19 May 2010

CN Blue LOVE MV + Bluelove Mini Vol.2 [Tracklist]

Love love love! Everybody clap clap clap!

Today.. Is a good day, a VERY GOOD DAY!! CNBLUE's Bluelove 2nd Mini Album is out! Along with their LOVE MV! Which is fricking off the hook! Waking up so early in the morning blind as a bat, I turned crazy over watching the music video & crying my eyes out of happiness!!

The MV is set awesomely in a 60's Jazz-themed pub and I gotta say that's a kickass concept! Okay, maybe I'm just biased? BUT NO! If you're a stranger to this band this is a GREAT time for you to get to know C.N. Blue, they've outdone themselves with LOVE its even as great as Oetoriya/I'm A Loner! I'm dead serious.

You know my squeals could be heard 3 blocks away with Jonghyun nodding so cutely like that, and oh great you know I just died looking at his sick new short do- and came back to life just in time to watch his solo part hahaha. I love this mv! Jungshin has longer hair which I better, Minhyuk looks like a more innocent cuter version of Seungho xP, and Yonghwa's bright blue suit is absolutely love & want one..for my bf, right..

Oh I want my boys to reach the TOP! No way there's a match for this awesome song, well except for hugely numbered fans haha. Oh well, now if you want me to kick your butt keep on reading for the tracklist & Bluelove concept pics:

1 - LOVE
2 - Sweet Holiday
3 - Black Flower
4 - Tattoo
5 - 사랑 빛 (Love Light)
6 - Let's Go Crazy

Bluelove - 2nd Mini Album.rar

Panda Likes: All of the above. LOVE is a sort of brilliant mixture of jazz, indie rock and an addicting catchy semi chorus. Though I did think that small bit of hard rock before the end was weird cuz it didn't fit in with the others, luckily it was only for 3 seconds lol.

Sweet Holiday was a very pleasant gift from CN Blue its extremely relaxing but in a "I'm going to tap my toes for this" Written by Kang Minhyuk! Ballad-ish but fast-tempo. Both voices just make you melt into a puddle of Boice goo. Really well thought out song, one of my favorites in here.

Black Flower is your basic bread & butter rock song, it could play as the background song to my life and it'll be cool lol.

What can I say about Tattoo? Well put it on its an awesome indie-rock song! Well placed beats by dear cutie pie Minhyuk. It's just a cool song to listen to, if you can play guitar I bet this is really fun to play on. Written by Jung Yonghwa.

Love Light, its a ballad song, nice to sleep to, subtle sweet voices from Jonghyun & good rap from Yonghwa, but you know that one line I do not appreciate hahah hrmm. Written by Jung Yonghwa of course.

Let's Go Crazy! I'm surprised they put the fully english song here. This song was one of my favorites on Japanese Now or Never album, the boys' first album ever. And I still wanna listen to it, its a fun rollicking song, best played when you have time to spend in the shower like you have nothing better to do.. It's great!

Overall, I'm pretty happy that this album has enough english bits here and there for us to easily sing along to those who aren't so fluent in korean. Good thing Yonghwa's english is excellent.

My prognosis? Hell ya I'm gonna stay home & put this album on repeat all day! XD

(click to enlarge)

Yonghwa, Jonghyun



(huge pics)


  1. hahaha.. after waiting for hours for my connection to be fine in streaming videos, I got to listen and downloading.

    Hahaha.. CN BLUE didn't disappoint me. It's the same like when FTI released new songs. =)

    (I followed them not as much as aox of course. Hahaha)

    I guess I should listen all of the songs. And search the lyrics. (Of course for my easy job when cutting ringtones too. )XDDDD

  2. haha chibi! i still have to find fti, i cant find it T.T, help meee. i searched all day ytd. aaah.

    i love love love! this album! im pretty happy haha. eh dh byk spazz kt post dh haha.

    nak ftiiii..

    #fishandcake! hahaha

  3. lol. sorry, aox. yesterday, i spend whole day going out.>__<

    i even met alia unexpected. Anyhow, i've found the album this night. currently downloading. Hhaha..have u found them??

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. ah! baru je jumpe! omg hahaha im so psyched but dl is gonna be effing slow! aaah.

    mygod why is all the songs near 10mb??

    haha hurry up & dl fti, btw guys! i wont be around fri-sun im goin to pd tay!

  6. WOWW~!! Love the album too!!!! LOVE bez glerr!! hahaha...lagu yg lain ok gak!! weee~

    Minhyuk comel gler dlm MV uh..haishhh..

  7. haha bezz kannn~~

    he is totally adorable! dlm stu perf somewhere he used special drumsticks that was striped rainbow! comel gle! haha which reminds me i'll do a comeback post on the boys hahahah XP

  8. ouhhh..striped rainbow?? wahhh..mesti lawa glerr..letak that video laa..i wanna watch that drumsticks tuh...

    yeah..go azra!!

  9. woohh bru je dpt pc alive again. nak post byk. ok tday dh night dah, dah saturday dah. i'll sleep soon so hot now.

    haha love love love! everybody clap clap clap!

    poor yonghwa was he ok at mb tday? he has to undergo surgery soon if he decides it. T.T i hope ur okay baby..

  10. hehhee..hot ke?? sejuk je..

    yeah...i like this song!! bez wohh!!

    eh, I x tgk mb gak td..hahaa..xtau yg mb start awal..hahhaa..

  11. i like sweet holiday, yg len blom dgr haha love okay gak

    wow yonghwa byk tulis lagu. oh well, my hubby hahaha

    wtheck gmbr kat taman tema xkena lgsg. and wussup with yonghwa's hair? =.=

  12. haha yup! my faves are Love, Sweet Holiday, ok no use i love all of them,

    HAHAH i kno! i was like the circus concept so doesnt fit wit their songs now tho, they shoulda gone wit a jazzy theme. and now ive noticed it, yonghwa's hair is LOL. oh well his blue jacket is still so smexyy

  13. no rambut die kat mv ok lg, rambut die kat gmbr oh my hahahah and aaaaaaa jonghyun is sooo handsome! hahahahha just realize that

  14. @azra- hahaha..yeahh!!i like yonghwa with that blue jacket!! smart glerr..

    @alia- ha'ah ek..asl kt mv rmbut yonghwa short kat pic uh rmbut die pjg?? jonghyun un cm2 gk..dlm gmba rmbut short lak..hot gler kot!! hahhaa..

  15. @alia - oh yup2 dts wat i meant, in mv yonghwa's short hair is super cool! sme ngn oetoriya kot, but the pics are really funny haha cn nerd jst tmbah sum harry potter glasses, who made his hair like that??

    haha baru notice? jonghyun omg i dint tell u guys hahahhaahha. did i tell u..? i had a dream bout jonghyun. we were on motorbikes. i was chasing him? or we were both running away cuz we caused trouble. we dint know each other. afterwards we did..

    and he asked me.. to marry him.. and we had a wedding!!! hahaha but then my kampung aunt told me it was just an engagement celebration sans i dont kno anything about msian weddings, evn tho we were "married" in a church.

    eff he asked me to marry him! hahahaha i went nutso the whole day kot haha, dream btol sumpah!


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