03 May 2010

Daesung's & Seungri's "Like Big Bang" MV

I haven't spazzed in a long time have I? Better take advantage of any free time now.

Actually I thought this episode of Haha Mong Show had already aired but seems like it was just recently in May. This episode was the latest, though I haven't started watching it, this clip hooked me onto wanting to watch more!

In the bright and early morning, yes this is early for me, Big Bang's youngests' awkward relationship was put aside as they cracked me up hard with their Like Big Bang MV. I swear when Big Bang goes off to do goofy things like this it never goes unnoticed! It think they're a great comedic-hip hop group haha. Special guests appearing include the Brown Eyed Girls dressed as a church choir & also SNSD.

Haha Daesung cracked me up as a wannabe-Snoop Dogg & pretended to makeout with Narsha like a p-i-m-p haha. Seungri making fun of GD, TOP & Taeyang was the best! He's as hot as they are! I don't understand why he thinks he's not? I died everytime I watch his solo perfs lol. He's totally adorable trying to act like a gangsta in the car! His backward hat can really make a girl squeal..

This is just Something to smile widely about.. X)


  1. Hhahaha!! I love comedy version of MV!! cam mystery en..seriously, I'm smiling until the end wathing this..

    Is Daesung yg snoop dog uh?? lohh, len gler kot!! I don't recognised him at all..then read your descriptions baru tau..hhaha!!

    Seungri is the best!! Tiru skali 3 ok!! hahaa.. xleh bla part yg shoot TOP using waterguns! kah3 =D

  2. haha aku ske the part yg seungri acts like gd haha, serious funny yo. & lee byunghun's face was even there hahaha crack up

  3. HAHAHAHA!! Both of them are FUNNY lohh <3
    *still tergelak2 tulis comment ni, HAHAAH*

  4. the video you put da hilang, so i put another one okay?

    hahaha this is epic!the most two awkward members in bb! daesung and seungri, both magnae are awesome! daesung gibberish haha loving the lyrics XD Seungri's A YO face hahahhaha I start to crack so much I cant breath. Seungri with TOP'S hair! HAHAHHA lee byunghyun smiling face wtheck hahaha and omg when he start to shoot at the market! the ajuma! was like... what? hahahhaa

    'we are all one, all five have to make together to make the real big bang!' loveee <3

    traditional instruments coming out of nowhere is daebak! and the granma and grandpa were like waving waving HAHAHAH

    the song is catchy! they sure can rap too :P

    i seriously love it! thanks for sharing!

  5. lol u musta been high at nite rite alia? lol. yeahh oo the vid disappeared? oo otay thnx! haha.

    i luvv me sum seungri, for sum reason i cant stop picturing daesung with his hana yori dango makino costume haha i can't!


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