18 May 2010

MBLAQ "Y" MV revealed!

I'm so hype lurking around finding Mv and such with my slow connection. Anyway, MBLAQ MV "Y" was released just before 0000 here on Gom TV. And quickly, our kpop fans uploaded it to youtube and mostly are out of sync.

Anyway, i got the one that is not out of sync. By lurking in youtube for awhile. EnjoY!!

credit: stsp17

to get the translation, click read more. =)

'Y' TRANSLATION by glitzyglam @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Somebody stop me
How could I be fooled like this
The girl I had trusted so much has stomped all over me and coldly turned her back against me

What will you even be able to do once you leave me
To you who still hasn't realized and is leaving
I'll give you one last chance
Now there's nothing else that can be done

Give it to my Y ~
Listen to my Y
Give it to my Y ~ ~ Turn me around now
OH Answer me, tell me why you're acting like this to me

[Verse 2]
Now nobody can stop me
I don't want to be played by you anymore

I'm slowly starting to clench my fist
To begin my revenge

What will you even be able to do once you leave me
I'll give you the same amount of pain that I received
I'll give you one last chance
I'm slowly going towards you....

just slow down
Everything your movements said
Moving to the beat, the things that were screamed
Making fun of my calls out to you
Worked hard to maintain that image
Girl, listen to my song Listen to my Y
Cry hard (don't leave) I'll chew you to pieces and spit you back out

so, i got to watch so little for this MV. But hahaha.. awesome handsome smoking!!! (WTH I'm trying to tell?LOL!!) IF they are not wearing the almost-superman-wannabe-but-wanted-to-be-power rangers- too pants.

AND UHMM!! DON'T GET CONFUSED ABOUT THE OPENING BECAUSE I KNOW THAT ALL MBLAQ 2010 and such line was said by their boss, Rain. Remember Oh Yeah when there was a voice before they started singing. the same case here. They just imitate the voice. So, don't be fooled by our joonie!!>__<


  1. hahaha mygod this is hq! thnx loads. lol i like the song, its pleasant. i dno if it'll like get #1 or anything, but its quite catchy.

    oh so it IS Rain's voice? just Leejoon is mouthing it?? lol im confused lol.

    hahahaha i do not forgive them for the pants, POWER RANGER PANTS ROCK! they are really cool ahha.

    i dno wat to say?? all of them look great! thunder joon, mir is now my 3rd i thk! haha

    seungho's & g.o's voices are sooo good! its hard to imagin g.o singing like that especially waah so weird for me lol.

  2. actually we like the beat, isn't??XD
    well, i know that is rain's voice. As for the opening, I assume that is Joonie since there was a scene he is donning himself afterward. =)

    Hahaha.. power rangers pants really distracting, aye??

    Ahahaha.. I know G.O and Seungho's voices are good because the song they remake so nice. You should give a listen to that. =D

  3. haha yeah joon, pff showing off his bod. im not complaining tho haha.

    wat song is that?

  4. haha..i know you're not complaining. =)

    well, the song is if you come into my heart. released the same time b2st released shock.

  5. ooo. i should, i dint know bout that.

    lol i just watched rain's hip song dance and i thk he was wearing the same styled power ranger pants!! LOL

  6. Wahhh..bez gak lagu nih!! haha..ouhh..is Mir rupenyer yg pakai pink power ranger!! lawa dowh :)

    Thunder nynyi!! Yeayyy!! Seungho's hair time fighting HOT glerr!! hahaaha..G.O ensem!!

    leejoon comel gak..He shot the girl at the end..isk3..

  7. love it, love it, love it!

    love the song, love the mv! yeay mblaq! you dont disappoint me a bit, hugssss

    leejoon cam hot gila tahap gaban hot hahaha terer gila die belakon, patot la dpt jdk Hollywood star hahaha terer gila die blakon romantik+hot+sedih+psycho haaha serius kagum walaupun bape minit je lakonan dia hahaha and serius suara die hot tym mule2 nyanyi, and die gerak sikit2 uh HOT GILA! ok xabes2 hot lol

    seungho sikit gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... sedihhhhhhhhh

    yeay thunder xrap, yeay rain da discover thunder patot nyanyi part cam dara punya part dlm 2ne1 haha if u get what i mean... thunder punye muka hot gilaa

    g.o hahahahha tergelak2 tgk muka die xde misai hhahhaa

    mir yeay! dt rap byk hehe

  8. haha i thk mir is pretty awesome at rap, and thunder is pretty awesome at singing, ah! i see his and dara's part in songs are quite the same gak! lol

    seungho im like i dno who u are leader..where are you all the time?? lol

    taw xpe g.o wit no mustacho its just really funny for some reason, cm budak baru je haha


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