06 May 2010

f(x)- NU ABO MV + Mini Album [Tracklist]

Yeah!! f(x) comeback this year with a new mini album title track NU yeppioh (NU ABO) that might sound strange as first glance..yeah, you know f(x) is always came with a strange song title like their previous well known songs such as La Chata and Chu~♡..About this NU ABO, they explained, NU is pronounced as “new” while ABO is referring to blood types, which in a way indicates that f(x) will bring an emergence of new blood into the music industry...hahaaa..macam2 rr f(x) ni..

Ermm..I think the song is quite unique and very different compared to their previous songs..Check it out the MV below~

Cred: sment

Hrmm..What do you think guys?? HAHAHA..Well,I can accept this kind of song..Mysteric? Hysteric?? NU ABO!!~ I like the part 'Na na na...'!! heheee..the album is quite okayh for me now..I prefer to watch their performance first.. =D

Read more for the MP3 DL and comeback photos~

NU 예삐오 (NU ABO)
Mr. Boogie
아이스크림 (Ice Cream)
ME + U
Surprise Party
Sorry (Dear. Daddy)

f(x)- NU ABO.rar


Stay tuned for their comeback stage this week starting with Music Bank!!~

Still don't know the member names yet?? Oh yah, you can freely visit f(x)'s profile HERE okayh! =D

Cred: allkpop


  1. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR HAIR? lol esp amber, pelik gila hahaha

    first tym dgr yg part first tu, annoying gila. hahah lame2 okay. part nnanananananan tuh mmg besh! ^^

    f(x) punye tarian mmg lompat2 eh? hahah

    the photo shoot are all pretty! I wish we could have photohoot like that someday, four of us <3

  2. hhahaa..kan?? part tuh besh tp choreo part tuh mcm pnh tgk..de solo singer nari cm2 gk..hehee

    Tau xpe!! asyik lpmt n byk gn tgn! snsd gne kaki! hahaa..

    hahaa..yeah!! huh?? gmba sume emo2..hahaa


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