30 November 2010

Yoseob (BEAST) & Drama (Dalmatian) - First Snow,First Kiss MV

Kyaaaa~ They look so adorable,aren't they??!

On 28th November, Yoseob from BEAST and Drama from Dalmatian finally released their MV for First Snow, First Kiss..This is actually a duet song..haa, I'm so excited when I read the news about they will make a duet song for this Christmas..sooo Beautiful! and this is BEAST okayh! Dalmatian also is already in my favourite kpop group's list (Dalmatian's profile)..hahaha..Yoseob and Drama are the vocalist of their own group..and I heard they are best friend! kawaii :)

Cred: dmtnofficial

Their song depicts the excitement one feels when seeing the first snow fall of the year, along with feelings of nostalgia when thinking about past loves. The ballad song is a gift from Yoseob and Drama to the people they love as 2010 draws near to its close.

Oh my..It's a sad song but sweet~ Aigooo..Drama is crying..ottokhae?? I feel like I want to cry too..haahaaa..Yoseob and Drama! Arghh..so cute watching them together =D

24 November 2010

Orange Caramel - A~ing ♡ MV + 2nd Mini Album

Raina, Lizzy, Nana

Aing Aing! Orange Caramel is back with a 2nd mini album titled, A~ing ♡..Their debut song, Magic Girl had caught many popularities..Now, they are coming back again with a new song =D Actually, the song concept is quite the same as Magic Girl which is cute and seems like childish song..hahaa..But lately, I kindda addicted to the song after listening for many times..hahaa..lolx =p

Cred: pledisartist

Dance Version

cred: pledisartist

Hahaha! What do you think guys? Do you like it? :) Heee..Well, the dancing is cute though..Nana is so so pretty here..I think lah the 3 girls are more famous in Orange Caramel than in After School..haa..Anyway, can't wait for After School's comeback! =D

A~ing is under the cut :-

20 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Lights Go On Again + I Like You The Best + Beautiful Comeback Stage@Music Bank

Oppss..the title is kindda long XD Hahaha..

Hahahaa..I think I spazzing a lot about the new songs from Beast, Beautiful..hahhaa..you might get bored if you are not a B2uty..hahaha..so B2utys out there..here we go once again..sooo BEAST!!

Have you all watched Music Bank yesterday?? Aww man..Beast's comeback is awesome.gempak! For those who didn't watched it..Actually, they perform not only 2 songs but 3 songs! Kyaaa~
please watch these :-

Cred: mrsysmo

Lights Go On Again- I really love the suits!! Hahahaa..Luckily no sound system problem..they sing very well and Yoseub's voice..Awwwww~~

I Like You The Best- My god, it such a sweet song! hehee..Hyunseung acts to play violin, Doojoon plays guitar, Dongwoon as a drummer and I don't know what is Kikwang do..hahaha..btw, camera focuses on Kikwang more ! Yeahh! I like! <3

Beautiful- As usual lah..CUTE + ADORABLE!! hahaha..Dongwoon ah!! Look what he is doing after Doojoon's sang@3:48..hahaha..such a playful magnae~ Of course nothing better than you =D

*Extra info: Beautiful is #3 in Music Bank K-Chart this week! Hopefully, they can win #1 for next week! Kaja!~

19 November 2010

GP Basic Profile

Hhahaha..tetiba terasa nak buat profile :)

Cutie Janey..bdk2..isk3 XD

GP Basic is a new group consists of 6 girls and are shockingly they are at the average age of 15! Omo, Effpoo's dongsaengs! One member is in 6th grade (elementary school in Korea), while the other five are in their second year of middle school..Hahaha..they should stay at home and study lohh..

They had already debuted 3 months ago I guess..According to their company, These girls have been training their dancing and singing skills for two years..No wonder lah they are dancing and singing very well..They released their digital single containing two tracks which 'Game' and 'Lalala'..I personally like 'Game' because I think the song is quite good for children like them..hahaha..and they are very cute and pretty though~

Cred: KyuleeKPOPMV

The youngest member, Janey is very good at rapping!I absolutely salute her!~ hehee..I like e Hannah..she is pretty..Overall, I like them..they seem to be young 4minute..hahaha..they have high potential to success in music yeah they also need to study!Come on GP Basic hwaiting!!

