15 May 2010

New MY-FTI Forum is Up!

Finally! Malaysian Primadonnas have somewhere new to freak for F-T-I-S-L-A-N-D! Since 2007 the Malaysian FT Island community was active more than ever, malaysian primadonnas are goin at it a second round for the sake of their undying love for FTI!

MY-Primadonnas hwaiting!

The new admin (she's so known throughout the FTI World) & I (okay yes I am currently a co-admin) have rebuilt MY-FT Island to a new Version 2!
@ http://my-ftisland.forumotion.com

Now I KNOW there are a lot of Malaysian Primadonnas out there right? So head down there & join in & start interacting! Non-Malaysian are also welcome ^-^.

We want loyal members who love Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin, Choi Jonghun, Choi Minhwan & Song Seunghyun! If you love Oh Wonbin you can join as well! I would DEFINTELY update anything that has to do with that dude, he's my boo!

MY-FTi is currently looking for Staffs: Co-admins, Moderators, Designers, and just Members! We have a pretty good starting team so far so I hope you guys can add to it. So long as you stay fairly active we're happy to welcome you! lol. Click on any of the pics to apply!

Help in spreading the word for the new MY-FTi site! Add the siggy to your blogs, any other forums, your facebook, myspace, anything.

Spread the MY Primadonna Love!


  1. Wohhh!! rajin gler wat forum..haha..okayh!! dah registered da..weee~

  2. ha'ah.. aox rajin gler wat forum..
    ak kalo msk forum x penah post sampai seratus if unnecessary. =.=;;

  3. @awin haha admin lah y bwat, aku tolong2 je lol. a lot of work lol.
    thnx for registering!! XD

    @chibi haha no need as long as i kno ur alive, u can register lol, ur lucky since i kno u personally. if you die then i would understand why ur inactive haha.

  4. ok nape korg guna forumotion haha ok tgk ar nnt aku register, nak tlg xsempat lak haha miann

  5. the admin unni dh lme dh ade forumotion, so we just went with it. its easier when someone knows wat they're doing xP


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