol(aku un ckp yeay gak sanye haha)

    haha memang mblaq selalo kena compare ngan beast. and mmg dr mula i love mblaq moreeeeeee but awin and chibi love beast more lol mblaq is my top 3, but beast is my top 10 hhaha doojoon is still one of my husband haha

    seungho gmbr first hot gila! ASAL SIKIT GILA GMBR DIE???oh and yeay byk gmbr mblaq ramai2...

    thanks azra for the songs and pics.

  2. xP heheheh. i dont like seo hyorim xP sbb dlm bad woman mv wit all ftis aaaah.

    lol aah eh, i dno why seungho skit sgt gmba but thats all i got at the time lol.

    welcome! i still like their power ranger pants in Y haha

  3. hahah bad woman :P die kiss an dlm mv tuh hahahahha tuh la tym scene dgn jaejin aku da jerit2 hahah walaupun xwat ape2 hahaha

    weh serius gmbr dorg ramai2 tuh kalo letak jdk desktop bg lawa gilaaaaa

  4. haha nonono! if they kissed in that i would sever her head off, haha no, die almost kissed jonghun, when he held her chin, but she turned away, nappeun yeoja lol.

    jaejin and her did andre kim face to face, head turning thing, acceptable to scream about lol

  5. thank you so much for sharing!


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