15 May 2010

Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears EP [Tracklist]

Wonder Girls' long awaited comeback has given us their full album 2 Different Tears! Now available on itunes, everyone around the world doesn't have to wait anymore! I'll probably post the full mv (teaser) here when it's been released also.

I want all of their shoes... and I want the other new album..

The Wonder Girls now including new member Hae lim, excluding beloved Sunmi, is back with a brand new track 2 Different Tears released in English, Korean & Chinese! That's the only submittingly new track on the album. Other songs are english versions of So Hot, Tell Me & Nobody, which we have heard time & time again. Plus the remix versions of the latest 2 songs.

2 Different Tears is just an EP of Wonder Girls's past songs plus 1 new song. The actual new english album is dropping this July.

Here's the tracklist & teaser pics:

1 - 2 Different Tears (Eng ver.)
2 - So Hot (Eng ver.)
3 - Tell Me (Eng ver.)
4 - Nobody (Eng ver.)
5 - 2 Different Tears (Remix)
6 - Nobody (Rainstone Remix) (Eng ver.)
7 - Nobody (Jason Nevin's Remix)
8 - 2 Different Tears (Korean Ver.)
9 - 2 Different Tears (Chinese Ver.)
10 - 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11 - 2 Different Tears (Inst.)

Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears EP.rar

I have to tell the truth! This is just MY opinion, but I was terrifyingly disappointed with Wonder Girls' comeback! Looking at the concept they looked gorgeous & I couldn't wait. Seriously, sorry but 2 Different Tears serves no justice to their past hits! I'd rather listen to English versions of Tell Me & So Hot than listen to this terribly strange new track. 2 Different Tears you can say a fun song, but its nothing new or good to listen to I'm sorry to say.

Wonder Girls used to be my no.1 girl group! So I'm no hater. 2 Different Tears just sounds like a bad, upbeat version of 2PM's Again & Again. I admit JYP Ent's taste in music has changed after they have started One Day, but at least the 2AM/PMs have improved on their songs instead of going back to an unfavoritable-debut-like song like the Wonder Girls' recent. This is definitely not American's taste in music, but hey I might be wrong & just because I say this doesn't mean the song wouldn't get played anywhere, because as for all korean songs, one thing has to be definite; catchy in one way or another.

Oh well, its just an EP right? Not their full album yet. I hope the choreography is good, or else its not a sell for me.

From left: Hae lim/(What's her english name?), Sunye/Sun

From left: Yoobin, Yeeun/Yenny




  1. because i've trouble downloading at other people (due some stupid scareware..eff you scareware, making my comp completely stupid)

    i'll download it here!!^__^
    thanx, our aox!!~~

  2. kay, i've already heared it..and yeah dissappointing.
    i thought there might some point they will start beat. yet, they just cool downnn~~ =.=

  3. yup! other people's dl takes billions of years to take for me, cuz lots of ppl use the same link.

    so i re-uploaded onto effpoo, for faster DL lol.

    i kno rite! ah! ok fine i guess i can wait for their new album in july then.. =(

  4. rmbt sunye pelik =.=

    oh so lagu baru dorg 2 diff tears je la? wtheck haha

  5. wat?? rambut sunye paling cute!! i think she looked the prettiest there lol

    aah satu lagu je.


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