Haa..Recently, they releases a single, 'I'll Be There'..very nice song I tell you..Watch their live performance~ Unfortunately, our Janey was not there because she was not allowed to perform..arghhh..She is too young right *sigh*

F.Cuz - Midnight Sun MV

Remember Jiggy? Not? What about No One? Now you should really focus cause F.CUZ is back! HAHA


The song is much more cooler if I don't see the mv... lol Idk, something wrong with the mv somewhere keke But I love the song, seriously. And the dance is pretty cool if you watch them perform hehe Just in time to watch them in mb just now XD

I hate the fact that Jinon doesn't sing at ALL! He just err talking for a few line and that's it. Can't even consider that as a rap =.= I was waiiiiting for him when I know F.cuz is coming back =.= I sort of taking interest to him in Dream Team haha

OMG MAGNAE IS AWESOME! Hye Yejun ^^ Tho I don't really like him before and the fact that I can't see his eyes here lol I like his hair harhar AND HE SINGS A LOOOOOT. Not fair :/

Kan and Lee U, Idk what happened but you guys used to be my fav XD

F.Cuz Gorgeous under the cut....

18 November 2010

KARA - Jumping MV (Korean Ver.) + Mini Album

Unique hairstyles! SMART~

KARA is coming back with their new mini album, 'Jumping', consist of 6 tracks including one instrumental..The title track is Jumping..These are the korean version..They were firstly made Jumping in Japanese to promote in Japan and they had successfully working there! But I like the korean version more than the japanese..hehee^^

DSP Ent. released Jumping MV in korean version on 9th November..ahhaa..Sorry for the late update about them..Now, let's watch the music video below..

Cred: dspkara

Their outfits are not sexy lohh..okayh what..hrmmm..by the way, I like Jumping! It sounds catchy and the dancing is attractive~ I saw some Lupin's choreography..hahaa..haa,I like when they are doing the wave..Nicole's the best in wave! hahaa..magnae,jiyeong becomes more beautiful..Gyuri's hair suits her the best! She looks like Japanese..hehee..Eh, why Gyuri's the
only one who didn't show her stomach? Tuttt =p

01 Love Is
02 점핑 (Jumping)
03 Burn
04 Winks
05 With
06 점핑 (Jumping) (Inst.)

17 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Beautiful MV + 4th Mini Album Lights Go On Again

At last..

So excited!! Beautiful MV is finally released!! oh, actually it was released 2 days ago..hahaha..must watch yeorobun!!~

Cred: beastofficial

I'm waiting for this MV for so long!haha..I just watched this MV half an hour ago and really really excited jumping jumping to post..hahaha :p
This is a story version right?! Yeah, finally Beast made a MV with a story line..Wohooo~ I'm seriously don't know what to comment..It's totally super duper triple CUTE and FUN to watch! haaa...still..

Junhyung - The main character?? hahaa..handsome student! He likes the girl..eh, broke up ke apa?? kesian gila..haha..At the end,ahh..the picture is so sweet~
Kikwang - A nerd transferred student..so cute~ Love his dancing! haa, maybe he likes the girl so do the girl..oh my poor Junhyung ;(
Dongwoon - Uihh..the magnae looks so macho in this MV! love his new hair..Awww~ nampak macam budak nakal..I like~
Doojoon - HOT DJ!! <3
Yoseub - Yeahh!! b-boy ftw!! Adorable yoseub~
Hyunseung - Famous b-boy!! ahhaaa..
The main girl & 7 dancing girl group - Trainess from CUBE..I don't know when they'll be debut..

Tracklist under the cut :)

14 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Lights Go On Again + Beautiful @ 2010 Love Sharing Concert

The “2010 Love Sharing Concert” took place on November 14th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, and it was aired through SBS in place of the weekly music show, Inkigayo, which was pre-empted.

Hello guys!!~ I'm totally not in mood posting about other idols..hahaha..What time is it?? It's BEAST time!! I wonder when Cube will reveal their 'Beautiful' MV..arghh~ so frustrating!

Check these out their first live broadcast at 2010 Love Sharing Concert..They perform Lights Go On Again and Beautiful =D

Cred: adenelawrienn

The audio system..aigooo~ but it's still the best performance! I like when they're wearing white suits! Ahhh..so handsome =D

Cred: pixiegals110

Ahaaa..No comment! *Speechless* Only two words, Incredibly CUTE! I like the song very much..Beast's cutie keep playing in my head everyday..hahaha.. <3 BEAST <3

12 November 2010

Let's LEARN About Music Bank MCs!!

Since I'm hella one of thousand fans of Music Bank MCs (will always love Music Bank MCs, whoever they are), let's learn something about their current MCs!!

So, both of them are currently 25 years old!! (no wonder they are close with each other.)
Hyorim is the older one compared to JoongKi. (Nuuna!!~~LOL!!)

First, I will tell you about our cutie pie, Song Joong Ki.
Born on 19th September 1985.
His hobby is collecting DVD (?), Soccer game, and Skate.
His nickname :- 허당 송
His favourite singer:- Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae
His karaoke song (?) - Sung Si Kyung's song. Too lazy to write the song's name. LOL

He's been casted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, played the role as Gu Younha. Watch him!! He's unbelievably cute!!

oh forgot to say that he's wonderful rapper too!!XD

Next is Seo Hyorim, our lovely MC.:D

Born on 6th January 1985, she loves Snow Board and Wakeboard (??).
Her nickname is :- Rim~~ "Milky white skin Seo Hyorim **singing like Heechul's chant**"
Her favourite singer is 2PM and Noblesse.
Her karaoke song would be Gummy's song.
and yes, she is really tall for a girl.
Currently, she too been casted in Sunkyungkwan Scandal along with Joongki. (but seriously, her role is too annoying to see. LOL!!)

and another drama project. So, yeah. they are currently rising stars in drama. :)
And do you know that Hyorim appeared in FT ISLAND MV??? Bad Woman??O__O


Anyway, Please give them many love and support!!

11 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Beautiful Teaser

Hhahaha..okayh..I can't stop thinking about Beast..I feel like want to spazz about Beast more and more..hahaha..yeah! as usual, super duper triple hyper mood coming! =D

So, as you all know, Beast had already released their 1st teaser for the intro on their 4th mini album, 'Lights Go On Again'..Let's go to my friend,alia's post HERE..It's a very nice teaser and intro! <3 As the title track for the album, 'Beautiful' MV teaser is releases..even their full mini album's tracks also released..There are 5 tracks which are Lights Go On Again (Intro), Beautiful, 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best), Lightless, and I'm Sorry..I'll put the links in the next post along with their MV for sure ;)

Cred: beastofficial

Wahhhh..This is sooo BEASTTTT!!!~ Just like the real them..They like to playing around and not too serious..and Kikwang always be the lead actor..so cute..hahaha..omo, I like this teaser and so do the Lights Go On Again! And the song, ah ah ah, so beautiful! Can't wait for the full MV to come out!! I'll comment more on their MV..hehe..Come on CUBE!! B2UTY's here can't wait any longer~~ =p

08 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Lights Go On Again Teaser


Just can't stop smiling =DDDD Doojoon looks pretty much the same since forever haha Junhyung's rap is awesome as usual, sweet! Hyunseung, Kikwang, I leave those two for their die-hard-fan to spazz . Dongwoon's blonde hair woh. Yoseob, I never heard you sing like that before. =DDD I like this song for sure ;) Go BEAST!

06 November 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior!

Just because they're my no 1 favourite group ever, I decided to post something XD I feel like posting all my fav pictures of Suju here but there are just too many! =.=

I am soo missing 13 of you together :/

05 November 2010

U-Kiss covers Boyz II Men - End Of Road.

Since I'm hype to make an update after editing a new colour and header for the blog, so here it goes.
Because I'm so bored finding what to write..I just going to post a song that recently stuck in my head due u-kiss syndrome. :))

U-Kiss covers Boyz II Men - End Of Road.

Isn't this lovely??
Gosh, they are great. why don't people see that??:))
To get the lyrics, click read more~~

03 November 2010

*Idols Introduction!

Get to know your idols here!

So here I am, going to make another list after we had done birthday, site, schedules list etc. Yes, I love listing things. This is not just for Awin (well mostly her XD), but others Effpoo members too including myself;
- If we're not busy.
- Something we can make while we have free time.
- If we don’t know what to update. (ehem note to myself)
  • We love to make profile for new rookies and unfamiliar group XD
  • We take request and suggestion (mostly form each other), but we can’t guarantee to be very fast since all of us are busy with our own life and studies.

We have made quite a number of profiles. So check it out!

02 November 2010

2NE1 - It Hurts MV + Live Performance @ Inkigayo

Keke..rmbut Dara sgt menakutkan -.-

2NE1 finally revealed their follow-up track in To Anyone album which is, 'It Hurts'..I personally love this song from whole album! hehe..Just yesterday YG Entertainment unveiled the MV for It Hurts..Before this, 2NE1 made their comeback with three MVs, Clap Your Hands, Can't Nobody, and Go Away..It looks like they are the only idol group whom comeback with three tracks at the same time and stage..I'm actually proud of them..

Haa..About It Hurts MV, because it debuted on Halloween night, the girls dressed in a Victorian Gothic fashion that they’ve naturally tweaked to their own tastes..Woww! Gothic?? Yeah, most of the dresses in black colour..huhu~ Check it out below to see the girls! Who do you think has the best outfit?? hahahaa..

Cred: 2ne1

I really really love the MV's concept!! It's cool right..As for me, BOM win for the best outfit!! Her dress is the prettiest plus with green hair instead of red hair colour..hahaha..Omo, Dara looks so scary with those kind of long hair like Rapunzel..For CL nad Minzy, they are beautiful too..

Their live performance in Inkigayo is under the cut :-

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